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Where to stay...

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Now that he's out, Gerard doesn't know where to stay.

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I have gloves on whilst writing this because I am FREEZING. I also have a big dressing gown and two jumpers on, but they aren't helping. Damn you, weather.

I haven't updated this in AGES so when my friend suggested it, I was like "FUCK YEAH! COME ON BITCH!

That sounded dirtier than I meant it to.

I am listening to Muse, Exogenesis Part 1 right now, so I am chilled, ready for extreme fanfic writing.

Rate and review please!

Sitting on a park bench in the broad daylight made Gerard feel slightly open and unsafe. Like he could burst into flames any minute now.

Why, why, why?

(See! Listen to that song now, and see where I got that from.


Why had he left? It was such a stupid thing to do, leaving everything that had every shaped him behind.

He opened his bag and pulled out a small container. Putting two of the small discs in his mouth, he thought about where to stay.

(Thinking about it, if you're gonna listen to Exogenesis, you might aswell listen to all three parts.

Part two's the best.

Back to my fantastical fanfic.)

He had Mikey's number, his brother was sure to take him in for the night.

Gerard pulled out his phone and dialled the number.

"Hello, Mikey Way here."

"Um, hi, Mikes, it's Gerard."

But Mikey had hung up.

Great. Absolutely fucking great. His own brother didn't want to speak to him. Who would? He'd left his family, for gods sake.

Ray? He didn't have his number. Bob? It had been fifteen years since they had last spoke.

Why couldn't Gerard start it over again? (Exogenesis Part 3. :) )

Another two pills went into his mouth.

His phone vibrated from under his hand.

"Uh...hello...Gerard Way here."

"Gerard. It's Frank."

"Yeah, I knew that." He stood up, and fell over as soon as he did.

"Gerard? Are you okay?"

"Ha, I'm not o-fucking-kay. You try leaving your family. Would you be okay? I think not Mister Iero."

"Gerard. Put them in the bin. If you don't, I will."

Frank knew him too well. Dammit. He knew when he was on drugs. Although, he would know, from how long he was on them before.

"Okay. Hey, do you have Ray's number? I'm a homeless drug addict, you could help a little bit."

"Why do you need his number when you're going to stay with me?"

"Uh...I am? You don't have to, you helped me get out of there, you've done enough for me."

"I don't care. You're coming to mine. Be there in twenty minutes or don't be there at all."


After two hours, Gerard was unpacked, fed and could manage all of the gadgets. He was showered and the pills had worn off a bit.

What he hadn't told Frank was that he planned on taking them that night. They were under his pillow, ready for him.

"So, Master Way, do you have any plans for this evening?"

"I don't know Frank. Got any horros films?"

Frank smiled darkly and left the room, returning with possibly the scariest looking film ever.

"Will this do?"

"To be honest, that looks like it will over qualify."

Half an hour later, Gerard was hid under the pillows and Frank was laughing at him.

"I thought you liked scary movies?"


Frank laughed. The next time Gerard emerged from his pillows was when the credits were rolling.


"Yeah. I'm tired, even though I could never sleep again after that."

"Why don't you sleep with me tonight?"

Gerard agreed without thinking.

That night, the pills lay untouched and cold, the way they should stay.
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