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A/N: Hey guys waves I’m really sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve updated....there is just a lot of things that has been happening lately. My mom broke up with her boyfriend which was really upsetting for all of us and then my brother went missing and had to call the police to find him, very scary and now we can’t go on holiday, and to top that all of I ahve been so busy, that I havn’t eat as much, so I have lost weight, when I am already a skinny fuck as it Is :( So there has been a lot of things that have put me down and put my mind away from this story. I feel terrible , and I feel like my writing isn’t improving and going downhill, but there has been so much going on that this has been the last of my worries.

Anyway really sorry for that, I hope you haven’t forgot about me or a banded me:( so I have made this chapter extra long and Frankie is in there like I promised ^.^ so hopefully I’m forgiven :) good stuff will be coming your way very shortly hehe. Thanks again so much for all the reviews I can’t believe I have gotten into the 20 mark again and my last chapter went green again :O I never believe I will get them, but I thank you soo much, also I always reply to the comments you give me, just so you know how much I appreciate them. thank you so soo much I love you, you are all so nice. Oh and i havve seen MCR and lifehouse in concert, lifehouse were so damn good, best night of my life so far, damn blabbering again, sorry haha anyway please enjoy and R&R I could really do with them now.

My brother’s facial expressions were stunned. His mouth ajar, eyes as wide as his head and his eyebrows raised so high it was as if they weren’t apart of his face, not to mention knotted so close they had became a monobrow.

“Yo-you l-like hi...that,” he choked on his words, his face still stunned, completely miffed at what I had confided in him.

“Y-yes I do, a-and he isn’t ‘that’,” I quoted, “he has a name,” I pointed out.

“B-but he...he’s mean to you, always calling you names, practically doing anything in his power to make your life a misery,” he explained, confirming me of his behaviour towards me from the past.

“B-but Mikes, he apologised for all of that, told me he didn’t mean it and that we should get along. He’s changed Mikey and I know why,” I told him hurriedly, hoping he would believe me.

He sighed.

“Well...” he began, he looked confused but I knew it was a lot to take in. “What do you mean?” he questioned puzzled.

“I...I kinda read his journal,” I confessed quietly, feeling terribly horrid as I said so.

“What?” he shouted shocked, but then his face was soon covered with a whopping great grin. “Ohh tell me the Goss,” he squealed, inching further into me.

“God Mikey,” I shook my head, massaging my temples with my thumb and middle finger. “You don’t get it. He’s a nice person man,” I said as I raised my head trying to tell him, using my hands as an act of help.

“You say that, but look at it from my prospective. It’s hard for me to think that, when all I’ve seen him do is attack you with harmful comments,” he spoke more soothingly, brushing his long fingers through his light fluffy hair, making it stick up all the more like previous times before.

Admittedly, he had a point.

“I know, but there’s a reason for that,” I told him. “You see, in his journal he wrote about his Mom dying and his struggles he went through and all that. He was upset and angry, took it out on people at our school and, umm unfortunately I was one of those people. In his journal he said that it was a way of blocking out the pain he felt about his mother dead,” I told him, reeling off the most my mind could remember, highlighting the significant areas. “He never meant to be mean, he apologised, but he’s broken and needs someone,” I said softly.

He sat their biting his lip thoughtfully; taking in all the words, I had spoken.

“I’m sorry I doubted you G, it sounds like he’s had it rough,” he sighed quietly, “I’m sorry,” he said once more.

“Its fine dude,” I assured him and smiled, patting his shoulder slightly, relieved that I had told someone, and glad it’s him, so not as much pressure was weighing down my shoulders.

“I guess we should try and befriend him, now I know, it’s the least I can do,” My brother announced.

“Thanks, but please,” I begged extending the word please, “don’t tell him or anyone for that matter, that we know, I been for fucks sack, he hasn’t even told Ray,” I frantically spoke.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression, cocking his head to one side as he looked at me questionably.

“You know...the tree,” I reminded him, refreshing his memory.

“Oh yeah I know,” he said now understanding, his face plastered with a cheesy grin. “Also known as the poodle, mushroom head, cauliflower, princess fro fro and my latest addition, DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!” He exaggerated. “CAPTAIN FLUFFER!” he announced raising his voice dramatically.

“You know, you says that now but he is actually immensely lucky... he never has to use a pillow again.” I explained.

We then broke out into a fit of giggles; brightening up the subject and making both of us feel more at ease, just goofing around as we always did something I missed.

“So does this mean it up the bum,” he joked, making me howl with laughter.

“Yo-you,” Giggle “mean gay smart ass?” I asked, while still trying to tame my giggles.

“Yes,” he nodded, still owning a huge grin that didn’t seem to shake from his features.

“You know...I don’t really know,” I laughed, “But one thing I do know is that I am extremely attracted to Frank,” I smiled.

“This is all still weird to me but...congratulations dude, it’s nice to know that you have came out the closet to someone,” he cheered smiling.

“Umm you know how wrong that sounds,” I joked, making his features turn from a smile to a completely grossed out face, looking almost exact to sloths. (If you have watched the goonies, you will know who that is XD)

“Do you want to make me heave?” he exaggerated.

“Well if you are make sure it’s over dragon face over there,” I played.

“Hey, you shouldn’t talk about Frank like that,” he joked, winding me up.

“Ha-ha. Please. Stop. It. my .sides. are. Splitting.” I said sarcastically, as I looked at him with a bored blank expression.

He laughed, “Come on, we should probably go now before Mrs Withers has one of her ‘hissy fits’,” he quoted sarcastically, standing up and earning an agreeable nod from me before we both a banded the wall and ‘excitedly’ entered the theatre.


Thursday had rolled about so we were closer to going home and seeing our loved ones. I tried my hardest to tell Frank how I feel about him but I just couldn’t. Every time I did I got interrupted, or he had to leave with the poodle and other times the air was too thick and rushed that it was never the right time to tell him.

Sur enough we casually talked, mostly about our excitement about going home. It’s kind of ridiculous how little we have talked, I mean I’m fucking falling for the boy that I barely know, I don’ t know his interest, hobbies, favourite foods hardly anything. I have no idea.

At least it was the evening now, and I had Frank all to myself, not like I didn’t every night but this time I really wanted to talk to him, get to know more about him. There is so much I want to know about him, it’s going to be hard to squeeze it all in to one night, however as I know we are on good terms this will be a great way to get on even better terms with him, hopefully relationship ones if I play my cards right.

At this precise moment I had just came back from another boring trip out, Frank had already beaten me to the hotel room, and I was just excessively slow to catch up with him. As I entered the hotel room, it was empty, my hopes had built up, somehow I had finished first, and maybe I’m not so slow after all.

Then the chain flushed.

Spoke to soon. Frank then had bounced out of the bathroom and leaped towards his bed hearing him plonk down on the soft material with a sigh. I huffed.

“Beat you,” he grinned, sticking out his tongue with his eyes scrunched tight in a teasing gesture. Oh the things I would like to do with that tongue, urhh not now Gerard.

“I can see,” I said, pulling a pout as I mindlessly made my way to my bed landing roughly on the unmade mess.

The evening seemed very settling, a lot more than over evenings. It was nice and relaxing how the sweet baby rays sprinkled the low sky, lying freely with the setting sun. The aroma of the freshly bloomed flowers that lay out on the window ledge, filling my nostrils with the sweetness of their petals through the small crack of the window as it was slightly ajar.

I could already hear the birds soothing melody and the crickets chirping in perfect harmony. The evening was calming and the auburn red skies gave it a warm comforting vibe, just completing the atmosphere.

I laid my head on the soft fluffed pillows, inhaling deeply as I sunk into my bed with my arms folded snugly behind my head.

“Ahhh, so glad we can leave soon,” Frank began, keeping his eyes fixed to the ceiling with a smile, as he reflected my actions, as he also was propped against the pillows with his arms folded behind his head.

“Yeah me too, it’s starting to get boring being here this long,” I explained, while rolling my eyes.

He hummed in agreeance and nodded whilst he began to turn over and face me on his side.

“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, plus the teachers think taking us to the fucking museum is classed as ‘fun’,” he said sarcastically while huffing.

“Ha-ha, well unless you’re making fart noises while you’re in there, I suppose it’s classed as fun,” I smirked, making him giggle a long.

“Very true,” he pointed, “I have to say though, why couldn’t the teachers take us go-karting, laser quest, or I don’t know, rock climbing, good shit like that,” he informed, raising his hands in a questioning gesture.

I shrugged “I don’t know, maybe most of the urhh sissified girls would probably get scared that they will ruin their hair or break a nail,” I exaggerated as I laughed, with him doing so in return.

“Very true again,” he laughed. “So what do you do for fun then?” he asked, looking up at me interested.

I’d like to do you.

“Urhh,” I stammered, trying to remove these dangerous thoughts from my head, “Well urhh I like gigs, drawing, writing a bit of music, video games, going to the movies....comic conventions,” I listed, only lowering my voice as I said the last, slightly embarrassed.

Damn Gerard, why do you have to say that, how geeky does that sound, you watch he will laugh at you now, you’re such a dumb shit sometimes, actually no rephrase that, because I’m pretty sure you are all the time. He is too cool to like them and....

“No way,” he publicized, looking highly amused, his eyes holding a slight twinkle to them as he stared at me with those glossy eyes and mouth slightly ajar, that I would love to get my lips tangled in.

Fuck Gerard, are you trying to get a boner right in front of him? Just open your big geeky trap Gerard, now he is never going to be interested in you in that way, not even remotely hang out with you.

“No way, did you just say comic conventions,” he asked again, pointing his index finger directly in my direction, expressing a wide grin.

“Let me guess, you’re going to laugh at me now?” I asked more matter of fact, with my blank expression.

He laughed. Just like I thought, but then I couldn’t help but giggle along to, because it was so damn cute when he did, it was contagious, I couldn’t help but laugh, it was the sweetest thing, like music to my ears...until he hiccupped, which then just felt like a comedy act, making me laugh harder.

“Sorry it’s just so...great...because well...I love them too,” he confessed, placing his hand to his chest, making my eyes glisten and my stomach fill with a dozen butterflies once again, fluttering around making me feel more mesmerized by him and relived, yet again acting like a love struck teenager. Great, next, I’ll be breaking into Taylor swift.

“Really?” I questioned shocked, lifting myself up from my sitting position to park myself on the edge of the bed.

“Yes, I love them, I always go with my Dad, I don’t know anyone else who likes them...I guess it’s a bit... geeky,” he spoke shyly, ducking his head in such a cute way making me feel enlightened by his charm, all I could do was giggle...maybe a bit too girly.

“Well I think geeky is cu... Umm cool, Mikey and I always go, you should join us next time,” I offered, thankfully recovering from nearly calling him cute.

“Thanks, that would be really nice,” he replied happily, making my heart skip a beat and my stomach flip as he looked at me with those olive-hazel eyes, glazed over staring straight at me as he smiled.

“So what else do you like doing?” I asked him curiously, hopeful that we have more in common.

“Umm skateboarding,” No “Playing my guitar,” Awesome but unfortunately no “Being a spaz,” he laughed. Ding ding ding, we have a winner, yes!

I giggled along with him “Yes, I’m used to doing that...a lot” I laughed again.

“Well not just that but I also love scary movies, music, gigs, I also write a bit of music too but drawing...well... I made a girl cry when I drew her a star,” he informed me, wearing a smirk but also nodded at his words.

I snorted, man he’s so sweet, funny I could talk to him all day..., and then I have to go and snort...great. If I thought, I was falling for him fast before it can’t be as fast as I am now.

“Aww, don’t worry, I mean I s-suck at guitar, it’s awesome, I wish I could play it,” I announced, making him smile sweetly.

“Yeah, it’s just years of practise really. I have had Pansy for years now, she’s my guitar, and I love playing her,” he smiled, dazing at the thought of her, now that’s real passion.

I liked to play with you, god this is not good thinking stuff like this. My eyes then widened, as I felt down below twitch. Fuck shit crap...

“So what bands do you like...apart from the smashing pumpkins?” he asked, resulting to me giving him a confused look. “Your bag,” he explained with a laugh.

“Oh...y-yeah, well don’t I feel stupid,” I smiled, pelting myself on the head with the palm of my hand. He smiled once more. Okay this is not good, he is right there, all his glory and whatnot and now I am here, the bathroom calling my name so I can sort out this major problem. Fuck, I felt myself get hard.

He swirled around on the edge of the bed, feet dangling over the bed like myself, only his not reaching the floor.

“Well I like The Misfits, G-green Day, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Nirvana, David Bowie, all kinda of rock and shit really,” I said smiling, from the way he dresses he’s at least going to like one.

Ok, so I need to think of something gross, I can’t really excuse myself and go in there, that long, he would know for sure. Then again, how the fuck can I think of something gross with him, sex on legs right in front of me.

“That’s awesome, I love The Misfits, and they have to be my fave band along with The Bouncing Souls, Crossfade, and Smile Empty Soul. Though...” he paused. “You kind of killed it when you said David Bowie,” he chuckled, cringing slightly but playing a mischievous grin on his enticing glossy pink lips.

The night continued to flow smoothly just like that, the conversation, that is, not the problem in my jeans. the air filled of soft giggles and cute smiles, every now and then Franks cute little hiccups when he laughed, chats about our favourite bands and movies, and me wishing that this problem would go, better yet Frank fix it for me...yeah, not going to happen, but I can dream right? Things went perfect, well as perfect as it can with that down my pants. On another note, we finally got to know each other, and still getting to know each other, as now he is talking about his beloved guitar and the soft melodies that he strums most nights, telling me how he got her and the songs he can play, until there was a soft knock on the door. Fuck yes, finally.

“Yo Frank open up,” a stranger yelled from behind the door, holding a very soft voice, almost feminine compared to Franks.

“Oh that’s Ray,” he confirmed, almost answering to my unknown question, before leaping from the bed and fleeing for the door.

“Oh hey Ray...”

I heard until the voices and ‘captain fluffer’ as Mikes likes to call him, was heard no more. The door closed and their conversations were unknown to my ears.

Ok, quick think of something really disturbing before he comes in. Grandma’s, in bikinis, Granddads’ in bikinis...oh that’s wrong, but thankfully wrong enough, my friend has finally gone down. Phew.

I hit my head on the soft pillow with a gaping sigh, now all I have to do is wait for Frank to re-enter. I have nothing to busy my inpatient state while I waited, It’s not even been five minutes, and I am already missing him.

I wanted to talk more, him in here with me all by myself, chatting about anything and everything all night long. Though I know that’s just being selfish, Rays also his friend and... Wait does that mean we are friends. Does he class me as one now? I mean just then we got on like a house on fire, such a strange saying but we did get on just like best friends. Although I wanted a lot more, this was just the beginning, who knows how it will turn out, but I know I need to tell him fast. I just love talking to him right now.

All of a sudden there was a ping emitting Franks laptop, dare I look? The sound persisted to ping and Frank was still outside with Ray, should I?

I told myself I wouldn’t, that I would never go near his laptop, because of the dangers involved and this was one very risky one to take, but as my thoughts continued to swirl in my head so did my feet, clueless to how they had even begun to move, but now I couldn’t stop them.

It’s not like I’m going to look, just stop the annoying sound. I had reached his bed and plopped myself down next to his laptop, to find that the sound was because he had a message. I couldn’t control my hands from gliding onto the mouse and soon enough clicking open the message.

The message then covered the screen, showing all the content that contained in it. It was a print screen of Frank’s journal something I had guiltily read. However, as I looked I could see that this wasn’t one I had read.

It was a reply to that from someone I didn’t recognise the name of, nor did I take interest, my eyes were just glued to the message, all thoughts about getting caught and the guilt I would soon feel vanished. They had replied to something Frank had said on his journal, to which my eyes skimmed to that as I began to read.

“Spending more time on this trip has made me have more feelings for...”

A:N: DUN DUN DUN!!there you go, sorry about the cliff-hanger, but don’t fear the next you will be cliff-hanger free, I just felt like it needed to be put in, I really love them. I am really sorry that it isn’t my best... I have had a lot on my mind as you know, though I think the next one should be coming soon, thanks again guys for all your support. YOU ARE THE BEST AND I AM SO GLAD YOU BELIVE IN ME AND SUPPORT ME YOU ROCK!!!!
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