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I was sitting by a lake, not any particular lake, but a perfect shimmering lake. There was a golden sunset and tons of butterflies surrounding me. My feet were buried in warm sand. And there was a soft breeze making the place smell like coconuts from the scattered palm trees. I couldn't feel fear, or sadness, or hurt. I just felt safe, this felt like home, nothing could hurt me here.

This must've been my own personal heaven. Maybe I died and this is where I went. Funny, I don't remember dying, I just remember Gerard's voice and the stinging of the wet towels against my opened flesh wounds. That was easy, just a painless crossover.

The sky wasn't getting darker like it usually would, but this was another place, so anything could be possible. I lay my head on the sand and started to sing a hushed song, somehow I wasn't bored at all. I was beautifully content with everything. The feeling was mutual, however, I see a person walking towards me and I cower away.

Before I could finish blinking, the person was in my face. It was Gerard. He leaned down and kissed me with everything he had. I felt myself go limp against him. When he pulled away he whispered "Come back." And with that, he was gone. Now I felt empty and lost, like I had to be somewhere. The beach was melting and the sky was flickering. The ground rumbled and split open from under me. I fell into a dark pit, screaming

And that's when I woke up.
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