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Before I Go Insane

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Gerard figures out a way to relieve some 'tension'. Kinda sucky and I apologize.

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Gerard’s POV

I walked out of the bathroom again, wearing Mikey’s slightly tight shirt. I only wanted to wear one of his shirts because it smelled like him. Lavender and coffee. He actually had a coffee scented air freshener in every single one of his dresser drawers. The lavender was from his fabric softener. It was an odd combination, but it was one I learned to love. Sometimes when I got really upset, I’d spray my lavender air freshener, and make some coffee. That would generally calm me down.

I went downstairs, and sat next to Mikey, who handed me an apple. He was eating a second one, and he left the first core by the lamp. He was watching the Food Network, and I had no fucking idea why. All I say was some heavy guy with spiky white hair, a pretty bad sunburn, yelling at the camera about Barbeque. I looked over at Mikey, and furrowed my eye brows. I kept this expression until he looked over, eyes wide with a mouth full.

“Wha?” He said, mouth still full.

“Why are you watching Food Network?” I asked, and took a bite of my apple.

He finished his bite and swallowed. “I decided to go to the grocery store later today, and I wanted some dinner ideas.” He shrugged.

“Oh. Sounds fun. Do you want me to come with?” I asked and leaned into the couch.

“No. I’ll only be about an hour.” I said.

An hour… That means I have enough time to get some of this tension out. I’m a gay guy who only gets laid about… once a week. That sometimes isn’t enough for me, so of course I have play things. Seeing as all I’ve wanted to do lately was fuck my brother’s brains out, I was going to need this before I drove myself crazy. I think I’d rather the real thing, but that’s kind of not an option. My brother would not want to have sex with me, and I’m not about to bring a random guy to my brother’s house.

“Okay.” I said and nodded.

“Well… I’m going to go now, Geegee.” He said and stood up.

“Alright.” I said and smiled a little at him.

He walked outside, and I tried to memorize the way he moved so when I was picturing it, it would be more vivid. I walked upstairs, and got into my smaller bag. I unzipped it, and pulled out my things, and set then down next to each other. Mikey’s floor was wood, so I figured clean up would be easier if I just stayed down here. It takes a little for me to get excited when there’s no one around, so I guess it’s a good thing I have a vivid imagination and an hour or so to work with.

I removed Mikey’s shirt I was wearing and threw it in the hall, as not to stain it. I discarded my tight black pants, and wrapped my hand around my half interested member and rubbed it slightly. I’ve never touched myself like it’s somebody else. So I figured I’d start picturing things I wanted to happen.

Mikey pushes me down and pins my hands up above my head and kissed me, ever so slightly nibbling at my lip.

Okay, it took a lot less time to get excited than I had originally thought. Maybe if Mikey wasn’t so damn hot. I grabbed my lube and dildo (yes boys can own them too) and decided to just skip prepping myself. It’s not like I’m not used to being penetrated. I coated it liberally in the lube. I got on my knees and bent over. I laid my left arm on the ground, and placed my head in the crook of my arm.

I took a deep breath and slowly pushed the fake dick into myself. After it slid in all the way, I let out a loud groan. I pushed it in and out of myself, me imagining this was Mikey, slowly at first then picking up speed. I teased myself by not hitting my prostate like I normally do on the first few thrusts. I accidentally caught it, and moaned theatrically.

“A-Ah… Mmm-Mikey… O-Oh god yes…” I cried.

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