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Fall To Pieces

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Just a little one-shot for all you Axl lovers out there :)

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The letter trembled as his hands shook uncontrollably. He could hear her voice leaping off the page, her sweet, soft tone.

Once the shock had subsided, anger took over and he ripped the letter to shreds and watched as the tiny fragments that summed up his relationship fell to pieces on the shaggy carpet.

He fell backwards onto the bed and rolled about, smelling her perfume and coconut shampoo on the sheets. He thought back to when their relationship had just started and things were wild and fresh and new, the memories of the many nights they spent at the beach, arms wrapped around each other, watching the sunset over the waves.

Even now after 7 years, he’d return home after a long, exhausting night on stage and thought as she sat there, her burgundy soft waves falling over her shoulder, she was as beautiful now as she was back then.

They’d been through so much together, the ups and downs of the band, his family troubles and yet they couldn’t seem to survive this. They’d lost it all, the love had gone.

Over the past year they had an unexplainable distance between them, their heart wasn’t in it anymore. Even when they made love, it had become more of a chore than a way of showing their undying love for each other.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the heart-shaped velvet box. He opened it and stared at the beautiful ruby snuggling in-between the two diamonds placed alongside it. He had been thinking about finally committing and solidifying their relationship for the past few months and he had passed a tiny vintage jewellery store one day; there was no question about it, something about that ring caught his eye and drew him in.

He sighed heavily and placed it back into the box.

One more chance, that’s all he wanted, just one more chance to show her he was sorry about all the times he had lost his temper with her and all the times he had gave into the temptation of the array of women who waited eagerly for him after every show.

With the thought of making her his forever and growing old together in the back of his mind, he gave the best show humanly possible tonight. As they launched into the 9 minute masterpiece, November Rain, he pictured her sitting on top of the piano, her sky blue eyes beaming throughout the whole arena.

He closed his eyes and replayed his favourite memory of her at the beach, her burgundy locks shining in the hot summer sun, her gigantic smile, her freshly sea-soaked body glistening in her white bikini and the sound of her high-pitched giggles as he snook up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, spinning her around until they were both dizzy and finally collapsed on the sand.

Those were the times he felt happiest, he didn’t need fast cars or wads of cash, all he needed was her.

He knew he had treated her like shit this last year, he took his anger out on her, he told her she was ugly and worthless whenever they were in an argument and he blamed her whenever something went wrong.

But these past two weeks, he woke up next to her every morning, and asked himself how he had got so lucky. He gazed at her sometimes and thought how amazing she would look holding his son or daughter.

He leant down on the floor and began putting all the pieces back together, wanting to savour her last words to him.

He managed to salvage what was left of the letter and read it over and over again:

‘Dear Axl, I can’t do this anymore, there is not enough room in this relationship for me, you and your ego, I hoped I wouldn’t have to leave but I can see he isn’t going anywhere soon. I can only hope we will meet again in the future and re-ignite our flame but until that day comes, please remember me and all the good times we had together. I’ll love you forever, you’re my best friend, my darling, my soul mate and you shall forever be in my heart. I love you x’

He took a deep breath and felt himself all alone, fall to pieces.
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