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Someone Like You

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A cute little Ryden one-shot. I wanted to do something totally adorable, and was inspired by the song "Someone Like You" by The Summer Set.

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"Run that by me one more time?" Brendon laughed. Ryan shook his head, while almost dancing around their bedroom. Brendon couldn't help but smile at his silly beautiful boyfriend. He was laying on his side, watching from the bed as Ryan got dressed.
"I'm just saying, we should get out more." Ryan smiled. He pulled a pair of ripped up skinny jeans from the dresser drawer. Brendon glanced at them and sighed.
"You are aware that it's 100 something degrees outside, right?" Brendon said. Ryan twisted his face into an adorable little pout.
"You are aware that I have chicken legs, and don't believe in letting the world see them bare."
"I like seeing them bare." Brendon smirked, causing Ryan to blush. Ryan stepped into the jeans and zipped them up. He walked over to the bed and knelt on it.
"I like seeing you bare." Ryan returned the smirk by pushing Brendon onto his back and kissing his bare chest up to his neck, and finally pressing his lips to his. Brendon put his hand to the back of Ryan's neck and kissed back, wanting to take those jeans right back off and continue their escapade from the night before. But Ryan pulled away and looked into Brendon's eyes,
"As much as I love staying in bed with you all day, seriously, we should go out and do something."
Brendon sighed, and then pecked Ryan on the lips gently, "Whatever you want."
Ryan smiled his perfect smile, and got back up from the bed to find a shirt. Brendon got up from the bed too, grabbing a pair of tight fit bermuda shorts from the floor and pulling them on. Ryan stood in front of the closet, staring into the abyss that was his wardrobe. Brendon came up behind him quietly, and put his arms around his waist. He pressed his lips to Ryan's neck, placing little kisses all over his skin. Ryan began to giggle, before turning to face him. Brendon smiled an innocent grin.
"I'm sorry, was I distracting you?" Brendon teased. Ryan laughed, but kissed him lightly on the lips. Brendon pulled Ryan as close to him as possible, their skin melting together. They deepened the kiss, holding onto each other tighter. Brendon pulled away, and kissed Ryan's forehead. "You're too good to be true."
"Oh shut up." Ryan blushed at the compliment, kissing Brendon again. He turned to face the closet again. Brendon reached around him and pulled a white Diego tee from a hanger. He slipped it over his head and pulled it over his chest before sitting back down on the bed. Ryan bit his lip, still staring at his clothes.
"How does the beach sound?" Brendon suggested. Ryan smiled, and glanced back at Brendon.
"That sounds perfect," he pursed his lips, "But I'm not swimming."
"No need to swim. We can just go and enjoy ourselves." Brendon reassured him. Ryan smiled, and then looked back at his closet.
"I just need to find a shirt."
Brendon laughed to himself and fell back onto the bed.
"Who am I kidding? We'll never get out of here." He teased. Ryan huffed, and kicked Brendon's leg playfully.
"Shut up. I'm not that picky."
"Okay." Brendon rolled his eyes.
"I'm not! Look," Ryan grabbed a Gray v-neck from the closet and put it on, "Done."
"How hard was that?" Brendon teased further. Ryan grumbled, and jumped onto the bed, climbing on top of Brendon and pinning him to the sheets.
"Why are you so mean to me?" Ryan asked, holding Brendon's wrists down. Brendon bit his lip, looking up at Ryan with puppy dog eyes.
"I don't mean it, I swear."
"Well then why do you do it? Hmm?" Ryan tried to hide his smile. Brendon fluttered his eyelashes playfully.
"Because it's fun."
"Oh, it's fun, huh?" Ryan smiled. Brendon nodded. "You think being mean is fun?"
"Yeah. On occasion."
"Well, I might just give it a try then." Ryan smirked. He pulled Brendon into a sitting position, with him on his lap, and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his fingers into his hair, and pressed his body into him. Brendon wrapped his arms around Ryan instinctively. He tugged at the fabric of his shirt, and was smiling behind his kisses. Ryan moved his lips along Brendon's jawline.
"I like you being mean, you should be a bitch more often." Brendon joked. Ryan moved back up to Brendon's.
"Shut up and kiss me."
Brendon didn't hesistate, and pressed his lips to Ryan's hungrily. Ryan slipped off of his lap and stood up, pulling Brendon up with him. Brendon followed, pushing Ryan into the wall beside the closet, and continuing to kiss him. Ryan ran his hands down Brendon's chest, down to his jeans, and lightly brushed over his crotch. Brendon moaned into the kiss, wanting Ryan to forget his beach plans so badly. Ryan pushed against Brendon, who took a few steps to his right. Ryan continued to move his hand along Brendon's pant seam, getting him hotter by the second, when with his other hand he pushed against his chest, causing Brendon to stagger backwards and lose his balance, falling straight into the closet. Ryan quickly shut the door and grabbed onto the handle, keeping Brendon locked inside.
Ryan laughed uncontrollably, "Being mean is so much fun."
"Ryan. You're a bitch." Brendon huffed from inside the closet, but laughed a little bit to himself.
"But I'm your bitch." Ryan comforted.
"Can you let me out now?" Brendon asked, trying to sound a little pathetic.
"Nope." Ryan laughed.
"Please?" Brendon begged, resting his head against the door.
"Ryan." Brendon sighed.
"Yes, Brendon?"
"Will you please let me out, so I can tackle you to that bed and have my way with you?" Brendon smiled.
"Tempting... but no." Ryan teased. Brendon pressed against the door, but Ryan wouldn't let it budge.
"I will get out of here, and then there will be hell to pay." Brendon joked, pushing a little harder. Ryan held on tighter. So Brendon pushed harder still. Finally Ryan let go and moved to the side, causing Brendon to spill onto the floor. He looked up at Ryan with a playful scowl on his face. He stood up, grabbed Ryan and threw him onto the bed. He climbed on top of him, and tickled at his sides and covered him in kisses.
"You're such a bitch. I fucking love it." Brendon laughed in between kisses. Ryan put his hands on either side of Brendon's face and held it above his own.
"I fucking love you." He smiled, before kissing him gently. Brendon kissed him back, his heart soaring.
"I love you too." He kissed him again. Ryan pushed against him, causing Brendon to roll off of him and onto the floor. Ryan covered his mouth to stop the laughter.
"Ow." Brendon sighed. Ryan stood from the bed, and helped Brendon off the floor.
"Come on. We're going to the beach." He grabbed Brendon's hand, and dragged him out the door.

a/n I needed to do something random and cute. I hope ya'll find it as adorable as I do! xoxo Tay
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