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I`ll Keep You Safe Tonight.

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“We can`t give up,” Kobra shook his head, locks of stray hair fell forward into his face. “No, we can`t.” Brotherly love not waycest.

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Party Poison`s face was clouded over in deep concentration. He was staring at the flickering fire in front of him with glazed over eyes. The slightly dimming light from the warm flames casted shadows on his pale face, he was sat with his legs crossed and his elbows were resting on his knees. Beside him, lying fast asleep, weretwo of his closest friends, the hyper and often slightly idiotic, Fun Ghoul and the more sensible Jet Star. On the other side of the orange flames, his younger, much loved brother Kobra sat, he too was concentrating hard on something, not speaking. Sighing deeply, the flame haired leader slowly closed his tired,sunken bloodshot eyes. He, like the others, was exhausted, both mentally and physically. It had been a long, hard day, just like always, and to be quite honest, he was getting sick of it.
Almost as though he could read his mind, Kobra smiled sympathetically at his elder, supposedly, wiser brother, and muttered under his breath, “I`m so fed up.”
“Me too,” Poison opened his eyes again, and ran a hand through his bright red hair, locks of it detangling under his gentle touch.
“I’m just so fed up of this hellhole, I hate it so damn much,” Kobra spoke in a hushed voice as to not wake his sleeping friends, but it contained a lot of anger, poison noticed. “I`m sick of it, sometimes I just wonder…wonder what the point is, ya know?”
“Kobra,” Poison sighed, not sure what to say to his brother, not having a clue how to make him feel better. How could he? After all, he felt the same way, exactly the same. The life of a killjoy was tough, and extremely dangerous. You had to constantly keep an eye out; if you let your guard down for a minute you were dead meat.
“I sometimes wonder why we even bother, I mean, we`re all gonna die anyway, the Bl/ind bastards are gonna get us one day and kill us, what is the point in trying to fight `em? They are too strong.” Poison sat there, shocked by Kobra`s words, but unable to not at least partly feel the same. He understood what his brother was talking about, he really did. It did seam pointless, BL/ind were getting stronger every day, killjoys were fighting back as hard as they could, but there was only so much that they could do.
Sighing again, he got to his feet, and made his way around the crackling fire, and his aching, tired body next to Kobra, cradling his knees to his chest, trying to keep warm.
“Poison?” Kobra turned to face his brother, trying to catch his eye, but Poison was having none of it. He gave up and sighed. “I…I know how stupid and weak this sounds, but…but I`m scared, I`m really, really scared.”
The other killjoy smiles sadly and nods his head slightly, but doesn’t look over to him. When he speaks after a few minutes of awkward, deafening silence, it is in a quiet, almost defeated sounding voice, “So I am, Bro, so am I.” Poison could feel something sharp pricking his hazel eyes, hot stinging tears threatened to fall but he wouldn’t allow them to. It had been so long since he had cried, and he wasn’t going to start now.
Trying to distract himself from his fear and the tears he was determined not to let slip from his eyes, he turned his attention across the flickering flames, and onto the oblivious, sleeping bodies of his friends, focusing only on their quiet, contented breathing and the even quieter crackling of the flames.
“But we have to keep fighting, don’t we?” Kobra asks, surprising himself and Poison, after the long silence. He nodded, a small, sad smile trying to form on his lips.
“Yeah, he breathed, “We do.”
“if not for us, but for everyone else, for the killjoys fighting out their somewhere, hoping for a better life, for the poor, brainwashed idiots out there, that truly believe those bastards, and for those who are no longer with us.”
“We can`t give up,”
Kobra shook his head, locks of stray hair fell forward into his face. “No, we can`t.”
“I miss them Kobra, I miss them so fucking much,” he was referring to his late wife and only child, Lyn-z and Bandit. They had both been dead many years now, but Kobra knew that he still missed them with all of his heart, just like he missed his darling Alicia.
“And…and it hurts so damn much that I couldn’t do anything to save them, I wanted so bad to help them...I wish I was dead instead of them!” he cries out, Kobra can see the glittering tears in his eyes, but he was cvery sure his brother will not cry. He never did.
“Shhh…you`ll wake the others…” Poison carries on as though he didn’t hear his younger brother`s warning and maybe, judging by the glazed over look in his eyes, he hadn’t.
“And…and I know nothing will bring them back, but…but I just want to do them proud, I don’t want them to have died for nothing.”
“They wont have, we will win this, Gee,” the use of the old nickname brings Party Poison back to the present.
“I…thank you, kobra, for everything, for always being there for me.” He pauses and Kobra wonders if he will speak again.” He eventually does. “I love you little brother, I love you Mikes.”
A giant grin spreads across the youngest man`s handsome face, it had been a long time since he hadn’t had to force himself to smile. Poison returns it, his eyes lighting up and he laughs quietly under his breath. Neither of them could remember the last time they had smiled a true, happy smile, or laughed a geniune, happy laugh.
“I umm... better go keep watch then, eh? So you can get some sleep.”
“I’ll do it,” Kobra tells him, getting to his feet and pulling out his ray gun, a determined look on his face. “You get some sleep, I`ll keep you all safe tonight, I promise. No dracs are gonna get past me.” he speaks with new determination, and walks over to where the slightly beat up looking Trans Am stood, their youngest member, Grace was sound asleep inside of it, curled up on the back seat. Kobra Kid walked with newfound energy, a long lost spring to his step was returned, his grin not yet vanished from his face.
“Goodnight, Bro.”
“I’ll keep you safe, just like I promised. Night Gee.”
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