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Mrs. Caleb Turman

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The dinner went perfectly. It was time for pictures. Yeah, we did it a little different. We were suppose to take pictures first then eat but I didn't want my wedding like all the others. Once the pictures were done we went back over and sat around and visited with me. Casey stood up and tap on the glass. I smiled at Casey then looked at Caleb. We were staring at each other.

"Hey all. I guess I'm suppose to give a speech. No good at these but all I have to say is that I love you bro. I love you sister in law. Best of luck in the future. Good luck." Casey said. Everybody took a sip of their drink and waited for Jess to stand up and make a speech. I was a little nervous about what she was going to say. Jess stood up and raised her glass.

"Jimmie is probably freaking out on the inside right now thinking I'm going to mess up her wedding. But I promised I won't and I'm sticking to it. Anyways, Jimmie and I have been friends for how long...forever seriously we have. Our mothers were friends and they gave birth a day apart. I, being the oldest though. Though I'm getting up there in age and I don't want to be bragging about that much anymore. Just thinking about getting old is crazy. Right, so Jimmie went through some bad relationship. I was there for her. We had our fall outs. We made up. No matter what happened we were/are always there for each other. I'm so freaking happy when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. Well so, anyways she came to our apartment because at the time she was living with me and didn't leave me for that ginger headed freak she now calls her husband. Love you, Caleb. But anyways, I remember her walking into our apartment and said I believe in love at first sight. I gave her a weird look. Then she confess her undying love for Johnny Depp. No but seriously, I'm happy that she found an amazing also good lookin' guy to spend the rest of her life with, who will treat her right. I love you both and best of luck in the future. " She said. I had tears running down my face. I quickly wiped them aways and leaned in to kiss Caleb.

"I love you, babe." He whispered.

"I love you, too." I said. Everybody cheered and then went back to talking to everybody. I turned to Jess and she had this sad look on her face. I leaned over to her and hugged.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Shoot yes. I'm happy. I just got sad with all the memories coming back to me." She said.

"So it wasn't about you thinking of Jonathan when you seen him out there. What about the kiss?" I asked.

"I'm scared, Jimmie. I'm so freaking scared." She said then tears fell from her eyes. I pulled her into a hug.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked leaning over my shoulder.

"I'll talk to you about it later." I said.

"Chin up, Jess. I love you." Caleb said then kissed my cheek. Jess looked up at him and smiled.

"Thanks Caleb. I love you, too." She said. I smiled. I'm really glad that Caleb and Jess get along because if he couldn't get along with Jess I wouldn't of said yes to marry him and I probably wouldn't of dated him. Caleb went back over to talk to Casey.

"You're so lucky, Jimmie." She said.

"What for?" I asked confused.

"For finding that special someone so soon. Someone that loves you. Someone you can love." She said. I glanced behind her and saw Jonathan standing there. Luckly Jess didn't notice.

"I don't want to break your heart but it's called forgetting and taking chances. Jess, I know what you went through but you just have to let go of him. He's not worth it. Jonathan or whoever you decide to give a chance. Just give them a chance. Just do it or you're going to be forever alone and I don't want that. I want my kids to have cousins and stuff." I said.

"I know. It's killing me. I want to give him a chance. I want to so freaking bad but I'm scared." She said.

"I wouldn't hurt you, Jess." Jonathan spoke. Jess wiped around and saw him standing there. Jonathan grabbed her hand and made her stand up.

"I kiss you, I tell you how I feel, I care about you, I pretty much love you, I want you, Not in a sexual way. I want to be able to call you mine and only mine. You have no idea how much I want this." Jonathan said. I held back the awh. Tears fell down Jess eyes. Jonathan reached up and wiped them away. She shook her head then grabbed the back of Jonathan's neck and pulled him close but they weren't kissing.

"The rest is up to you, JCook." She said. I saw Jonathan wrapped his arms around her waist and I felt a pair of arms wrap around mine. Jonathan kissed Jess and lips touched my neck.

"The honeymoon needs to be here fast." Caleb said softly. Jess pulled away.

"Gross, Turman. Just gross." She laughed. I smiled at her then kissed Caleb again. The dj announced it was time for all the single guys to get together so Caleb can throw the garter. There wasn't too many single guys there. I sat down on the chair and it was awkward seeing how everybody was watching Caleb. He lifted my dress a little then his cold hands touched my skin. I shivered. He smirked. He reached up but never took it off. He smiled at me then his head went under my dress. I never felt his hands but I felt his breath on my skin. I giggled and my face burned from having everybody watching. Once people realize he took it off with his teeth, they began to cheer and wolf whistle. Once he took it off he spun it around his finger than he flung it out to the single guys. Jonathan had caught it. I glanced at Jess and she had that look at her face that she had to catch the bouquet. Caleb pulled me into a kiss. I smiled into the kiss and then he pulled away.

"Your turn." He said. The dj told all the single girls to get together to catch the bouquet. Jess stood off to the side but she could easily get it. I turned around and closed my eyes. I raised the bouquet over my head and faked swung. Girls screamed. I glance back and saw Jess just standing there. Was she even going to try now? I raised it above my head again and swung, letting the bouquet of flowers slip from my fingertips. Girls screamed louder. I heard a thud. I turned around and all the girls were in a pile and the bouquet wasn't even there. It was standing at Jess's feet. Jess looked at me then looked around and went to reach for it but a blonde hair girl got it, I think it was some of Caleb's relatives. She quickly jumped up, screaming I got it. Jess just shrugged and walked away. I don't think she really cares because she has Jonathan now. I couldn't watch as Jonathan had to put the garter on that blonde girl.

"Who is that?" I asked.

"My second cousin Lilly. She's something else. I don't care for her too much." Caleb said. I just smiled then kissed him.

"Dude, bro, I know it's your wedding and all but come on, lay off the kissing." Kyle laughed. Caleb stuck his tongue out at him and grabbed my arm. It was time for our first dance as a married couple. Married Couple Gosh, I can't believe I'm married and to a wonderful guy. Caleb put his hand on my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck and soon Calling You by Blue October was playing. I love this song.

"I love you, Caleb Micheal Turman." I said leaning in to kiss him.

"I love you, Jimmie Margret Turman." He said. The best day of my life. I couldn't ask for better people to be surrounded by. I love my life.
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