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Your Last Breath

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a short story i did for school about a girl that gets cancer.

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The walls were white, bare and unwelcoming. A young girl, no older than 6, fidgeted in her seat, trying to get comfortable, but how could she? How could she get comfortable, knowing what was happening in the other room? The mere thought of it sent shivers down her spine, as she relived the day that had changed everything.
It was 10pm, and Lindsey was in the car with her mother and her older sister, driving home from a wonderful, yet tiring family holiday. She smiled as she remembered watching the birds swoop in and out of the old palm trees, then getting tackled to the ground by Sarah. They had rolled around in the sand, laughing and having the time of their lives. Their mother Helena, a beautiful young woman who had dark brown eyes and long black hair, called out for them to return to the small hut in which they were staying and the young children raced to the porch, and greeted Helena with a hug. After a settling dinner, they jumped in the car to return home. Lindsey stared out the window, thinking about how perfect life was. As they pulled into the driveway Sarah complained of having severe stomach pains, which was worrying because she had been experiencing them for weeks.
“Don’t worry, honey, we will see the doctor tomorrow,” comforted Helena, and everyone had retreated to their bedrooms to get a much needed rest. But Lindsey couldn’t sleep. Her mind was racing, and she didn’t know how to calm it down.
‘What if Sarah doesn’t get better? What if she has to live in bed all the time, or worse, hospital?’
The voices wouldn’t quiet down, even when she found sleep, they haunted her dreams.
The day after the holiday, they had gone to the doctor as promised. In the waiting room, all Sarah could do was complain. Lindsey was getting increasingly worried, but pushed it to the back of her mind as it was probably just a small cold. A man, who was balding and wearing a white coat, came out holding a clip board and called Sarah’s name so they followed him into a room. The seats in the small room were very uncomfortable, and Lindsey found it hard to concentrate. She only caught the words cancer, chemotherapy and sorry. A thousand thoughts ran through Lindsey’s mind, and she looked to her mother for support. It wasn’t much help, Helena was a wreck. Her brown eyes were usually shining with happiness, but were now full of sadness and the mascara she had applied in the morning was running down her reddened cheeks. Lindsey felt something wet on her face, and she touched it with curiosity. She was crying.
“Mama!” she cried, alerted by her sudden rush of emotion.
“I know darling, I know.” was all Helena said…
“Helena Jones?” called a nurse, jolting Lindsey back to the present.
“Yes?” Helena replied.
“You may come and see her now,”
They jumped up and rushed to the room. As they walked in, they found a very unhealthy Sarah in the bed with tubes and needles everywhere.
A tear rolled down Lindsey’s cheek as they sat beside Sarah’s bed.
A couple of days later, Lindsey was sitting next to the hospital bed, holding onto Sarah’s hand as if it were her life. They had been talking for a while now, and Lindsey knew Sarah didn’t have much time left.
“Sarah, I know you’re very sick, but you can’t go and visit the angels yet. I’ll miss you too much,” she said, trying to convince Sarah to stay, just for one more day.
“I’m trying, sweetie, I guess they just really want to see me,” Sarah smiled, a small tear running down her face, “I am so sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry,” whispered Lindsey, “Angels are lovely…”
She watched as Sarah closed her eyes and sighed. Lindsey didn’t know it would be her last breath.

hey guys, i hope you like it :) R&R
- kirrah xx
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