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The Stars Above You

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Fae,A Teenager from a town in Essex, England,is thrust into a completely new life after being attacked.

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A/N: Hey Guys :)
I would like to welcome you to my new fanfic! I’ll warn you now: like if you’ve read my other fanfic’s: they don’t make sense right at the start, a couple of chapters in and they’ll start making sense. Also, the ‘backstage’ MCR people (Managers, publicists etc) will be in this fic, obviously I don’t know their actual names, so I’m making them up. Some of it’s going to be in email/article/text/msn/facebook/twitter/MSN/tumblr/etc format so will be in italics when they are, it’ll be made well known in the text before. Also: any emails/numbers/addresses in this are all made up- don’t start trying to email Gerard Way, kay? Anyway – Pep talk over- read, rate and review for me pwease? ENJOY!


Lato Pieno di Sole Gated Housing Community, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA - 12th August 2011
Gerard smiled at me from across the kitchen table, cup of coffee in hand. My eyes flicking off of the laptop screen just in time to catch him staring at me.
“What?” I sighed, looking back down at the screen again and pondering what to write next.
“You look like your mom when you try to concentrate. Why are you so stressed out? This is no biggy!” He chuckled in his thick New Jersey accent. I looked at him again and raised my eyebrows.
“This is my first statement! My first ever statement that will be read by your fans, Mum’s fans, the world! Wait, I look like my mum?” I blushed and looked down.
“Yeah, you do, just like her, that little dent you get in between your eyebrows when you’re thinking, she does that too.” He smiled and took a sip of coffee.
There was a long, comfortable pause. The only sound the soft tapping of my laptop keys, and the harsh stab of the back space. I exhaled and leaned backwards, rocking on my chair. I strummed my fingers on the table and closed my eyes.
“Making coffee, want one?” I opened my eyes to see Gerard standing by the counter with two Umbrella Academy mugs in his hands.
“Yes please.” I smiled and he nodded and poured two cups.
“Hey, do you like your coffee black, just like your metal?” he giggled, holding onto the counter for support. I laughed too then rolled my eyes.
“Yes, I do.” He handed me a cup and sat down again, picking up his Hell Boy comic. “Hey, aren’t these cups the ones with lead and cadmium on the outside? You know, they cause birth defects.” I smirked.
“Well Bandit turned out okay, so I guess my little swimmers must be juuuuust fine...”
“Dude, TMI!” I shuddered and looked back at the words on the screen. Gerard was laughing so hard coffee had spurted out of his nose, his face went bright red, matching his hair, and he coughed. “Karma.” I stated “That’s what you get for talking about your gametes.”
“Gam-what’s? Oh never mind smart arse. How far have you got?” Gerard asked, standing up and moving to my laptop. “Oh I see the title. That’s a start!” he smiled sheepishly and looked at me, really looked at me.
“It’s hard!” I moaned breaking under the gaze of his hazel eyes.
“Then don’t do one.” Gerard placed his arm around me. “I know this is hard for you, a few of months ago you were a normal teenager-”
“I was never normal.”
“Well, you know what I mean. But this transition is big. And your mom and I know that, sugar. We want to make this as easy for you as possible.” He smiled and rubbed his hand up and down my arm, before kissing the top of my head. “It’ll be okay.” Suddenly his shirt pocket beeped, making him jump, he pulled out his phone a sighed. “Oh, gotta be a taxi service for Lady B. Wanna tag along?”
“No thanks.” I smiled and sat down beginning to furiously stare at the screen again. Gerard patted me on the back.
“That’s my girl!” he chuckled and walked out of the door, locking it as he did.

I stared back at the words on the document; You probably wonder how I got here. So do I. and began to aimlessly type words that formed a relevant sentence.

The Suburbs, Los Angeles - 2nd March 2011
~Lindsey’s POV~
The Sunlight suddenly hit my face. “Gerard... turn the sun off!” I moaned and pulled the duvet up over my face. I felt the mattress move around me and Gerard’s knees on either side of my body.
“Morning gorgeous!” The thick New Jersey accent seeped through the blanket. “I know you’re awake so listen, there’s been an incident in England; a girl got attacked at her school for liking MCR.” He sighed, obvious sadness in his voice. “Me and the guys are gonna meet at HQ and create a statement. The Daily Mail’s gone ape shit again.” The bed moved again and I heard Gerard moving out of the door.
“Wait, Gee, what happened?” I sat up and stared at his figure moving out of the bedroom door.
“Look, I gotta bounce, check on my Mac, there’s an email. Lady B’s still asleep, see ya later.” And with that the flash of red hair was gone.

I hung my feet over the side of the bed, shuddering as my bare toes touched the cold floor. Note to self: buy rug for bedroom. Shuffling down the hallway I opened the door to Gerard’s study, sure enough, his Mac was turned on, open on his emails, one was open on the preview square: Email from Gregory Banks. Greg was My Chem’s publicist, he was on top of all scandals, interviews and all other MCR shenanigans within the public eye. I sat down in Gee’s office chair and clicked on the email, reading it half asleep;
Hello Guys,
Sad news today, a girl in England has been brutally attacked by her ‘classmates’ for liking MCR. She hasn’t released a statement but, of course, the Daily Mail got wind of it and reported it immediately, MCR fans have started protesting against them again. As for the girl, she’s still in a coma. She’s apparently quite a devoted fan. I’m thinking send her some merch and a hand written letter from you lot. See you at 10am in HQ. Check out the article here

I clicked on the link and a window popped up, loading onto the Daily Mail website, the article appeared with the headline: My Chemical Catastrophe: School Girl Attacked In Musical Persecution next to the title there was the photo of a teenage girl. The photo made my heart stop. I struggled to breathe as I looked for her name. When I found it I gasped, groping around the desk for a phone, refusing to take my eyes off of the picture. My hands fumbled with the numbers as I dialled.
"Lyn? Lyn?" Gee's voice down the receiver made me jump.
"Gerard, did you read that girls name?" my voice was shaking.
"Yeah," he began to reread the article out loud stopping when he got to her name. "oh, SHIT! Guys, this is more personal than we thought. Lyn, I'll be home soon okay? Stay calm and we'll contact Sara. Okay?"
"Yes" I breathed. I shut the Mac down, not wanting to look at her face anymore. Sprinting into the bedroom I pulled out a case, stuffing it with my clothes. B was still asleep, unaware of the commotion going on around her and in my head. The whole world was a blur, moving about was becoming impossible. I sunk to my knees and began to cry. I heard a car pull up into the driveway. I felt Gerard scoop me up in his arms and sit me on the bed, comforting me.
"It'll all be ok"

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