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A Sudden Twist

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A/N- I really hope you guys don't hate me for this sudden twist

"What do you mean?" My heart skips a beat.

Gerard sighs and shifts closer to me. He leans in till he's barely an inch away from my face.

"Do you believe in Demons and Angels?" I looked at him, confused. He held a dead serious expression.

"Yes," I answered truthfully.

"What do you know about them?"

"Well....Angels are good, they help people. And Demons are the opposite, they're evil and 'cause hurt." He smiled, obviously amused by my answer.

"What are you getting at?" I was now getting annoyed with confusion.

"I'm trying to explain. Leda, there are so many things you don't know, a whole other world that you never knew about. And if you promise to believe me and not tell a single soul, I'll tell you everything." He gave me a pleading glance.

"I promise."

"I guess I'll just start from the beginning." He leaned back in his seat and started his story. "When I was younger I had never known who my dad was. So one day I asked my Mom. We had never spoken about him before, so I didn't know what to expect. My mom cried and told me He was a mistake, told me she was sorry, even. I didn't know what she meant until I was 14. I was determined on finding him so I snuck into her room and went through her things, I ended up finding a a box of letters. They were from my dad, all expressing his love for her and me. I read through all of them, not one of them said a word about Mikey. And as you may have guessed, I told her what I had found and asked why he never talked about my brother. She told me, Mikey was my step brother and my real father was a very bad man. I asked her why and she replied that he wasn't always that way, he was just forced into it, he used to be the sweetest person. Anyways, He was the son of a demon, and the heritage had passed down making him the ruler of all the Demons. My mother was a very important Angel, not yet a ruler but still important. He left because he didn't want to start a war between their people."

"Wait Gerard doesn't that make you half demon and half angel? And Mikey a half angel?" I asked in disbelief, this was so much to take in.

Gerard simply nodded.

"Well, does he know that?" He nodded again.

"So let me guess Frankie's an elf and Ray's a werewolf? You have to be kidding me right?" I was almost pleading that he was kidding.

"Leda, I promise you on my grave that I am not lying."

"Why didn't you tell me?" A swell of emotions swept through me, should I be scared that I was talking to a half demon?

"We wanted to keep you safe. And no Frank and Ray are protectors, they're just here to watch over us. My mother set that up."

"So are you like half bad and half good?" I ask, still having doubts.

"I'm good, but there's always a chance that I'll end up like him and change entirely." Before I can ask another question, the guys come in. I stare them down, looking for any signs of wings on Mikey, did Gerard have them too? I would've noticed, maybe they keep it hidden somehow.

Gerard turned to them with a guilty expression, "I told her."

Ray clenched his fists. "Gerard! We were doing perfectly well hiding it, why did you tell her?" I looked at each of the guys I had known my whole life, or at least 'thought' I had known. They weren't the people I thought I knew.

"Did you tell her 'everything'?" Frank seemed slightly calmer than Ray.

"No I was still explaining when you guys came in."

"We need to talk to you in private Gerard," Ray said through clenched teeth.

I decided to cut in right then. "Ray you sit your god damn ass down and answer my fucking questions!" Ray sat down immediately, his fro bouncing as he did so.

"Now, first of all fuck all of you for lying to me all these years and second, why is it so important that I didn't know about this? I would never tell a single soul. I thought you guys trusted me." I let out all my rage, making the guys cringe, even the half demon next to me looked scared.

Mikey spoke up. "Leda, we do trust you but....we couldn't tell you because we knew you'd ask questions and they don't like us giving out all that information. Plus, it would put you in even more danger than you're already in."

"I'm in danger?"

"Yes, you're the one in all the old books, you're the girl that's going to unite the demons and angels." I took this all in, how could I be so special and not even know it?

"How long have you guys known?" I asked meekly.

"Well, we knew the girl was in this town but we never knew it was you until about 4 weeks ago. While we were on tour, Gerard's father, the ruler of all the demons found us and told us he smelled you on him. You were the only possible suspect. So we put two and two together and made a plan. We set Gerard up with the first girl we saw."

"But why would you do that?" I felt tears threatening to break out. How could they break my heart on purpose?

"We didn't want the other demons and angels finding out, the bad ones that don't want to unite together, they will kill you if they found out who you were. And Gerard was a dead giveaway. We were planning on cutting off all contact with you, but we knew how sad you would be. We knew you would try something that would put your life at risk, so we stayed." We all looked at my bandaged arms. Tears were cascading down my cheeks now. I raised my knees to my chest and buried my face in them. I didn't want to look at them, I couldn't decide if I should be mad or grateful, but I was definitely sad.

I felt comforting arms hug me and looked up to see they belonged to Gerard. He was now sitting on the bed comforting me. I pushed him away and continued to cry. He looked sad, but backed off.

"Please forgive us, Leda, we all love you so much," Mikey said, obviously seeing me push away his brother.

My crying had ceased to a few tears, enough for me to compose myself. "I don't know if I can." All of their faces broke into looks of guilt. I put on a strong face and sat up straight.

"If you guys promise to tell me everything, then maybe I can trust you again."
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