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Mama, we all go to Hell.

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A deamon horror-fic, rated R for later chapters x

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"No, Gerard! Don't make me go in there!" I screamed, my arms in front of me as my brother pushed me forward.
"Don't be such a baby!" He sneered,"I've done it lots of times."
"But I'm scared!" I whimpered. The door was at the end of the hallway, right in my path. I could see its flecked paint, its rusted hinges and handle.
"I wasn't scared when I did it." Gerard said, giving me another shove and my shoes squeaked on the tiles.
"But you didn't see him, Gerard! He's waiting for me! He's going to get me!"
"It's just a cellar, there's nothing there."

My heart pounded, ramming my ribs at full force as we arrived at the door. I didn't want this. He would get me. The man would get me. The shadow man. The bogey man. The cold breath on your neck man. He hid in the dark. He hid in the shadows. He hid in the cellar.
"Let me go! I'll tell mama!" I cried as Gerard held my shirt and reached for the handle.
"You can call for mama - she won't hear you. She's upstairs, on the phone." He said.
"Please. I'm scared."
"It'll only be for a minute if your going to be such a baby about it. I stayed in there for ages. No one came to eat me."
"That's because he's not after you!" I wailed and Gerard swung the door open.

The darkness was everywhere, foreboding. Gerard pushed me forward and I gripped the frame with my hands.
"No! I won't go in there!" I shrieked."I forfiet the dare! You win!"
"I don't want to win." Gerard said. "I want my brother to stop acting like a baby!"
"I'm not a baby!" I screamed.
"Well prove it then!"
"Why do you always have to be so mean?!"
"I'm not being mean." He shoved harder and I felt my sweaty palms slipping from their hold. "I'm being a good brother! There's nothing to be scared of! There are no monsters in the dark!" And with that he forced me in. My hands lost their grip and I stumbled inside. The door slammed shut behing me.

"One... Two... Three..." Gerard started counting, his voice muffled. I banged the door with a fist,
"I'm scared! Let me out!"
I could feel the darkness closing in. He knew I was here. Footfalls struck the floor along with the scraping of chains. I hit the door harder,
"Gerard! He's here! He's coming to get me! He'll kill me! Let me out!"
My brother ignored me and carried on counting.
Eleven... Twelve... Thirteen...

The footsteps were closer. I could hear the breathing, ragged and deep. In, out, in ,out. I started crying. He was going to get me. He was coming for me. He always wanted me.
Twenty-two... Twenty-three... Twenty-four...
The man came closer, his chains jangling, his breath ragged, and he grunted as if each movement were hard. I could see the black shadows that were his hands reaching out, clawing at me. It was him. The shadow man. The bogey man. The cold breath on the back of your neck man.
Run, run, as fast as you can...
You can't catch me...

"Oh God, Gerard! Gerard, he's here! The man is here! Help me! Please! Don't let him get me! Don't let him!" I clawed, pounded, flung myself at the door. The wood creaked in protest but I kept on throwing myself at it.
Fourty-six... Fourty-seven... Fourty-eight...

The footsteps stopped and I heard the man growl. He'd hit the barrier. He always hit the barrier. It always stopped him. But he could get through it. I know he could. He swiped at the invisible wall, outstretching his arms. Groping at me. I hit the door even harder.
Fifty... Fifty-one... Fifty-two...
I heard the wood splinter. A little more and the door would give.

I heard tearing behing me and a satisfied howl. He was getting through the barrier. I was right. I knew he would. It was only a matter of time.
I kicked the wood, over and over, again and again. The door whined.
"Michael..." The voice rasped and cold breath fanned over the back of my neck.
"NO!!!" I screamed.
Fifty-eight... Fifty-nine... Sixty..
"Okay, Mikey! You did it! You win!" Gerard called.
"Michael... You. Are. Mine." The man said, his voice gravelly and low. The hands lunged and the cellar door swung open, Gerard smiling proudly. I flung myself at him and held him, sobbing.
"The man is here! Save me! He wants to kill me Gerard! He wants to take me away! Help me!"

Gerard wriggled out of my grip and moved to the cellar. I panicked,
"No, don't! He'll kill you too! He's there! He's coming!"
He ignored me and peered into the darkness.
"Mikey..." He whispered "There's no one there..."
I shoved my brother aside and looked for myself.
He wasn't there. The man was gone. It was just a cellar.
"No. No. I saw him. He was there. Right there."
"Your crazy!" He sneered. "Stop lying."
"I'm not lying!"
"Yes you are!"
"Well why haven't I seen him?"

"Because he's not after you." I said and marched out of the kitchen, Gerard laughing and screeching 'Liar!' and 'Baby!' after me.

AN// This is a horror fic I'm starting to write for a bit of fun. It is inspired by 'Scared to Death' by Alan Gibbons and 'Nightmare' by Avenged Sevenfold :) Let me know what you all think!

- Sara xoxo
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