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Intoxicated Circulation

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Ryan's had a tough day, so Spencer throws a party. #Rydon. A bit more fun and lighthearted than BTTP. Enjoy.

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I never meant to start a fight. But that’s always how it happened. No matter how many times I tried to walk away, they would just coax me into fighting with them. And it always ended in me getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter.
They were a bunch of hot headed dicks that probably spent their afternoons popping steroids and jacking off. They had a thing for calling anyone skinnier than them a faggot. And that shit pissed me off. I should have just walked home, dismissed them calling me from the side of the street. But they made me go insane. And I always had a smart ass comment to add.
“Hey faggot!” One of them called to me, as I walked past them. I glanced over at them and rolled my eyes,
“What’s up, roid-stump? Need help with your english homework? Here’s a clue it goes A, then B, then C-”
“You’re real funny, cock sucker.” He sneered at me. I turned my back to walk away, but he grabbed onto my backpack and flung me backwards onto the sidewalk.
“Wow! You’ve got such muscles! I’m swooning.” I retorted, trying to ignore the pain where my wrists hit the pavement. The group stood over me laughing.
“Yeah, I’m sure that shit get’s you off.”
“You’re the one throwing me to the ground. But no thanks, I’m not into kinky shit.” I tried to get up. But was met with a sharp kick to my gut.
And then it turned into a free for all.

“What the fuck happened?” My dad asked, as I came through the front door.
“Nothing.” I shrugged, dropping my backpack onto the floor. My dad stood up and walked up to me.
“You were in a fight?”
“Nah. Me fight? Look at me, Dad. I couldn’t do shit.” I tried to walk around him, but he grabbed my arm. I winced a little.
“Don’t bullshit me, George.”
I rolled my eyes, “I was in a fight. But I wasn’t fighting.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means I got the shit kicked out of me, Dad.” I shouted, tired of having to spell it all out. My dad squinted at me and then pushed me backwards. I stumbled a little and fell onto our coffee table.
“You didn’t even defend yourself?” My dad took a few menacing steps towards me.
“Well, I tried!” I inched away from him.
“Just look at you! You fucking little coward!” He raised his hand to slap me.
“Look at you! You abusive psychopath!” I yelled back, jumping off the table, and running up the stairs. I reached my bedroom and slammed the door, locking it. I could hear my dad’s footsteps coming up the stairs, as I shoved everything I could get my hands on into a backpack. Soon, his fist was banging down on my door. I threw the backpack over my shoulder, and opened up my window.
“George, open this fucking door!”
I stepped through my window onto the low hanging branch of the tree in our front yard. I grabbed onto the wood, and let myself fall onto the ground below. I stood up and brushed myself off. I checked my cell phone in my pocket. I could only think of one person to call.
“Hey man. What’s up?”
“Hey, Spence. I’m coming over. Dad went psycho shit again.” I explained. Spence sighed. It was a usual friday night.
“That’s cool man. I’m having a bit of a party anyway. Is that cool?”
“Yeah, sure.” I agreed, even though I was no good at parties. I wasn’t gay, even though everyone liked to say I was, but for some reason guys always seemed to hit on me. And I’d try to hit on girls, but they’d ignore it most of the time.
“Sweet. See you when you get here.”

The party had already started when I got there. And it wasn’t a “bit of a party”, it was a fucking full blown double kegger, complete with High School idiots screaming, and dancing, and well... being idiots. I maneuvered through the crowd and went through Spencer’s front door. I searched over the heads of the crowd, until I found that dirty blonde bob of a hair. I pushed through the bodies to make my way over.
“A bit of a party, huh?” I asked.
“Well, if it isn’t George Ryan!” Spence laughed, already drunk.
“Yeah, hey. Where’s the keg?” I sighed. If I was going to have to deal with all these crazy drunk kids, I might as well join them.
“Back of the kitchen. Jon should be back there.”
“Kay.” I said, dismissing myself. I made it to the kitchen and grabbed myself a cup. I was pouring myself a drink, when Jon spotted me.
“Hey boy.”
“Hey, Jon.” I tried not to look into his eyes. He was one of Spencer’s friends, totally gay, and had a habit of trying to hook up with me.
“So, I have a question for you.”
I sighed and then looked up at him, “Ask away.”
“How much alcohol do you think it will take to convince Spencer to fuck me?”
I raised my eyebrows and laughed, “You want to hook up with Spencer?”
“Yeah, bro. Always have.” Jon looked at me like I was crazy. I just shook my head and laughed.
“At least... 3 more beers. And that’s no guarantee.”
Spencer looked over to me from across the room and waved. I waved back. But then he looked over at Jon and smiled wider. I glanced at Jon.
“Okay, maybe that is a guarantee. What the fuck.” I took a swig of beer. When the fuck did Spencer decide he was gay?
“Thanks man.” Jon patted me on the back and started across the room. I leaned on the counter and scanned the room.
There was all the usual subjects, Spencer’s friends from school, and their friends. Then there was the dumb bitches who just party hopped for the sake of getting wasted, and the dumb dicks who followed them around for the sake of getting laid. I laughed to myself, watching the stupidness all around me.
“Something funny?” A small female voice asked next to me.
“Oh,” I turned to see a girl from school standing next to me. I had her in a few classes. She had dark blonde hair, cut short. She had big gray eyes, that she always lined with a lot of liner. She was short, and one of those “curves in all the right places” kinds of girls. She had always been nice to me, but I could never remember her name, “Not really. People are just stupid at parties.”
She smiled and took a drink from her cup, “They’re having fun. You should try it.” She joked, nudging me with her elbow. I laughed a little.
“It’s been a long day.”
“Ah.” She raised her eyebrows, “You always seem so troubled. Ryan Ross the introvert.”
“How did you know?” I laughed. “I feel like a dick for asking, but what’s your name again?”
“It’s Christine. We have Calc together.”
“Yeah, I know. I just suck with names.” I excused myself. She leaned towards me a little.
“You can call me whatever you like, I’m easy.”
Was she hitting on me? That’d be a first. And she was cute too.
“Well, Christine. Are you having a good night?”
“It just got better.” She smiled. She took a drink, and raised her eyebrows. She took the cup from her mouth, and laughed.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m sorry, I just realized how cheesy that line was.” She laughed at herself.
“It was a little bad,” I agreed, “But you get points for trying.”
“Good to know. I’m not normally this awkward when trying to make an impression.” She laughed. She backed off a little, gauging my reaction. I shook my head.
“If this is awkward, you would die to see me try. I’m the king of awkward.”
She leaned back in, “You should take lessons from my cousin. He can convince anyone that he’s Brad Pitt.”
“I’d love to. I’m sure he’s a hit with the girls.”
She giggled, “Too bad he’s gay.”
“Well, that works too.” I smiled. Christine looked out on the crowd, and then back to me.
“He’s here somewhere. I’m sure he’ll come bother me at some point.”
“Not if I keep you busy.” I delivered the line this time. We stared at each other for a minute, but then both started laughing.
“That one was precious.” She shook her head.
“What did I tell you?” I took in a breath, and decided to take the dive, “Wanna go somewhere more private?”
“Sure.” She agreed. I grabbed her hand, and pulled her toward the staircase.

It didn’t take long for us to start making out. She had me pinned to Spencer’s bed, playing with the button of my jeans. I ran my hand along the skin above her jeans, feeling the goosebumps I was leaving there.
She was a great kisser. Her lips tasted like... well, beer to be honest. But I’m sure mine did too. More than anything though, she was fun. I could feel the smile behind her kisses. I started to lift the fabric of she shirt, when a sound outside made us pause.
“Christine! You up here?” A voice called. Christine jumped off of me with a grumble.
“Cue the fucking cousin,” she sighed, glancing at me apologetically, “I’m in here!” She answered. The door cracked open, and he walked inside.
I couldn’t stop staring. He was wearing dark wash skinny jeans that were low rise with black vans, a red button up shirt and suspenders. His top two buttons were undone, showing milky white skin underneath. His hair was black, hanging down his forehead, and spiked up in back. He looked at Christine with the biggest dark eyes I’d ever seen. I’m not completely sure why, but my eyes were locked onto him, and I couldn’t force myself to look away.
“I heard something about the cops being called, so we need to get out of here.”
Oh my god. His voice was just as amazing as his face. I bit my lip just to stop my jaw from dropping.
“Are you serious?” Christine asked, picking up her purse and jacket from the floor. I sat up a little, and her cousin looked over to me. His eyes scanned my body, making me nervous, and excited all at once. Wait... excited?
“Yeah I’m serious. And who is this?” He smiled, raising an eyebrow.
“That’s Ryan. If the cops are coming, we need to leave.” Christine pushed past him into the hallway.
“You coming, Ryan?” He asked me. I stood from the bed, and realized something.
“I, uh, can’t really go home right now.” I admitted. The cousin looked at the bruises that lined my arms, and the scratches on my face. He bit his lip a little, but then smiled.
“You can come crash at my place. My folks are out of town anyway.” He nodded towards the hall, gesturing me to come with him.
“T-thanks.” I stuttered like a total idiot. I walked up to him, waiting for him to walk into the hall. But he just stood there, extremely close to me. I stared into those round chocolate eyes, trying not to look as mesmerized as I was.
“I’m Brendon, by the way.” He lifted his mouth into a crooked smile. I nodded, unable to speak. He laughed a little, and started down the hallway. I followed him, not wanting him out of my sight.
I ran my hands through my hair, and shook my head while walking. What the fuck was happening to me?
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