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But...I love you.

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At home, Gerard feels a bit unhappy, so turns to Frank to get away. (FRERARD, WILL TAKE SUGGESTIONS FOR STORYLINE)

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Hi. I was bored, and wrote the first chapter for a random Frerard, and I was really proud of it, so it's going up here.

I think from here the story can go anywhere, so I'm going to take suggestions for how you think the next chapter should go, so give me ideas in your reviews.

I know I'm working on another major fanfic, but that one needs to be written with another person, via e-mail, and my e-mail is down, so that's been put to the side temporarily. If you liked Back So Soon? tell me and I will get back to work on it as soon as my e-mails work again.

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"Gerard, get Bandit, and take her downstairs." Lyn Z said icily.

They were laid in bed, and Bandit had been peaceful, but as soon as she made a noise, Gerard had to take her downstairs, feed her and dress her, while Lyn Z slept.

He didn't care that much, spending time with his daughter, but he wished Lyn Z would help sometimes.

He carried her carefully downstairs, careful not to disturb her, and laid her on her playmat, letting her wake up in her own time.

He put the tv on, straight onto the music channel. Gerard was shocked to see his old band staring back at him. I'm Not Okay was on the tv!

His phone buzzed with a text.

Turn the tv off, I'm trying to fucking sleep!

Lyn Z. He sighed and turned the tv off.

Lyn Z thought that My Chemical Romance was over, along with Mindless Self Indulgence, but Gerard disagreed. He thought that they could all get a second chance.

But then again, they disagreed about everything.

He picked Bandit up, and put her in her high-chair, making sure she was secure, then shuffled into the kitchen to make her breakfast.

As he was spooning food into Bandit's mouth, he let his thoughts wash over him.

Lyn Z doesn't love me or Bandit.

But why would she let us stay in the house she bought?

She had another boyfriend.

She's crap at keeping secrets.

She's pregnant again.

WHAT?! They hadn' know...for ages. That was impossible.

At ten in the morning, the phone rang. Gerard picked the phone up impossibly quick.

"Hi, Gerard here."

"Um...hi, it's Frank."

Frank..? Oh! Gerard nearly dropped the phone, Frank and him hadn't spoke for years. Why was he phoning? What was wrong?

"Oh! Hi, Frank! What's up?" He tried to sound normal, but his heart was beating impossibly fast and hard.

"Nothing...just...since the band broke up, I haven't seen you much. Wanna get a coffee today, like, now?"

Gerard thought hard, Lyn Z was in bed, Bandit was awake, and Frank was offering to meet up with him. For a coffee! It was hard to resist.

"Um...sorry, I don't feel too well today. Maybe another day. Thanks though."


What?! He didn't have to go, they could talk on the phone!

"Ok. I really am sorry." He whispered into the phone, even though Frank had hung up.

Who was Gerard kidding, he still had feelings for Frank, his tattoed arms, his dark eyes, his soft hair...all of him. He just didn't want to admit to Lyn Z, she would flip. He had sworn that it was over with Frank.

Not long after, she came downstairs, washed, dressed and ready to face the day.

Gerard, on the other hand, hair stuck up in all directions from Bandit pulling on it. He wasn't even dressed, and he basically felt like shit.

"Honey, would you mind looking after Bandit while I go and get ready?" He asked carefully, with one of his famous smiles.

She softened slightly, and agreed.

As he was getting dressed, he wondered if he should phone Frank back.

He didn't.

Later that day, there was a knock at the door. Lyn Z walked to answer it, even though Gerard knew she shouldn't.

"Frank...What the fuck are you doing at my house?!" She shrieked.

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