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what's a good title? help!

by TayBayBay 2 reviews

This one is a little more sexual, and it's not complete. it's the first verse through the first bridge after the chorus... plus a little tid bit I want to put at the end. enjoy!

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2011-09-02 - Updated: 2011-09-02 - 121 words - Complete

I’m not afraid of anything
but if you bite your lip
one more time
I just might scream
Blood coarsing
through my
pant seams
ripping into flesh
holding me back
Fluttering eyelashes
are you getting the picture
hesitation ain’t pretty
when heart beats are racing

Woah, I have been
hiding behind
rough blankets
waiting for you
to come take it
Break the seal
come make me feel
the unthinkable
Woah, I’ve been
breathing in
shallow whispers
grabbing at
sheets and covers
braced on finger tips
and swollen lips
you’re unthinkable

Concentrated chemical reaction
kiss me to your satisfaction

end bridge:
move a little faster
open up my eyes
peering through the
woven web
exposing all your lies
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