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Christmas Wedding

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Caleb Turman from Forever The Sickest Kids

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"You look so beautiful, Jimmie." My mother said as she put my something blue into my hair. I smiled trying to hold back the tears. I turned around to face her. Her eyes were red and you could tell that she was about to cry. My hair pulled into a low bun nothing messy. My make up was just eyeliner and mascara.

"No crying, Momma. It'll be okay." I said softly.

"My baby is growing up. She's getting married. I'm going to cry. It's one of the best days of my life. Apart from my own wedding and my other children. Jimmie, I love you so much. I've never seen you so happy. Caleb is the luckiest man alive. You're wonderful." My mother said.

"Look yourself in the mirror, mom. Because you, my lovely mother created me. You put me on this earth. I love you, mom. I couldn't have falling in love with the most wonferful, adorable, crazyest man alive." I said. Tears streamed down my face. With tears running down my mom's face, she let a laugh out and rubbed under my eyes to get the smeared eyeliner that came down.

"Enough of this, Jimmie. No more crying." She said. I nodded. Then there was a light knock on the door. Then Jess poked her head inside the door and my breathing caught in my throat. Why was she not married?

"Hey, can I come in?" She asked. I nodded. She pushed the door opened and revealed her dress. She was so beautiful. Her brunette hair pulled into a high but yet medium bun. Her bangs straggled down into her face. Her makes was just like mine but had thicker eyeliner on. but she was beautiful.

"Jess, you look so beautiful." I stated.

She shook her head," Whatever, woman. Have you seen yourself? Caleb is a lucky mo' fo'." I laughed. She's always brighten's my day when I'm down and Caleb's not around.

"Sorry, Mrs. James." Jess said. My mom just laughed then nodded and left the room. I felt like crying again.

"You're not going to cry, are you? Jimmie, don't cry." She said pulling me into a hug. I laughed and turned around to look at myself in the mirror. I fixed my eyeliner and turned to look at Jess.

"Wanna take one last picture before I become Mrs. Jimmie Turman?" I asked. She smiled and nodded before running out the door. Probably getting her camera or phone so she can upload it to facebook right away. I laughed at the thought. Then she came back in followed by the guys minus Caleb plus Casey which is Caleb's little brother. Jess waved her phone in my face.

"I didn't bring my freaking camera because some idiot was rushing me." She said glancing at Kent. Kent was her brother.

"Hello, you had your time to get ready." He said.

"It doesn't matter because it's not my day. It's Jimmie's day. I shouldn't of did anything." She said.

"Are you crazy, Jess. You're beautiful." Kyle said.

"Shut up, Burns. It's not my day and I'm not ruining it for her." Jess said. I laughed. I love her. She's my best friend.

"Can we take pictures or what?" Austin said. We all laughed and then I nodded. When of our helpers with the wedding walked in. We asked her to take a picture of all of us. Jess let a scream out after it happened. We all looked at her then looked at Jonathan. Jonathan's face was red.

"What happened?" Kent asked.

"Bug. Huge bug. Oh My Gosh." Jess shouted. I knew that wasn't true but the others seem to buy it besides Jonathan.

"You both look wonderful but we better get ready." Marc said.

"We love you Jimmie." Kyle shouted. I laughed as they all walked out. Jess following.

"Wait, Jess." I said before she walked out. She stopped and turned to look at me then just smiled big.

"He did?" I asked.

"Did what? Who? What now?" She asked.

"Kiss you. Jonathan. Did Jonathan kiss you?" I asked. She smiled.

"No. Huge bug. See." She said pointing to the big bug on the floor that was smashed.

"You liar. I know you are." I said. She just smiled then walked out. I stood there and stared into the mirror. My phone vibrated on the table beside me. I picked it up and saw it was from Caleb.

the guys told me you looked beautiful but I already knew you did because you always look beautiful in my eyes. I love you. xoxoCalebkins
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