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A Flawless Heart

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Ryan slumped back into his car seat.
Last night he had thought about his life and most importantly, Brendon. He had sat on his roof, knees pulled to his chest, hands wrapping around them. He had almost convinced himself he didn't love his best friend.
That is until Brendon had called him.

Ryan had picked up the phone, trying to ignore his pulse suddenly speeding up and failing at it. He had tried to keep his voice calm, but miserably failed at that too. His heart had stopped the second he heard Brendon's voice, all his denial had melted away and his whole world became a bit brighter than ever before.

”Hi ther, dude!”, Brendon had chirped in his ever-happy voice.

”H-hello,what's up, B-bren..?”

”Well, I really just wanted to talk to you”, Ryan's life suddenly found it's meaning again, ”I mean I found these really cool things or thing actually!”

”What is it?”

”It's the friendship necklace, the one you have too, that we won from that fair thingy, you remember that Ry? The heart ones we never wore, except for that night?” Brendon had squealed with excitment and even a bit of nerveousness in his voice. Maybe he had thought Ryan wouldn't remember.

”Oh, yeah, of course I remember! That's so cool!” Ryan had replied, copying the tone of Brendon's voice.

Of course he remebered. How couldhe forget when he secretly wore the silly heart necklace under his shirt everyday? His hand had reached to touch the barely noticeable bump under his T-shirt and traced the shape of it. A flawless heart. Guess no one's broken it yet, he smirked.

”Well, I guess I'll see you 'round! How 'bout lunch tomorrow? At the same place as always?” Brendon had asked in his lovely voice.

”Yeah, that'd be nice”, I had replied

”Oh, and Spence and Jon aren't gonna make it, I already asked. It'll be just us two, me and you” He lowered his voice at the last part seductivly. Why did he have to be such a flirt!?

Ryan's head had practicly flown off and he had to remind himself they weren't lovers or anything, and it wasn't normal to turn an innocent joke into an intamate sign of affection.

”O-oh, ummm..okey! See ya!” Ryan had choked out. He would have to kick his own ass for stuttering later.

”Bye!”, Brendon screamed.

And with the click of the call ending, Ryan had found he had made up his mind. He was ready to wreck himself completly for Brendon. Now, here he was, in his car knowing Brendon would read his note any second now.
And he had no regrets.
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