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Just a note.... I wrote some lyrics, and would like to share if people would give me some constructive criticism

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Hey Everyone!
So I've been writing a lot of lyrics lately. I play the guitar, piano, and sing as well. I'm hopefully going to put a demo together really soon with some of my older stuff. But I've been working on new stuff, and my lyrics have come out very.... well, Panic!-ish. Now I'm not even CLOSE to how genius Brendon, or expecially Ryan is with lyrics, but since this is such an awesome Panic! environment, I was hoping I could share a few of them on here, and get some feedback on them. Just how you think they flow, or what even the mood of the song should be based on what the lyrics feel like to you, and all that jazz. But if no one cares, well then I won't post them.
Please write a review letting me know if this is a good idea or not. I'm kind of self conscious of my lyrics, but I hope that they're something that people will be able to understand but at the same time see the art in the. I don't know. Just please let me know. Thanks mucho! I love you all!

xoxo Tay
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