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How do you protect someone when they don't know they need it?

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So for those that don’t know, I’m a Jerseyian. Yay New Jersey. And for those that don’t know we just had a Hurricane. Earthquake and a Hurricane in one week, nothing breaks New Jersey. But yeah, I survived. Just got my internet back but no TV yet so that means all you lovely people get some reading material. This is the first chapter of my new story. I have already decided that if I get no reviews on it then the idea sucks and I won’t continue it because part of it is for my novel I’m writing but no reviews means it sucks and I should cut it from my novel.

Gerard relaxed into the tour bus couch, Frank’s head in his lap. Gerard brushed the dark locks off Frank’s forehead. He could feel the unnatural heat coming from his small best friend. He sighed and started humming “Sing” under his breath. He slowly ran through the playlist for the concert that night. He shook his head as he watched Frank’s eyes twitch from the fever induced sleep. He knew Frank was too sick to play that night but Frank hated disappointing fans. He would insist he was fine. That was the main reason Gerard had stayed behind with Frank when Mikey and Ray decided to go on a coffee run. He wanted to talk to Frank alone. Frank would fight tooth and nail if they all tried to convince him to not play. Gerard hoped that talking to him alone that maybe Frank would see the light and take the night off and let the backup guy play tonight.

Frank slowly stirred from his slumber. He looked up into the smiling face of his best friend, “Hey Gee.”

Gerard’s smile grew, “Hey Frankie. How ya feeling?”

Frank shrugged, “Not the best but nothing some kickass guitar playing can’t cure.”

Gerard’s smile fell, “Frankie, why don’t you sit out tonight? Get some extra sleep tonight and be extra pumped up for the show in a couple days.”

Frank shook his head as he sat up, “Not gonna happen Gerard. I’m playing tonight and that’s it. Our next concert is in three days, I will have plenty of time to rest then.”

Gerard rubbed at his nose and up over his eye, “Frank is there any way I can talk you out of this?”

Frank smiled, “Not a fucking chance man.”

Later that night at the concert

Gerard watched Frank bounce around the stage like a pixie on speed. He sighed and looked back out at the crowd. They were the usual group of teenagers and twenty somethings. Boys and girls of all ages who understood what their music was all about. Ray was just finishing up the guitar solo in Vampire Money so Gerard let out a quick sigh and pulled the microphone close to him. He had just finished belting out the last few lyrics when he saw it. The cable from Frank’s guitar was draped across the stage. Frank wasn’t paying the least amount of attention, dancing around the stage trying to ignore the fever he could feel burning behind his eyes. Gerard screamed into the microphone just as Frank’s foot caught the cable tripping him directly off the stage. He fell into the small pit where security stood grabbing the moshing teenagers. Gerard was the first to reach the edge of the stage but Mikey was the first to jump down next to their friend. Frank lay unmoving on the cement floor. A small stream of blood came from his head right behind his left ear.

Mikey screamed up to his brother, “He’s hurt. Gee go get Brian.”

Before Gerard could even move Ray had run off. Gerard ran to the side and grabbed the phone to call the first aid squad that hung around most concerts for when the mosh pit got out of control. As the EMTs pulled up and quickly got Frank ready for transport, Gerard glanced around the arena, he felt like someone was watching them and almost like laughing at the accident. Gerard shook it off and jumped in the car to go with the guys to the hospital.

At the very back of the arena a small girl stood. Her mouth hung open. Her baggy band shirt and slightly ripped jeans hid the curves of her body. Her two colored hair and rimless glasses made her look like she was part of the crowd of teens but no one seemed to notice her. She slowly adjusted her glasses and glanced at the sky, speaking to the clouds, “So I guess that’s why I got yelled at.”

A voice seemed to respond but no one but the girl heard, “They need you Julia. Now more than ever. Their music and even their very lives are in danger.”

Julia nodded, “But all of them. That’s a lot of people.”

The voice laughed, “That’s why I want you to go to the twins. They can help you.”

Julia smiled, “Ryan and Leslie!”

Julia twirled in a circle before hopping into the air. She seemed to float for a second before taking off into the sky.

Two pairs of yellow eyes glanced out from the darkness of the stage. They stared at the spot Julia stood making sure she didn’t return. The first pair of eyes stepped out from the dark; he was short for a teenage male with medium brown hair and freckles spread over his nose. He turned back to the darkness, “It’s ok Chloe. She’s gone.”

The second pair of yellow eyes stepped out. This pair belong to a girl a little taller than the boy with lighter brown hair that hung over one of her eyes. Anger was evident on her face making her freckles pop, “Ashley, I didn’t tell you it was safe. How many times do you have to almost get caught by guardians before you realize that instead of sticking around to check out the damage we should leave right away?”

Ashley shrugged, “But it’s more fun this way.”

Chloe squeezed her eyes shut before smiling slightly at her younger brother’s antics, “Ok, but can we go now? Master will want to know our progress against these guys.”

Ashley sighed, “I guess but it’s so much more fun up here messing with the humans.”

Chloe drew a pentagram on the floor with a small piece of stage chalk. Her and Ashley stood in the middle and made a reverse cross over their face and chest. Suddenly the pentagram sunk into the ground taking them with it.

Ok so that’s the first chapter. Um, what do you think?
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