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The Tragedy

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A Ryden/Rydon short tragedy snippet.

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I got out of the car as quick as I could and raced up to the doorsteps. I tried the doorknob and thankfully it opened. My heart was pounding hard with nervousness as I ran into his room. My mouth dropped open and everything just shattered. There, barley breathing in a pool of his own blood was Ryan. I rushed over to him and tried to cradle him in my arms. I didn't know what to think or even what to say. All that came out was, "Ryan.... RYAN! Please don't die!"
I held him close even though there was thick stench of blood in the air. My shirt was quickly covered in it now. His eyes just barley blinked open, "Ryan." I said, in the most comforting voice I could find. His hand lifted up and stroked my face. I held his hand pressed on my cheek. There was no way he was going to make it in this condition. I really couldn't let this happen. I then tried to think of whatever I could to help with the wounds, hoping that a late miracle might arrive. I lifted up his shirt quickly to see how bad the damage was. There was a bullet hole shot just below the stomach. Soon enough my tears carelessly fell on the heartbroken damaged flesh. I held him close, feeling like this was it. The terror and sadness wasn't over yet, because I could feel something on his back; some wet sticky crease. I took off his shirt completely and saw that the bullet went straight through to the other side. As I looked a little farther back from him I could see the bullet. It was barley damaged and smothered in my Ryan's precious blood. I couldn't believe what Ryan did to himself. It was all my fucking fault! If I didn't fall in love with him he wouldn't have felt such horrible pain. I took his head and held it close to my chest, holding him in with an arm around his pale shoulder, "I'm so sorry." I whispered to him as I placed a gentle kiss on his head. His body shook as he tried to look up at me. I positioned him so he could do so. With one of his fingers lightly soiled in blood, he ran it across my lips. I brought him higher up to me, knowing what he wanted. He raised his head, just barley, giving the sign he wanted a kiss. My eyes closed tightly as I kissed him for the last time. He was so fragile now, so I tried to be as light as possible. His body moved closer to mine as he desperately attempted to get deeper into the kiss. With that more of his blood ran onto my shirt. I couldn't kiss him the same way. I was choking too hard on my rushing tears, but I did what he wanted and kissed him as tenderly as I could. With each movement more and more blood came out with the last beatings of his heart. When his lips finally removed from mine he stared at me with a smile. A smile that told me he loved me. My eyes tried pushing out more hot, painful tears, but I guess I had no more tears left. His eyes glued to mine and were as solid as concrete. His smile just barley melted away as his last breath lightly drifted out into the open air, leaving a painful memory in the room. I almost stopped breathing myself at that moment. Holding his lifeless soaked body in my arms, I lightly closed his clammy eye lids.
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