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Ryan reads fanfiction.

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AN: Before you read, just know that I did steal this idea. I read ‘You What?’ by keepxonxscreaming and couldn’t resist doing it for P!ATD.
I hope I don’t make anyone mad or anything! If you don’t like I can always take it down =)

“I can’t stand this!” Ryan yelled as he scrolled down on the computer screen. His email was filled with links to fan fiction of the band, most about him and Brendon.

“What can’t you stand?” Brendon asked from the couch as he lazily flipped through channels. He could never find anything good on TV no matter where they were.

“All the Goddamn fan fictions! Every single one is so freaking clichéd and so obviously not going to happen in a million years!” Ryan exclaimed. He kept scrolling through, hoping that by some chance there was a story out there that had some resemblance to reality.

“You do realize they are called fiction right? They aren’t meant to be taken seriously.” Brendon told his friend.

“Then why don’t they use fictional characters!?” Ryan asked angrily.

Brendon sighed and switched the TV off before rolling over onto his side, facing his frustrated band mate. “Because for some reason people find joy when playing with our lives. You may as well get use to it, because it probably wont stop.”

“Ugh.” Ryan moaned in frustration. Having enough of looking at all the crazy stories he shut down his laptop and walked over to sit in the comfy chair next to the couch.

“Look, they basically all go like this. Just play along, okay?”
Ryan looked into Brendon’s eyes with a longing expression.
“B...” Ryan said, fidgeting nervously.

“Yeah, Ryan?” Brendon asked curiously. He wondered what Ryan was doing.
“No, you have to say it like you care or something, not like you’re a confused idiot!”

Brendon sighed and tried again. He tried to put on a serious face and emotion into what he was saying. “Yes, Ryan?”

“I need to tell you something,” Ryan said, casting his gaze down to the floor.

“What is it?”

Ryan gave another sigh.
“You’re suppose to say, ‘I’m always there for you, Ryan,’ and then I start crying or something.”

“Oh. I’m always here for you, Ryan,” Brendon said.

Ryan made his eyes water and he pretended to be on the edge of crying.
“I - I love you, Brendon.” He looked up to see that Brendon’s face had gone into a state of shock. No emotion was in his eyes, which Ryan thought was weird because Brendon was usually such an open book to everyone. Anyone could always tell what he was thinking or feeling, but for that moment Ryan couldn’t.
“This is the part where you tell me you love me to,” Ryan told him.

“Oh,” Brendon said stupidly. “I love you, too?” It came out more as a question then a statement.

“YOU SEE?! IT’S SO FRICKEN’ STUPID!!” Ryan yelled, breaking the moment. He stood up angrily and made for the door when Brendon’s voice stopped him.

“R - Ryan,” he stuttered.

Ryan turned around, looking back at him.

“I love you.”

“You what?!”
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