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Ignorance is your new best friend

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Hey my gorgeous ficwad-ers!
Heres an update its a bit of a short filler so enjoy!
The title is paramore.
Meg/CD xx

[*Mikey's P.O.V

I walked to the history department.I kept looking around for Sam but she had disappeared.
I walked into Mr Smith's classroom only to see Sam sat on her own in the corner.
I walked over to her.
"You okay? Bob didn't mean to upset you when he said that before.He said he's sorry"
She just ignored me and carried on doodling in a book.
She had drawn a small mouse with black and blue hair crying,with a large blonde cat laughing at the mouse. I thought she had drawn Bob laughing at her.
I gave her a confused face and sat at the desk next to her.
Through most of the lesson I stared at her.She ignored me.
"Micheal Way!" Mr Smith said slamming a book on my table
"Can you get on with your essay and stop day dreaming please?!"
"Sorry,Sir" I said looking down at my paper.
Four words were wrote on the paper 'The History of War'

Sam's P.O.V

Tried ignoring Mikey.Hardest Thing Ever.
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