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By all the moons

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Jack waited for five years to have her...will all his patience be rewarded? Based on Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town

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It's been a while, almost three years since I last uploaded a fic for you all happened.

So now I'm back with a little ficlet, just to get the writing gears going again.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest Moon or any of the affiliated brands, companies ...ect.

Genre: Romance / Tragedy
Category: Harvest Moon
Pairing: Jack x Harvest Goddess

Enjoy....and RRR!!!


A snow white toy flower fell into the clear water that created Goddess Spring. Anticipation filled Jack's heart as he waited eagerly for the Harvest Goddess to appear.

He had done all she asked.

He shipped every crop imaginable, caught every kind of fish in the area - even the King Fishes, they were the hardest to catch.
His animals produce the finest wool and milk.
His farm house is huge, with grand decor.
He never missed a festival.
He always remembered her birthday, and offered her toy flowers regularly.
He got the Kappa Jewel and the Goddess Gem.

...and Jack waited five years for her. Never daring to look at the bachelorettes in Mineral Town for fear that he might be rejected by his beloved Goddess.
How could he not wait for her and do her bidding? The very first time he saw the Harvest Goddess Jack was smitten. Her aqua hair and emerald eyes, milky skin and alluring scent all captivated him. He could think of no other.

Jack did not want any other.

He wanted her.

She made him jump through hoops, do almost impossible things, but Jack did it all with the hope in his heart that she would be his.

Chocolate eyes watched the flower as it slowly slipped beneath the surface. His Goddess did not appear.

'...maybe she didn't get it? ' Jack mused as he carefully dropped another toy flower into the pond.

The flower drifted delicately on the surface, barely making a ripple in the still water. The sound of rocks falling snapped his attention away from the flower to the mine on his left. He nearly died in that mine. Getting the Kappa Jewel was the hardest task of all, almost costing him his life several times over.

Jack did not mind.

It was for her.

For his beloved Goddess.

The flower slipped beneath the surface. Anxiously he awaited the shimmer and flash that would announce the arrival of the Harvest Goddess. But none came.

'...maybe she is tired...I'll return tomorrow.'

The next day Jack returned, bearing a bouquet consisting of red magic flowers, pink cat flowers and toy flowers.
Carefully he laid the flowers in the clear water of the spring, hoping that this gift would be good enough for the goddess.
Jack was awake the whole night, trying his best to arrange a beautiful bouquet for the goddess. He figured that his previous gift of a single toy flower was not good enough. She needed to be showered in flowers.

The flower bouquet quickly sank to the bottom of the spring, but no goddess appeared.

'I will return tomorrow with a better gift.' he said resolutely, and walked away whistling a merry tune. The Harvest Goddess was only testing him, he decided. Sooner or later he would bring her the right gift...then she would be happy.

The next day Jack returned bearing a beautifully crafted bracelet. Only the finest orchilac and brightest emerald was used to create this bracelet. It was undoubtedly Gray's finest work. Even Saibara complemented him on the piece.

But it wasn't good enough to please the Harvest Goddess, for the bracelet sank to the bottom of the pool and she did not appear.

Jack vowed he would return the next day bearing something even better than the emerald bracelet.

And so it went for nearly a season. Each day Jack would bring the goddess a gift, drop it in the pond and wait with baited breath for her to arrive. Each day Jack would be disappointed, vowing to do something better the next day.

Jack lay awake that night deep in thought. The season was ending. So far every gift he offered the goddess had been turned down. He tried everything from flowers, jewels, dresses, perfumes...even the treasure chest he discovered a few days ago did not appease her.

Where did he go wrong? Jack wondered. Were his gifts not heartfelt enough?

Jack sat bolt upright in his double bed. That must be it! His chocolate eyes gleamed as an idea sprang into his mind. She could not possibly resist that!
Leaping from his bed he began to prepare his next offering. He felt certain that this would do it. This would lure her from the spring and grace him with her presence!
She would be so pleased!
Excitement grew in his heart as Jack worked on his gift. His eyes glazed over with all the daydreams he had.

When morning came Jack quickly completed his chores. Fed his animals and watered his crops. He showered, shaved and dressed in his finest. With great care he gathered the basket in which his gift to the goddess lay. A smile played on his lips. Today his wait would be over.

By the time he left the farm the sky was painted with a crimson sunset. When he reached the spring a beautiful pale moon showed her full face and bathed the world in a pale glow.

Jack's heart raced. He was so close now to winning his goddess over.

Out of the basket he took scented pillar candles and placed them all around the spring, lighting them as he went along. A sweet and light vanilla scent filled the air. The spring was illuminated by dozens of little flames and the moon's pale glow.
Next he took from the basked rose petals scattered them into the water.
In his hand he held a blue feather.

'I have no words to describe your way of expressing my love other than to give you this beloved Harvest Goddess.' Jack said as he carefully laid the blue feather on the water. It drifted effortlessly away, being surrounded by a mass of red rose petals.

'...please marry me...' he barely dared to whisper.

Time seemed to stand still as the moon rose higher in the sky. The scented candles were almost burnt out, but still Jack waited.

Surely she would not reject him?

When morning came, the Harvest Goddess still did not answer him. Jack felt empty and hurt. For five years he waited and worked for her.

...yet still he was not good enough.

Turning his back on the spring he slowly walked back to his farm, never looking back.

Little did Jack know that the Harvest Goddess had been turned to stone.


Well its a short fic! So tell me what you think.

I'll be back with another fic soon!!!

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