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Just a little clip of a wedding

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Brendon stands there in his suit shuffling through his cards when a familiar face peers round the door. “Alright little bro?” She says with a smile
Brendon bites his bottom lip and smiles “Yeah sis it’s just this speech but never mind about that you look so lovely”
“Awwww thanks Brenny” She says ruffling his hair “come on you’ll be fine I promise now we need to hurry we need to get going to the church”
Brendon kisses his sister on the head and helps her out the door and into the car.
“Right we’re taking a slightly longer way around so you need to get going”
“Ok sis see you there!”
She smiles at him nervously and waves him off. Brendon gets into a separate car with his mum and they head off. Everyone else is already at the church waiting for Brendon, his mum and the bride who is riding with her dad.
Brendon and his mum get out of the car and stand with the others who wait for the bride.
Several minutes later the brides car pulls up and their dad steps out to help his daughter out of the car. Photos are being taken but they soon have to stop as everyone needs to get inside quickly. Brendon is one of the best men so he stands beside the groom waiting. The music starts up and everyone stands and watches as the bride and her dad walk down the aisle behind the bridesmaids and the flower girl who walk perfectly in step with each other smiling nervously. When they reach the end they stand to the side and the service begins.

Later at the reception
Brendon’s mum and dad are making the first speech about their darling little girl all grown up and Brendon gulps because he knows he’s next. As he is best friends with the best man and the brides brother he has to make sure he talks about them both equally. Everyone claps and Mr and Mrs Urie take their seat and Brendon is asked to stand up.
Brendon stands at the front at starts his speech. I’ve known the best man since we were six. “There are times were we’ve gotten into trouble and ended up in hospital together. One of these was when Terry persuaded me that we could both fly after watching toy story and we both jumped down the stairs and yet I was the only one who broke their ankle. Terry has practically been a member of our family for years but now as he marries my sister he truly is an amazing edition to the family with many more to come eh you two?” Everyone laughs at this. “And now onto the bride, my dear sweet sister. I know there were times when we fought because I had done something stupid or because we didn’t always meet eye to eye but I also remember the things you’ve done for me. You gave me hugs and kisses and took care of me that time when I fell off my skateboard and no one else was at home, you didn’t tell mum and dad about the time I was smoking as a teen though they still found out and most of all you were there for me when I needed you the most. I love you sis and I’m so happy for the two of you”
Brendon sits down and everyone claps. He looks up and sees that everyone in the room is crying, even the staff! His sister stands up and runs over to him and throws her arms around his neck. “Thank you so much Brendon. That speech was amazing. You’re always my special little bro” She leaves him and has the first dance with her new husband and then everyone get up and start dancing together. She beckons to Brendon and he goes over to her. “I want a dance with the sweetest little brother” She holds out her hands and he takes a hold and they start dancing together. “You know you’re going to do us all proud right sis?”
She sniffs and wipes the tears away from her eyes. “Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon you guys. You lot mean the world to me. And Bren?”
“Don’t tell anyone else because Terry doesn’t even know yet but…I’m pregnant”
“yeah about a month gone”
“Oh sis that’s amazing news!”
“Ssssh” she says with a laugh.
Brendon smiles at this and they carry on dancing.
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