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route to freedom

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Megan and Ellis escape

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Running away from prison, we quickly busted open the gates and ran into dark damp cold woods. Entering the woods we saw a dead body which looked it had been torn apart Megan was frightened so i put my arm round her an said " we'll get through this together beautiful" wondering through woods i climbed up a tree to see if there was a route to my house and fortunately there was it was just a few minutes away so we would be OK but Megan was extremely tired then all of a sudden she passed out i quickly climbed down the tree and grabbed her !. 15 minutes later we ended up at a shop called Sunny's i woke Megan and said " beautiful wake up we are nearly home " " great she said. Eventually we ended up home i put Megan down and said " goodnight beautiful and gave her a hug " " goodnight hey honey can i come in yours because my windows are to high and i cant climb in " " sure beautiful". Climbing through my window we eventually got into to my bedroom i said to Megan " lets get these terrible prison clothes of ill wait in the hall well you get changed" " no it's alright we're with each other it doesn't bother me if i see you naked okay. megan took her clothes of she had an amazing body. then i snuck into my sisters room and got some clothes for Megan. Then i got changed Megan said " nice body ".after that we went in my comfy double bed then we cuddled and fell asleep.The next morning Megan was mysteriously gone i knocked on for her but she wasn't in. i went back to my house and searched for her but she wasn't there! then i found a letter on my kitchen table saying " im sorry i had to do this Ellis i ran away because this is all to much for me i can't be dealing with prison and the police on the search for us but whatever happens i love you so much i hope your life goes well.
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