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Somewhere I belong

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We make it to the prison and mike meets Taylor

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The Bus pulled up outside a bleak building.
The building was large and made of large grey blocks and had a cold ,menacing now Mike was even more terrified,he had heard of the people in prisons like this,they were
vile evil people with no morals and he did not want to be around them.
"Okay,out you get"The bus driver growled.
Everyone stood up and filed out of the cramped,humid bus onto the hard ground outside,and stood in a line as ordered by the warden who had been waiting for them with her team of officers.
She was a beautiful women everyone could see that,her long red hair flowed down her back and that was in a pony,her green eyes looked at each new inmate with distaste and anger at what she
knew they had done.
"Im warden Kelly i'll be showing the ropes of the place today and taking you to your cells where you will meet your cellmates do as anyone have any questions?"She inquired
When no one raised their hand she forced a hard smile before leading the new arrivals into the old building and into what appeared to be a canteen she told everyone to take a seat quickly.
Taylor sat next to Mike and looked up at the warden as if urging her to press forward with her speech that they all knew was coming.
"Okay so i'm going to tell you how everything in the place works,how its run so you know exactly what to expect okay then lets get started"She started looking at everyone in the room,there was
around 15 new inmates.
"So first off ,the prison is split into blocks and within those blocks are divisions.The highest security divisons are in Block b and those divisions are c and b we only have two inmates who are going
there today and those are Micheal Kenji Shinoda and Taylor Jardine so they will be handled with after everyone else.
Now you are aloud an hour outside everyday in the courtyard with the rest of your block,you will be expected to do two hours of chores everyday and you get one shower a day.Breakfast is served
at 8am no later,no earlier,lunch is served at 12:30 and then dinner is served at 7pm after dinner you will be taken to the recreational room for an hour before you are taken back to your cells for the
You are aloud three cigerrettes a day and will be consulted by a doctor once a month so we can keep your health in check.Some of you will be consulted to a therapist and everyone in division
c and b have to see therapists.
If you fight you will be locked in isolation for the rest of the weeks and all privalleges will be taken from you.
Also,and I know some of you are itching to know this,visiting day is wendsday and it is an hour and a half long.
Now are there any questions?"She pressed
No one raised their hands so nodded slowly before leading them to the showers and giving them their new clothes to change into afterwards.The showers were an awkward situationas their were
no cubicals just a wide open space with shower heads the whole way round.Once all the people were showered and changed into their orange overalls they were lead around each block dropping
off inmates at each division.
Finally they reached Block B they stopped at division B first to drop Taylor off at her cell.
About ten minutes later Warden Kelly returned and started walking him over to his cell.
"Who is my cellmate?"Mike finally asked the question that had been burning in his mind
"Chester Bennington"She stated bluntly
"Whats he in for?"Mike asked not sure if he really wanted to know.
"He's in here for the murder of 30 indivduals he's got a sentance 1200 years"She said that was when she noticed how pale Mike had gone.
"Don't worry he's and alright bloke once you get to know him"She reassured
Mike merely nodded.
Finally they reached a large metal door with a large letter C painted on it,Mike could here talking inside and then a loud scream and cursing.
"Well Mike welcome to your new home"Officer Kelly said smiling before opening the door to reveal.....

To be continued.

(A/N next chapter we meet the occupents of Division C and we get to know Mikes new cellmate chester)
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