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One Old Map

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'We have you're companion.'

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"Guess what we brought back!" Brendon said triumphantly as the two walked into the small building. The room was slightly crowded, yet comfortable. The fact that it was crowded alone made Ryan feel slightly less anxious for the future. It meant that they weren't alone. That they weren't the only one's left. For all he knew, there were hundreds of survivors left right outside the now closed door.
Everyone looked up at Brendon and Ryan, Spencer giving a sad face as the two walked in. Ryan looked around as Brendon continued to talk.
"We got some marshmallows, and some beer, and the best part, Ryan found a guitar that was in tact!" Ryan made his way to Spencer, pulling hi aside as everyone in the group cheered.
"Where's Jon?" Ryan asked quietly as the rest of the group started to roast their marshmallows over the small fire that was lighting the room. Spencer hugged Ryan, making the younger boys heart drop. He could only hope that it wouldn't be anything bad.
"He went missing along with Remix while we were out. We got back and Dementia was asleep. She had been knocked out by something. I don't know where he is Ry." Spencer started to cry, the sound being drowned out as the other teens talked and cheered, Brendon starting to play a song on the guitar that everyone knew.
"We'll find him. I promise Spence." Ryan said as he held Spencer. His crying seemed to shake his whole body, making it shudder while his chest heaved for air. "Why don't you go grab a drink, we'll work this out in the morning." Spencer nodded, pulling himself away from Ryan's now damp t-shirt.
"You're a good friend Ry."Ryan watched as he walked back over to the group taking a drink from Louie. The rest of the group seemed happy. It was a cheerful thing, knowing that you weren't the only one's in an almost dead world. It just didn't seem like something to be happy about to begin with in Ryan's mind. It shouldn't have happened. Everything should be the way that it was.
Ryan sat down next to Brendon, who tossed his arm around the older males shoulder, giving a sloppy kiss on Ryan's cheek. "I missed you."
"I wasn't gone five minutes."
"I miss you when you're gone for five seconds." Brendon mumbled into Ryan's neck, latching onto him like a little kid.

Everyone was asleep. Well, most of the teens that littered the room were asleep. Lightning and Kyle were both missing, but Ryan chose to ignore that as he attempted to figure out what he was going to do. Or more, how he was going to get Jon back. He would look for a place that had taken him, and they could raid it, but he knew that if they did that one or more of them could end up dead. And that would just make everything worse.
He let his face fall in his hands, his head pounding as he wished for the past to come back. He would admit he was nostalgic, constantly wishing that none of this had every happened. He grieved all that had been laughed as he tried to look towards the future with hope. There was only so much hope left in his thin frame. He felt as though he was breaking more and more everyday.
There was a knock on the door and he looked up, momentarily confused. The door opened and he turned his attention over to it, looking at the small opening. A hand slipped into it, and a piece of paper dropped to the floor. The door was closed once more, and Ryan got up, his feet walking across the dirty floor as silently as he could. He was terrified of waking the others, though he knew that since most of them blacked out he wouldn't have to worry about it too much.
Ryan picked up the piece of paper, noting that it was a map with a small message attached to it. 'We have you're companion.' The words were written in marker, the handwriting sloppy and almost impossible to read. He opened the map, looking at the circle that was placed.
"Ryan?" A groggy Brendon walked up to the older man, his voice a tired whisper. "What are you doing still awake?"
"Long story." Ryan muttered. Brendon hugged him.
"You need to get some sleep." Ryan nodded.
"I know, you're right." Ryan gave a small sigh, stuffing the map and note in his pocket. He would worry about it tomorrow. Because right now, with Brendon's arms around him the warmth made him all that much more tired. And with the sound of Brendon's steady breathing, he knew he would mange to go to sleep. The two curled up on the floor, and soon after fell asleep.

Ryan was one of the last to wake up, finding that Lightning and Kyle were back and playing cards on the floor next to where he had been sleeping. The twins were both comforting a confused and tired looking Spencer, Brendon the only one who was still asleep. Ryan sat up, rubbing his face with his hand.
"What time is it?" He mumbled as he looked over at the group. They all looked at him before Seth spoke.
"How the hell are we supposed to know?" Ryan shrugged.
"Good question." He stood, his muscles stiff from sleeping on the floor all night. Everyone looked somewhat wary, and Ryan could tell that a few of them had hangovers. He felt the small map in his pocket, and remembered the events of the night before.
"I know where to find Jon." Everyone went silent, all of their heads turning to face Ryan.
"You do?" Spencer asked with hopeful eyes. Ryan scratched the back of his head before pulling out the map. Spencer rushed over to him, taking the map from his hands.
"Found it last night." Ryan sighed. "Do we have any food?" Loki tossed Ryan a can of fruit, almost hitting the younger boy in the head. He muttered, "Thanks." before opening it and eating it's contents with a small fork that seemed somewhat dirty.
"I take it you have a plan?" Spencer asked after examining the map for a few seconds. Ryan gave a sarcastic laugh.
"Of course I do." Brendon woke up with and examined Ryan for a minute before speaking.
"Let's hear it then."


So this chapter was originally going to be totally amazing and long and epic, but I realized that doing what I wanted would take a really long time, and that I hadn't updated this one in like, months. So not the next one, but the one AFTER that will have the other half of this chapter, and it will have this nice battle scene, and will be epically long and freakin' amazing. (hopefully) In the mean time, let's just kick off our shoes and relax.

PartyPoison:I swear, every time I talk about cameras I love them more and more. I've actually been collecting them. Like I'll upgrade and just keep my old ones. I have five right now. A Canon Reble G, T50, FS300, a DXG 518, and a fujiFilm Finepix Z. I've just got this passion for photography, like an itch that won't go away. And right now, I'm desperately in love with the Canon 60D (this...this has to sound like nonsense to most people.) but it's so freakin' expensive. I've been saving for it, but I keep having to dip into my savings to pay for other crap. Okay, I'm done complaining about that.
I'm glad we're keeping that a secret, because I haven't changed it yet. (I'm hoping to sometime this week.)
Only when I feel like making him that way. For all we know, the next story I write could make him sound like the douche I think he probably is in real life. (You have to be a pretty big dick to leave the band you started) I felt like he should have a connection with it. Their both trapped and feeling alone, even though their both surrounded by other people. The creature feels suffocated, and even if Ryan won't admit to it, he does to. This will probably come up later in the story, but whatever I'll say it now anyways. The main reason why Ryan relates with the creature is because he thinks their both failures; he got him and all of his friends trapped, while the beasty accidentally walked into a trap. Neither of them were able to protect themselves, no matter how much they had tried to.
It's like an inside joke. Only people who can understand it think it's funny, while others just read it like it's nonsense. Yay for great book series.

-xoxo Pansy.
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