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It's my turn

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Jinxx and Ashley time.

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“Are you sure about this, Jinxx?” Ashley asked as a shirtless Jinxx locked the hotel door behind him. He had been tricked into sharing a bed with Jinxx during a Truth or Dare game. Ashley hated CC for being such a pervert but had to agree otherwise he would have to fuck Blasko, their manager.
“This will be the best night of your miserable life.” Ashley rolled his eyes and sat the bed, not sure of the next move. He started taking his shirt off but Jinxx stopped him before he undid his belt.
“You really don’t know me, baby. We take each others clothes off.” He smirked.
“Do we really have to do this?” Ashley asked, looking away.
“Yes we do. Now get up and relax.” He did as told. Their noses were touching and they soon closed the gap between them.
Jinxx pressed his lips against Ashley’s. He let Jinxx’s tongue explore his mouth, sometimes brushing past his own tongue. Jinxx started working on Ashley’s pants and slid his hand in. Ashley gasped, breaking the kiss. His hand moved around his cock, sometimes digging his black nails into the soft skin. Ashley grabbed Jinxx’s shoulders to keep standing up. He couldn’t help but rub against his hand roughly.
“Oh, so you like this?” Jinxx teased as he shoved a finger inside him. Ashley moaned at the touch and undid Jinxx’s pants.
He got inside him faster and took it out after five seconds.
“Please… On the bed, now.” Jinxx ordered through moans and gasps. He removed his hand and found it dripping wet. He rubbed the warm liquid on his cock as Ashley removed his pants.
“Mind licking that off?” He teased as Ashley stood over him.
Ashley moved down to his cock and gently licking the liquid off. He started sucking lightly on it and soon biting it carefully in time as he suck faster.
“Dude, it’s coming so you might wanna slow down if you don’t wanna choke.” Jinxx advised since he knew Ashley was a first timer. He nodded and gasped as the delicious liquid filled his mouth. He carried on sucking but kept some in his mouth. Ashley slowly moved up to his lips and shared the rest with his hungry partner.
After he was done, he lay down on his chest.
“Are you forgetting something?” Jinxx asked.
“It’s my turn.”
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