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Sunrise Inside Dying

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What happens when you depend on the sunrise the keep you from what you fear most and that goes after the people you love? You wait for sundown when all hell breaks loose

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We are all sundown’s
That small fading light, giving way to the dark
The nightfall, the true darkness within all of us
Never giving up, never leaving you
Always lurking there, in the shadows
Tempting us, drawing us in closer
Pulling us away from the light shining in
Drawing on your sanity
Until you wander if it was ever there
Closing the walls in on yourself
Putting you right where they want you
The sunrise inside you dying

There is always those days that you really look forward to, like starting a new job, which is exciting but what most people think when I tell them what I do isn't 'Wow, that's a great job', it's usually just 'Why?'. I work as a care assistant to the… um, how can I put this, mentally fragile is the best way I think. I love my job… apart from a few fights and lock-ins but it's normally nice.
Well back on subject, my new job is due to the fact I left the secure unit based in New York, no it wasn't getting too much, oh no it was just full of junkies wanting a fix, so basically I got bored of being perved on …. And I did kind of punch a 'patient', woops.
So yeah, I didn't have to wait long to find a job, 'Belleview Institute for the Clinically Insane' rang me the day after my departure and well I just had to except, I only live 5 minutes away from it, plus it is so much better. As you can imagine the building is as imposing as the name, a massively tall red brick building with iron bars on all the windows and security on the gates, already better than NYC.

"Your security pass please, Miss" Steve, who I've known since kindergarten asks stood there in all his security guard splendour.
"Steve surely you should know that I don't have one, don’t they tell you anything anymore?" I laugh off at him as he realises who I actually am and lets me through straight away.

It's nice to see the staff haven't changed since my work experience about 4 years ago. Mrs Hargreaves is still sat there on reception,"Ah Violet your early like you always are, I'll call someone to come and show you about, it's good to have you back dear" she beams at me, everyone just loves Sarah, I swear it's the old granny charm but who knows.

"Violet, what is it with you and getting to everything early? I was just about to have my damn dinner!" Robert smiles at me, senior manager here, always has and always will be my favourite member of staff. "Well sorry I was just so glad to be out of New York" Well it's the damn truth!
"Well then, let's get you ready for the craziest shift ever, nights round here aren't normal" Oh great!

A/N: Well hello everyone! I do sincerly apologize for my lack of updates in the last year! I just realised today I hadn't updated in such a long time... so I thought I'd treat you all to something new :D

I've never written anything like this and really hope it goes well and I really hope you guys like it, I will be updating more I promise and I have loads of ideas for 'it will get better' and some new things aswell :)

xoxo Sam
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