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Tears of a fallen angel

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black veil brides story

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The music ended and the lights switched off, along with the camera. Everybody started moving around as the director of the videos they had been making shouted out it was their break. The guys put their instruments down and started heading for the small bar in the cantine.
“You did great, Jinxx!” Squealed Sammi Doll, his new girlfriend. She wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a short kiss.
“You guys are so cute together.” Jake pointed out before he ordered some beer for the others who had already sat at one of the tables. He grabbed his wallet and gave the man $30 before taking the beer and seating next to Andy.
“Have you even fucked yet?” Ashley joked as he was given a dark glare from Sammi.
“Why do you care?” Jinxx asked.
“'Cause if you mess it up, I would get her.” They all stared at him before bursting into laughs.
“You! Get my girl?” Jinxx joked as he wiped a fake tear from his eye.
“Yeah, I mean I'm fitter, stronger and I've fucked more girls than you.”
“Which means you need to slow down a bit!” CC said before drinking all his beer in one go.
“Says the guy who brings three or four girls home each night!”
“I get bored with one!” They started laughing again until their manager, Blasko, came over.
“Would you keep it down! You're not even drunk but you're already too loud!” He told them, embarrassment written on his face.
“ All right, we'll shut up.” Andy promised before bursting into laughs again, knowing that would never happen.
Blasko mumbled something to himself before leaving towards the set.
“So when are you gonna fuck?” Ashley asked, receiving a slap in the back of his head.

Andy couldn't believe what had happened. Jake said he couldn't sleep so he had gone to his room to see if he was awake, and had fucked him. He was still up against the wall, his pants discarded somewhere, and Jake back in his room sleeping. Nothing happened, Andy, everything is fine, he told himself. He walked over to his bed and sat down on it, resting his head in his hands.

“Jinxx, please... take it deeper, please.” Sammi begged as Jinxx slowly fucked her. He knew she needed it badly but he was going to have some fun too. She arched into his chest as he did as she said.
Suddenly the door opened and Ashley stood in the doorway. His make-up was removed showing him smirking at Jinxx. He walked over to Jinxx as he removed his cock from her a bit too fast.
Ashley grabbed him off the bed with one arm around his waist and threw over by the door with a loud stump.
“My turn.” Ashley smirked as he undid his pants, his eyes never leaving Sammi's.
Jinxx stood up and walked out the door, to Ashley's satisfaction.

“Jake, are you still awake?” Jinxx asked as he turned the door handle. Jake was stood next to the window by the bed.
He turned his head towards him and gave Jinxx a warm hug. Jinxx felt tears wetting his bare chest.
“Are you OK?” He asked with worry.
“I... I fucked Andy and I think he...He hates me, now.”
“Andy could never hate you but why did you fuck him?”
“I don't know, I just felt like it.” He mumbled quietly, tears streaming down his pale cheeks.
“Well, talk to him and ask him.”
“Come with me.”

Jinxx knocked on the door and walked inside. Andy sat on his bed reading a Manga, with his pants back on. He looked up and saw the tears in Jakes eyes.
"Are you OK, Jake?" He asked with worry. Jake wiped tears away and sat next to him.
"Do you hate me for fucking you?"
"No! You're amazing and I'll prove it." He grabbed Jake's chin in his hand and pressed his lips against the others. Kissing passionately, begging for more.
"Oh, Jinxx, threesome time." Jake chanted as he noticed Jinxx still standing by the door. He smirked, undid his pants and climbed in bed.

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