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Private Emotions

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[Larten x Darren] My mind went black when I felt his hand on my shoulder, rubbing me softly. I couldn't breath. It was too much. Yaoi. Please R&R.

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Mr. Crepsley looked thoughtfully at me. I turned myself around, I wouldn't let him get the opportunity to see me cry. Wouldn't let him get the chance to see the salty water which would soon leave a trail on my cheeks because of /him/.

I could feel his steady and soft breath caress my skin when he leaned over me, and whispered poison into my ears. "Darren, are you alright?" I felt dizzy when I heard his voice. So deep, so seductive and so /him/. My mind went black when I felt his hand on my shoulder, rubbing me softly. I couldn't breath. It was too much.

"Darren?" he tried again, but I gave no response, because the man was actually touching me and I was in my own la-la-land. Though he stayed as calm as ever, I could tell he was worried. He shook me softly, trying to get me to respond.

I turned around again, and looked deeply into his green eyes. "I'm fine."

"You do not look fine," he said, eyes narrowing at me. I snorted and got up on my feet. I didn't need any sleep. At least not beside him. It would do me no good. He'd only give me a painful erection (not on purpose), which I had to explain in the morning if he woke up before me, as he usually did.

"I'm totally fine and I think I'm going for a walk," I said.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Shouldn't you sleep? It's night for creatures like /you/."

"Us," he corrected. "And, if you have not noticed, this forest is pitch black and I believe that it is safe for me to walk around for a while."

I shrugged. It couldn't be that bad having him along. Although I had in mind to walk by myself. I tried to avoid him after all. As long as he didn't touch me or anything, it'd be okay.

He patted my shoulder and pushed me gently forward. I almost fell.

You've no idea what you're doing to me, do you, Bastard?

"You are supposed to move your feet, Darren," he joked, a smile lurking in the corner of his stern lips. I scowled at him and he chuckled. "Well?" he cocked an eyebrow at me.

I stumped forward, and the hand was still there. I cursed myself silently for wanting it to be elsewhere.

I had hoped I would get some time alone to think. But I could never resist him when he asked me so damn nicely. I did it all the time as a /kid/, but I weren't a kid anymore. I had reached my teens thanks to the purge. My looks had changed drastically, I had hair on my head again. Lots of brown spiky bangs lied ever so nicely on my forehead. I had grown several inches too, and I was finally a bit higher.

We kept walking and because of the silence I couldn't stop the train of thoughts that came rushing through my head. Of course, it was all about him. I idly wondered if he knew. If he had noticed. If he had noticed the painful bulge in my pants when I had snuck out from our camp to get rid of it. I wondered if he felt the same way about me.

I almost laughed at myself. I was so silly. Of course he did not such thing! He was a responsible adult, and he would never have a crush on a restless teenager/. And, the added bonus of us both being guys. Mr. Crepsley was definitely /not into guys.

I wondered what gay sex was like. Did them just... put it up there? Didn't that hurt? I wondered if it did. I wanted to know if it hurt - by personal experience. I slapped myself for thinking of it. That would do no good. I prayed to the Gods of the Vampires that they didn't offer me an erection now.

They didn't listen, and above it all, I fell.


I tripped over a root, and fell forward into the dirt. Because I was so lucky and captured myself with my hands first, my hard dick didn't break into several pieces. I sighed heavily and turned myself around.

Mr. Crepsley stared dumbly at me. "Darren, you should keep your eyes open while you walk." Then the old vampire turned his gaze further down and I was doomed.

I had expected him to laugh, but he looked seriously at me and shook his head. "I am sorry, Darren. I should have told you about stuff like that earlier."

"You really should be sorry because you caused it," I growled. Then my cheeks turned crimson when I realized what I had just said. The old vampire looked at me in amusement. I wanted to slap him, but then again I wouldn't because I would never ever try to ruin his perfect face.

I got back up on my feet and brushed dirt off my pants. "I'm going back," I announced and started to walk. It didn't take long before a large hand was placed on my shoulder and I was swiftly turned around.

I felt hot lips on mine.

They were warm, wet and more than welcome. His hands were around my back, pressing my body tightly against his. My groin poked him on his thigh, but I couldn't find any evidence from him. Maybe later. I didn't care about his dick now, I though about his lips which was placed on mine.

The lips I had longed for. The taste I wanted to taste. It was all him. If I died now I would die with a smile on my face. One of his hands travelled down my back and when it reached my butt, it went in a totally different direction.

I felt my belt being unfastened, and when his free hand was seized around my arousal I didn't complain. He began to tug and I started to rock my hips into his touch.

"Buh-but... But you're going to teach me... right?" I moaned.

"I am your mentor, am I not?" he whispered into my ear.

And because of the inexperienced teenager I was, I didn't last long.

I moaned loudly into his mouth when sticky semen spluttered onto his hand and my boxers. He pulled his mouth and hand away, and I watched as he sensually licked my cum off his fingers. Never had I pictured Mr. Crepsley like this. He was so goddamned sexy with his index finger inside of his mouth, letting his tongue roll around it. Tasting my semen.

"Is it my turn now?" I asked when he was done tasting me.

"No," Larten said, "you got a long way to go, it is not something you are going to pick up overnight."

"You're just saying that to keep me coming back," I said, then yawned.

"Is that a bad thing?" he smirked and led me back to the camp.
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