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a story of a girl and a guy, who fall in love and well... stuff happens

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Note: all characters are fictional any relations to anyone alive or dead is purely accidental

Staying at the co-op is kind of fun, we have the band, the pools nice, foods good, great people. But caring for the kids can be a pain. Oh I guess I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Brianna, but everyone calls me Hippie. The co-op is a big house where orphans and teens 18 and older come before there adopted or find a house of their own. So I’m 18, I take care of the kids along with this guy Logan, he’s a year older than me, when I was a freshman, he was a sophomore at our high school. We had quite a few classes together, I had a bit of a crush on him, but we just stayed friends. But I was sure he felt the same.
So on with the story. So it was winter time at the co-op, I was working at the boulder dinner theater, I loved to act. He was at CU with a major in writing. But we were on break. We shared a room, right next to the children’s hall. It was freezing that night, we shared a queen bed, but we were both so small we managed to stay on separate sides. Ugh! I’m getting off track, but it was so cold the bed was shaking because we were both shaking.
“Hippie?” Logan whispered
“Not to be weird or anything, but maybe we should, like get closer, for body heat, and all.”
“Yeah, that makes sense,”
We moved closer to the middle of the bed. Soon we fell asleep. I woke in the night to find Logan’s arms wrapped around me. Normally I would have moved away, but it was so warm, and safe in his arms. I never felt this way before in a man’s arms. It was strange yet nice. I slowly drifted off to sleep in Logan’s arms.

beep! Beep! BEEP!
The alarm went off, I opened my eyes, and I was still wrapped in Logan’s arms. He rolled over slightly and hit the alarm clock. Knocking it to the floor where the cheap plastic broke.
“Well that’s one way to turn off an alarm” he muttered
He rolled over and wrapped his arm around me again.
“Um… Logan?”
“We seem to be in a normamly weird position.”
He was silent for a minute.
He seemed to realize where we were, but he didn’t move. We lay like that for 10 minutes before hearing a baby cry.
“I have to get up Logan, Danny’s crying.” I said smiling,
“Oh yeah.”
He moved to let me up. I went to care for the babies. When I came back Logan was getting dressed, I went to change as well. We continued with our day as normal, stealing glances every so often. I was humming “if I fell.” By The Beatles my favorite band of all time. Around 3:30 it was nap time for the kids. Logan and I sat down it the “living room”
“So.” I said
“So.” Logan echoed
“What happened last night?” I asked
“I really don’t know, but I think it has something to do with this.”
Before I could ask what, he leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. I was surprised at first but soon I started kissing him back. Before I realized he had his arms around my waist pulling me closer. I weaved my fingers in his long dark hair. The kiss became deeper. He slid his tongue across my bottom lip begging for an entrance. I opened my mouth letting his tongue slip into my mouth. Our tongues intertwined as if they had done that our entire life. He pulled me closer, because of height Difference I was barely standing on my toes. I pulled his head closer to mine. He tasted sweet like the glaze on a cinnamon roll. After what felt like forever yet not long enough, pulled a part, his silver green eyes looked into my jade green ones.
“That was,” I was at a loss for words
“Like a dream?”
We stared into each other’s eyes.
“I think I’m in love with you.” Logan Whispered
“Love such a strong word, but one that is thrown around like a playground ball. When you say love do you think you’re in love or do you know you’re in love?” I recited the skit we did years ago
“I Know am in love with you, without you life will seem empty with nowhere to go, no dreams to achieve, no path to follow, I would have no life without you.” He recited the next lines of the Skit we did years ago
“So if this is truly love, I am in love as well.”
“There is no love truer than ours”
We kissed. A kiss as full of love and passion as the one before.

As days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, winter into spring, and spring into summer. Our love only grew more true. We woke in the morning the same as that morning that I told you of before. Then one day, after 5 month’s time. Ah… enogh with this poetic crap! Ok so how this chapter should have started.

Chapter 2
5 months later.
I woke that morning, ready for a new day.
“Morning love” Logan whispers in my ear, and then proceeds to kiss my neck. I moaned with pleasure. He laughed.
“Remember what day it is?” he asked
“Yes, but what Tuesday?”
“The 13th of July 2016?”
“Yes what happened 5 months ago this day.”
“Oh, it’s our five month anniversary.” I said finally getting it
“Uh-huh, and we get the day off.”
“So what are we ‘gonna do for our day off.”
“This.” He said.
He began to kiss my neck, and down my neck to my shoulder. He unbuttoned my nightgown and slipped it gently off. He kissed between my shoulder blades. My heart fluttered like a butterfly fighting a strong wind. He kissed the back of my neck as he slowly slid his fingers down my spine. I moaned at the feeling. I rolled over and kissed him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and wove my fingers through his uncombed hair. He licked my bottom lip eager for an entrance. I opened my mouth his tongue slid into my mouth.
Without breaking the kiss he flipped us so I was on bottom. He kissed my neck and shoulders while drawing designs with his fingers on my hips. He caressed my breasts. I moaned when he sucked on my nipple.
“Oh god, Logan, oh god.” I gasped as he griped my nipple between his teeth.
He kissed my chest, stomach, then my hips. He gave me a hicky on my left hip. I whimpered as he licked my clitoris. We were breathing pretty hard when he began kissing again.
“Are you- sure- about this?” I asked between kisses
“I’ve never- been- more sure.”
I felt him rubbing ‘his’ against ‘mine’. We groaned with pleasure.
“Logan, god, that feels fucking amazing!” I cried as he penetrated.
“Oh god, yeah it does.” He groaned
He went deeper and faster
“Oh my fucking god!” I muttered
“I want you to say my name when you reach orgasm” Logan growled
With that he went deeper and harder. Oh god it hurt, but it hurt so good.
“Logan!” I moaned his named as my entire body went numb.
“Oh god, Hippie, oh god” he uttered as he came.
We cuddled together after cleaning up, still breathing heavily.
“I love you so Dahm much Hippie so God dahm much” Logan said in my ear.
“I love you too.” I whispered then fell asleep in his arms.
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