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Should I add to this?

by XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2 reviews

I was just wondering if I carried this on if anyone would read it?

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So I actually almost forgot about this, but I was looking through my stories and found it and re-read it. I actually liked it more than I did when I first wrote it (often the case with me, I think I doubt myself a lot, but hey) And someone reviewed this saying that they wanted an update on it, I origonally meant to leave it as it was (a oneshot) but now I actually may consider making it into a chaptered story. I am unnsure when I would find time to write it (I`m one of those that has a million stories on the go at once) But seeing as people seemed to like this, I really am considering finding time to write more. As much as I love writing, I don`t want to write it if no one wants to read it as I could be spening my time on something else. So, Should I write more? Have you any ideas of what you want/don`t want to happen? (I try to make sure that I include something that intrests people) Thanks for taking the time to read this note, and for reading the story.
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