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Chapter 20

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Lucy goes to talk to Becca. Hollie and Chloe recieve a note.

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Lucy’s POV…
A few more months passed with everything back to normal but something was really bugging me. I knew that Becca had a crush on Gerard which was why she’d been blackmailing me. But she’d been hinting that there was more to it. I really wanted to know what I could possibly have done that was so terrible.
I didn’t really bother me at first but one day I randomly remembered it. Then every day since then it had been driving me crazy. It kept me awake at nights and I wondered about it at school instead of paying attention. I just had to find out what I’d done.
One night after school I decided to go round and see her. I didn’t bother to tell Hollie or Chloe I was going. Not sure they’d have cared much anyway. Hollie was working on an assessment for History and Chloe was on the phone to Frank so they were both completely distracted and didn’t notice when I slipped out of the house.
I walked down her road, walking slower the closer I got to her house. Becca wasn’t very scary when I thought about it properly. The reason she had creeped me out before was because I thought she’d tell Gerard about the diary… But now he already knew so even if she did tell him for some unknown reason, it wouldn’t matter. Even so, I was terrified of going into her house.
I walked down her drive and tapped three times at her door. Her Mum answered the door “Oh hi Lucy!” She greeted “Haven’t seen you in a while. Are you here to see Becca? She’s upstairs in her bedroom.”
She let me in and I tip-toed up the stairs and stood outside Becca’s bedroom door. “Becca?” I called “It’s me, Lucy.”
She opened her bedroom door and glared at me “I knew you’d come eventually. I knew you’d come and gloat that Gerard picked you over me.”
“It was never a contest,” I reminded her “I just wanted to talk to you about something.”
Becca rolled her eyes and let me in “What do you want Lucy?”
“I don’t understand.” I told her sitting down on her bed, causing her to raise her eye-brows “I know you liked Gerard but…”
“I still do like Gerard,” Becca complained “I’m only dating Luke to try and get over him. But it’s not working.”
“But I know for a fact it’s not the only reason you were blackmailing me!” I continued, ignoring her comment “I don’t know what I did.”
“You really wanna know?” Becca asked “Do you remember back in England, that kid called Tom?”
“Yeah, I remember him. Hollie once went out with him.”
Becca rolled her eyes “Another reason to hate you three triplets.”
“What’s Tom got to do with me?”
“Well one day I told him over Facebook that I really like him. And do you know what he said Lucy? He said ‘You’re really sweet Becca but I can’t go out with you’.”
“What’s that gotta do with me?”
“I asked him why,” Becca continued, ignoring my question “And he said he liked somebody else. When I asked him who… He said you!”
“Becca,” I sighed lightly “I’m really sorry that he didn’t like you but it’s not my fault that he liked me instead of you!”
“Why do all the cute guys like you?” Becca hissed “You’re not even that good looking! And you never cared about any of the guys in England that liked you.”
“They were all ugly!”
“You know,” Becca grinned “I reckon that secretly Mikey, Frank and Ray fancy you too.”
“No they don’t,” I rolled my eyes “Mikey and Hollie were the first ones to go out, then Frank and Chloe and Ray has always liked Chloe but now he likes Emily.”
“They knew you would never be interested,” Becca told me “And think about it, they’ve never had girlfriends before, right? A girl shows interest so of course they’re going to jump at the chance! Secretly, they can’t stand their girlfriends. They’re interested in you.”
“Why do you try and ruin things for everyone?” I shook my head at her “Just because one boy wasn’t interested.”
“And now there’s another one not interested!” Becca yelled at me “If I had got here first Lucy, Gerard would be mine! You don’t deserve someone that cute!”
“Shut up!” I screamed at her “You’re such an ass! Don’t come anywhere near me or my sisters anymore!”
“Like I’d want to.” Becca snapped, lying back on her bed and picking up a magazine.

Hollies POV…
“Chloe?” I asked as soon as she hung up on Frank “Where’d Lucy go?”
“Probably to go see Gerard,” She shrugged “Did you do my History assessment for me?”
“Yes.” I sighed “Though I don’t see why I have to keep doing your assessments for you.”
“Because I’m too busy to do them,” Chloe rolled her eyes as if this was obvious “You don’t know what it’s like to be me.”
“It wouldn’t be hard” I smiled “All you do is talk to your boyfriend, go see your boyfriend, talk to your friends, get me to do your homework…”
“Yes but then I have to lie to the teacher that I did the homework.” Chloe told me “Did you make my assessment good?”
“Of course I did,” I told her “You’ll get at least a C.”
“Brilliant,” Chloe grinned “I might go over to Frank’s…”
“You can’t leave me alone,” I complained “I just did your homework for you and now you’re ditching me?”
“Go and see Mikey.” Chloe rolled her eyes.
We heard the letterbox open and shut. Chloe jumped up from her seat and went into the hall. She walked back in looking at a small piece of paper.
Chloe sat down next to me “It’s really creepy,” She commented “It says ‘Your boyfriend fancies Lucy’.”
“Who’s it aimed at?” I asked.
Chloe shrugged “Could be either of us. Probably from Becca.”
I took it off her “It’s not Becca’s handwriting.”
“How would you know?”
“Because I remember the note about Gerard getting the diary!” I said a little hysterically “Oh my god, this is off someone random!”
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