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we are the kids from yesterday

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Just a little one shot I wrote ages ago about Frank and Jamia's twins being born. Funny,and fluffy.

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Jamia`s pov
Oh. My. God.Oh. My. Fucking. God. That had to one of the most overused, most irritating phrase known to Mankind. It was one I had always hated, it just screamed “Oh, wow, look at me, I`m such a fucking airhead!” but at this precise moment in time, no other words came to mind, or very few anyway. I was sitting, hunched over in the main bathroom, crouched by the toilet, head in hands, hair a dishevelled mess due to the amount of times I had ran my shaking hands through it.
Where was Frank?
I felt sick to the stomach and had done for the past few days; I had barely been able to keep plain water down, let alone food. Under my eyes that were unusually wide with shock, and quite possibly fear too, were dark circles and bags. I looked like a fucking Raccoon! My face was pale and lifeless looking, stained with tears. I had been unable to decide whether they were tears of joy or unhappiness. I had eventually settled for shock.
What if I was no good at this? What if I`m not cut out for it? What if Frank doesn’t care, what if he doesn’t want me anymore?
My fears spin around in my head, gnawing away, poisoning the sensible part of my brain. If course somewhere deep down I knew that these were stupid, irrational worries, but shock did strange things to the brain, I would know. Somewhere beside me, on the icy bathroom tiles, lying forgotten by my bare feet, was the small item that was the cause of all this. The blue sign on it was terrifying; it was tainting me from where it lay.
What would everyone say? I didn’t think I was ready for all of this responsibility, not yet. My darling Frank sure wasn`t, was he?
I groan, my heart dong something weird, something that was between sinking and a weird backwards flip-Frank was home.
“Jamia, sweetie, where are you?” I take a deep breath to calm myself and reply, hoping that he didn`t hear my voice shaking.
“I`m in the bathroom!” Frank had noticed me being sick earlier; of course he had thought nothing of it. Neither had I, not until Lyn-z told me something that had sparked my worry, it was because of her that I had rushed out to the pharmacy to buy the stupid test in the first place.
“Oh, I`ll put dinner on then, take-“
“No, darling, it can wait, I`m not hungry.” I hear footsteps ascending up the stairs to the bathroom.
“Jamia, you need to eat, do you feel any better?” Frank`s concerned voice reaches me form the other side of the white door.
“No, I feel worse.” I pause, not sure what to say for the best. I was scared, nervous, sick and confused. And yet, somewhere, maybe not so deep down as I had first thought, I was…happy? Excited?
“Frank, can you please come in?”
Frank`s pov.
I raced home from rehearsal, one thing and one thing only on my mind-my loving wife. Jamia had been feeling sick for a few days now, she had reassured me that she was fine, but this morning I had caught her being sick in the bathroom. I had my suspicions, but I didn’t dare get my hopes up.
When I entered the house she was nowhere to be seen. I glance quickly at the table where the house phone lay, no messages and no note left informing me that she had gone somewhere.
“Jamia, sweetie, where are you?” I call out into the empty hallway, and begin to head upstairs, maybe she had gone for a lie down.
“I`m in the bathroom!”
“Oh, I`ll put dinner on then, take-“
“No, darling, it can wait, I`m not hungry.” She cuts me off, and I frown, she may be ill, but she still needed to try and eat.
“Jamia, you need to eat, do you feel any better?” Silence for a moment. “No, I feel worse.”
I am about to say something when Jamia speaks again.
“Frank, can you please come in?”
Without hesitating I push the door open, revealing Jamia sitting, knees under her chest, head in hands, on the cold bathroom tiles.
“S…sweetie, what`s wrong?” she had been sick again, I could smell the horrid scent filling the air, making me nearly gag.
“I…I…” she wipes away a tear and point with a white, shaking hand to a small object that had been discarded on the tiles by her bare, equally white feet. “L…look…” I do look; my eyes go wide with what I see.
“Y…your pregnant?” I ask after a few awkward minutes of silence, still in shock.
She nods, not able to speak.
“I…wow...” I kneel beside her and wrap an arm around her shoulder, reassuring my wife with a smile.
“I`ll make an appointment with the doctors for as soon as, yeah?” she smiles weakly at me.
“Yeah, but, but Frank?”
She turns her head away from me. “I...I`m scared.” She admits, a single tear falling from her eyes.
“I know, I am too, and I want you to know I`m beside you, every step of the way, no matter what you decide.”
“I don`t want to get rid of it.” She turns to f ace me. “I`m deathly frightened that I won’t be a good parent, that I`ll mess up and from what Lyn-z said childbirth doesn’t exactly sound fun…but I want to keep it.”
I smile at her and press a kiss to the top of her head. “You`ll be a great mother, it`s me you should worry about, I act like a fucking hyper three year old half the time!” she laughs-she actually laughs.
“He or she will love you Frankie, you`ll be their best friend.” Jamia says while wrapping her arms around me like I was doing to her.
“I love you Frankie.” I kiss her gently on the forehead, wiping her damp hair away from her beautiful face.
“I love you more.
“You and Jamia are having a baby?!”the band`s front man and my best friend, Gerard Way asks, practically shouting in my ear. He was excited for me, I knew. He and Lyn-z absolutely adored their little girl-Bandit.
“Aww, Wittle Fwankie is all grown up, huh?” one of my other friends, and Gerard`s younger brother, Mikey walks in, holding Alicia’s hand, both of them grinning like mad.
“I kinda feel sorry for Jamia, now there`ll be two kids to look after!” Ray jokes, and Gerard shoots him a really dirty look.
“Don`t worry, Frank, you`ll be a great dad, and Jamia will be an amazing mum, I know it.” I smile my thanks at him, and he pulls me in for a great big hug, almost crushing my ribs.
“Just wait Frank, for the two am feedings, cleaning up baby shit and puke-“
“Gee,” Mikey glares at his brother, who was to be honest starting to worry me. Two AM feedings?! There was no way on earth I could get up at that time and actually function properly.
“Two AM?!”
He nods, “and the kids not even here yet, just wait until Jamia`s hormones kick in, Lyn-z was a total bitch half the time she was pregnant, but others she was sweet as hell. I was either the best guy in the world or the fucking devil!” I gulp, Jamia wouldn`t be like that, would she?
“TWINS?!” Jamia screams, staring at the screen in front of us in shock. The doctor type person was trying to calm her down, but seeing as he couldn’t legally knock her out with drugs, I didn’t think they would be getting anywhere anytime soon.
“I`m having two babies?!”
“Yes, congratulations, two healthy baby girls. They leave the room for a moment, claiming to give us “time to talk” but I was certain it was because Jamia looked pretty pissed and they didn’t want to be in the firing line.
“Frank," I hold my breath, waiting for her to scream at me, shocked when she didn’t. “What are we going to name them?”
I was staring at the laptop screen, thinking of the correct words to say, or rather type, to let our fans (who were like family to us all) that Me and Jamia would soon be the parents of two twin girls.
“Hey, dude, what ya doing?” Gerard walks in, kicks off his shoes and chucks his jacket somewhere and perches on the sofa next to be, making himself comfortable without even being asked.
“Thinking, something you probably are not very used to.”
His hazel eyes narrow. “I do have a brain and I can think, god, someone’s in a good mood today!” before I have time to reply, his big mouth opens again.
“Seriously, if I didn’t know better I would say it was you who was preggers, not Jamia!” I roll my eyes and begin typing, none of the words seeming to be right.
“We wish to inform you that we are now soon to be the proud parents of…” was just too formal.
“Me and Jamia are super over the fucking moon as we are soon to be parents…” was just too similar to what a seven year old kid would write.
“Yo, dudes, me and my wife Shorty are gonna be parents, cool right?” I don’t think so.
Gerard laughs, enjoying my frustration.
“Ya know Frankie, I do write songs you know, pretty damn good ones if I say so myself.”
I roll my eyes. “Fine then, if you’re so smart, what do you think I should tell the fans?”
“Give it here.” He grabs the laptop off of my lap and places it on his and begins typing away, the keys making that really annoying clicking sound.
“There, perfect.” He tilts the smudged screen back so that I can see what he had put; I can help the massive smile forming as I read.
May God have mercy on the world now that there will be two more Ieros wreaking havoc on the earth...
“I fucking hate you Frank Iero!” Jamia, my loving wife who had such a way with words, screams as the midwifes around her tell her repeatedly to keep calm and to breath as each new contraction comes. It seems like Lyn-z had been right about childbirth, it was pure hell from where I was standing, Jamia didn’t seem too happy about it either. Sweet poured down her face in neck, her soft hair stuck to her damp skin and she was screaming every other minute and cursing my name in-between. I was not getting off lightly of course, her grip on my hand-my writing hand might I add-was painful and like a vice to say the least. I was surprised her nails were not piercing my skin and drawing blood.
“Push!” the doctor and midwifes keep telling her, and it must be doing something because a small, tiny bloody head has just appeared from out of her…well, yeah. I blush under her intense glare and focus my attention on the wall.
“Never come near me again Iero, never!”
“I bet they are all like this, eh?” I ask the blonde haired midwife, trying to get rid of some of the tension and seriousness in the room. Her answer was blunt.
“No.” oh then, best pack my bags.

Normal pov
It was early Wednesday morning, the three men and their wives had been waiting for hours, desperate for any news on their friend. The red haired man was pacing back and forth, up and down the hospital corridor.
“Gee, quit it, we are all-“
“Frank!” the man with the thick, dark curls screams and runs over to hug his friend.
Frank looked rather shell shocked, but with the biggest grin they had ever seen on his face, they knew that he would be fine.
“Have they said anything about the sex yet?” although frank and Jamia had known that the twins were both girls, they hadn’t told anyone else yet, so naturally everyone was anxious to know.
Frank, however, still a bit confused and shocked over the morning’s event, didn’t fully understand his friend’s question.
“God, Gee, you have a one track mind! Let the poor girl rest a bit first eh, before she thinks about that again!”
“NO, idiot!” Mikey shakes his head. “What is it? You know the gen-”
“Oh, they`re babies, Mikey, babies!” all three men groan and their wives sigh and shake their heads.
“What they mean is are the twins boys or girl or-“
Just then the doctor stuck Is head around the corner. “You may come and see now.”
Everyone follows Frank into the room where Jamia lay on the bed, an adorable bay in each arm.
“Oh good.” She looks up at her husband smiling. “You can hold one of them.”
“aww…they`re so sweet.” Alicia coos whilst Mikey rolls his eyes slightly, but everyone can tell that he too thinks that the babies were sweet.
“Hey, Mikey?” Alicia asks in a tone he knew very well. It was Alicia`s famous “I`m going to pretend to ask a question when it is really more of a demand” tone.
“yeah?” he asks nervously.
“I don’t suppose maybe we could try for a baby?” Alicia asks, trying to look sweet and innocent as possible.
“Sweetie,” he replies. “Not a hope in all of hell.”

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