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Love...It Hurts.

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I'm not happy with myself. I hate everything about me. Everything. Especially the fact that I'm in love with my best friend. And.. You know what? That's exactly why...

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I wrote this for a project at school, but the charecters were named Max and Malcom... So I replaced them, and made it MCR related! XD

Hi. I'm Frank. About.. Four feet, five inches? I don't know.. Honestly, I don't even bother to measure myself anylonger. I'm sixteen years old, half black hair, the other half blonde. My eyes as the same color as rain clouds... as well as my usual outfits. Don't think I'm too happy with myself. I hate everything about me. Everything. Especially the fact that I'm in love with my best friend. And.. You know what? That's exactly why...

I closed my eyes, slightly swaying in the harsh, strong breeze that was emmiting from the outside world. I took a long, deep breath, and stepped forward. This is it, I thought, The very end. Then, right as I thought those small, but extremely stong words...

Turn around right now. What about your family? Your friends? They'll hate you. Even if you can't feel it any longer, they'll hate your guts, and you know it. I sighed, then took a small, slight step back. Was... The voice right? Would everyone hate me? Or... Hopefully.. They might understand why I did this. Do it. Your a discusting, worthless man who doesn't diserve to live. Do it. Your doing everyone a favor by dissapearing. Especially yourself. I groaned and covered my face in frustration. Which side of my concious do I follow? Should I do this or... Should I just go on, living my unsocial eventless life? I stood there, on the edge of my school building, stepping forward and back. Trying to decide weather or not to let death wash over my useless body.

Shut up, die already, it's simple to do. Once you die, you'll stop thinking right away. All your troubles will be gone. This was surprisingly true... I just needed to take one, little step forward... And BAM. I'm gone. I continued thinking, stepping backwards and forwards, as if I was in some cheesy dance video. But no. This was a dance of death. And the music was my thoughts... (Cheesey much? ._.)

"F-Frankie?" My eyes shot open as I flung my head around, seeing one of the reasons I concidered living. Gerard. I gasped, turned around completely, and raised my arms up, almost defencively. "I.. I was just.. Looking at the view." I blinked, trying to hold back hot, salty tears. It was quiet for a moment. "No.. Frank... Y-You were going to.." Gerard started, and trailed off, then looked down off of the building. As he did so, his long ebony hair slid down onto his face like it usually did, covering up his pale white skin and perfect, hazel eyes. I sighed... He was so beautiful. "I just.. need to." I cleared my throat, trying to sound confident. He glanced at me, hurt and concern filling his hazel orbs. "...But why? Your... Your My best friend.."

He started to tear a bit, small droplets of salty, hot fluids filling those perfect eyes of his. "You just... Don't understand." I sighed, slightly stepping backwards, part of me hoping I would step to far. Gerard paused, then looked away. An uncomfortable silence filling the air, I guessed I might as well give out the reason I'm leaving.. "Gerard." I stated simply. He looked up at me, tears filling his eyes. Those perfect, beautiful eyes. "I... I can't tell you or.. You'll hate me..." I wiped away one of my tears, a sudden urge to just end this all. Adrenaline was rushing through my body, and it felt like my heart was about to explode and fly out of my chest. "I could never hate you." He said this was confidence, I knew this was the oportunity to tell him before I passed.

"Gee...I'm gay. I like you.. Alot. I know this is weird but.. I would even go as far to say, I've fell in love with you and... And.." I stopped midsentence, and clamped my hands over my mouth. This was it. I lost my best friend. Might as well die now, Hm? I took another step back, as pure fear built quickly up inside of me, knowing that when I die, my bestfriend would hate me. He probably wouldn't even come to my funeral because he's so discusted. I took another step back. Gerard was frozen. He didn't say anything or move a single mussel. "Just know, Gerard..." another step, "That I love you.." Just one more step... "And always will."

I honestly can't remember what happened next... I heard some screaming coming from the building, as well as shreaks and yelps as I hit the ground. It was so.. Hell, what's the word? Oh yes, painful. I only remember the small amazing feeling of falling through the air, almost as if I could fly. Feeling the atmosphere trace every part of my body, closeing my eyes and smiling slightly...

But... Wait...

"Frank? Oh god please, please wake up... I can't survive without you, I haven't told you but.. Oh please, just Frankie wake up... Live... Don't die on me... Please..." I heard someone sobbing from beside me.

Wait a minute... Was I...

"I don't hate you.. I never could.. Your my best friend! And maybe.. Just maybe we could.."


"I'm alive." I opened my eyes wide, to find Gerard sitting next to me, gently holding my hand. "Oh god! Frank, your alive!" He almost squeaked in happiness, then wrapped me in a tight hug. I blinked a few times, then slowly returned the favor. "I'm not... Dead." I said, furrowing my eyebrows. Gerard grinned a excited smile. "I know, I'm so happy..." He practically started to tear up, smiling like a maniac. I groaned. "There's nothing wrong with me?" Gerard shook his head, then gently kissed my forehead... wait, what?

I stared at him in disbelief. "Franklin?" He looked down at me, and slowly tugged me up off of the ground. I glanced up at him, making sure I could see him perfectly. "I've felt the same way. About everything. You and me.. I wanted you, I was just afraid..." He frowned.

I couldn't help but to smile. For once, I was actually happy. I wrapped him a tight hug, and whispered, "I... I love you Gerard." He stroaked my hair and whispered back, "And I love you too Frankie."

It was ment to be short. Soo.
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