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Good Bye

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ONESHOT-Good bye is always the hardest line, so how will Frank manage saying it to everything he has ever known?

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wow, it has been a while hasnt it? so i cant sleep and i thought i could upload something but since i gave up on my last story and i told myself i would finish the one i am writing now before uploading any of it i could just think of something to write on the spot and i am writing this straight onto here not word so please excuse punctuation/spelling/grammar mistakes. here goes!

Yeah, the health part is always fun. Nothing to stop you. In health i can go out with my friends. In health i can wander the streets with them. In health i can go to see that new film in the cinema.
It's the sickness that's hard. Everything will stop you. I am stuck in this room. Never to see outside for as long as it lasts. I have to watch shitty TV re-runs all day and sleep. Oh, and the best part? It will last until i die!

Being diagnosed with cancer was possibly not the worst thing that ever happened to me. For the first few years i didnt have a care in the world. I urged the guys to do the next album, i think they had given up on being musicians and just wanted a family life now. But i wasnt satisfied with my life so far. I had married my wife before i was told. I wanted a kid, so we had one, which turned into two. They are the three most prcious things in my life. My Baby Girls. Cherry and Lilly are almost two now. they seem to take after me in little ways but both differently. Cherry is always drawing little pictures on her arms and often acts a little crazy whilst Lilly seems facinated with Guitars and absolutely adores the dogs. However they are both different to me also. Cherry wants to play the drums by the sounds of her banging on the pots and pans in the ktchen and Lilly is the quietest child you could ever meet. They are identical too, but Jamia and i dont want to dress them the same because we think it looks slightly cheesey.

So yes, i have cancer. It wasnt too bad, but now i know i am nearing my end. I lived my life to the fullest I could and did almost everything i wanted to. I didnt, however, get to go to the moon. It was a childhood dream of mine which would usually wear off at the age of 10 maybe but i kept that dream. It was a long shot, but im happy with the life i lived. I dont regret anything i did because at the end of the day, it made me who i am.

"Frank, honey?" i hear my wife from the hallway.
"Come in sweetheart." i croak through dry, cracked lips.
"How are you feeling?" she rushed over to my bedside.
"No different to yeaterday love." i try to smile weakly at her.
"Gerard wanted to see you, is that ok?"
"Sure, i need some company." through my terrible illness i could still feel happy about my best friend visiting me.

"Frank, you look like shit." he greeted me.
"You dont look too good yourself." i muttered.
"We all worry about you. Especially me." he allowed a single tear to slowly creep down his face.
"Please dont. i know im going to die and im ready for it. we all knew the chances of surviving liver cancer without a transplant."
"Why dont you have a transplant then?" he almost begged me.
"Because that would just be delaying it. the cancer would spread and probably infect my new liver. i would rather it go to someone who had a better chance of survival."
"Do you know how much loonger you have left?" Gerard sniffed.
"Any time now." i barely whispered the words. i was scared to hell of death. It seems us humans in general are scared of the unknown, we are animals after all. We just know more than others sometimes.
"Well, i wanted to ask you to do something for me. i wanted to ask a long time ago. Before we were married, before we had even started writing Three Cheers." he looked at his shoes.
"What is it Gee?"
"Kiss me?"
i was left shocked. it lasted only a moment but it seemed like forever to me. i was confused because even though we had done all that on stage and sometimes we acted like a couple, i didnt realise he had feelingd for me like that. But i suppose if im going to die, why the hell not? i'd done it before anyway.
"Ok." i said and he leaned in closer. This kiss was not like befoer. On stage his lips were slimey and it was sloppy. This one was sweet and ... well, perfect.
"Gee?" i breathed after he pulled away.
"Im sorry. i just wanted you to know. i've never had the courage to tell you before except when i was high, or drunk." He blushed a shade of pink which contrasted wonderfully with his pale creamy skin.
"Gee, i love you, but not in that way. im sorry but i have a wonderful wife and two daughters, you have Lyn-z and bandit too. But if neither of us were taken, i would." i smiled reasuringly.
"I know, and i truly am happy but i didnt want to wait until it was too late to tell you."

Three days later

Another line i do not like. i dont want to think of my death as a parting of ways, or a seperation or an end to something. i know it is not. The room is silent as is my body laying in the casket. I know what death is now. It is a differnt relationship to what i used to have. It is a differnt way of caring for the ones i love. It is a choice also. there is always a path i can walkdown which will lead me into a new life. I can pass through whenever i want, but for now i want to watch over my lovely friends, family and extended family.

I had said good be to Gerard and Mikey the day i kissed Gee. Nobody else knew. I told them to Write a song for me and to remember me from when we were all healthy. I had written letters to everybody i could. i left them under my pillow for them to find when i was gone. i wanted to tell them all how much they had meant to me and that i would be better off where i was in a way each of them would undestand.

I had changed a lot over the last three years. I had learned a lot too. i passed on what i could and now i shall rest in peace because i know what happened happend for a reason.


So, what did you think? its just a one shot because i have insomnia and time to burn :)

please rate and review because i havent uploaded anything im what feels like forever and i am eager to hear feed back from you

Thank you for reading
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