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#66- tell people their accent isn't fooling anyone

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"Wait, wait, what?" Poor Gerard exclaimed, his brain not quite keeping up with Frank's ridiculousness.

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"Hello, Frankie!" Gerard said n a sing-song voice, waltzing through the door to their apartment. "You shouldn't leave the door unlocked like that because someone might come in and murder you while I'm out and I don't want you to die!"

Frank came in from the kitchen with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"What?" Gerard asked, confusion crossing his face. "Did I do something wrong?"

Frank scoffed, shaking his head at him scornfully.

"Frank!" Gerard said. "What did I do?!"

"Your accent isn't fooling anyone, Gerard!" Frank yelled, pointing at him accusingly.

"Um... what?" Gerard said slowly.

This was it. Frank had finally lost it.

"Ha! Don't play dumb, Gerard! I've figured it all out!"

"Figured all what out?" he asked patiently. No need to snap in annoyance at a crazy person.

Frank rolled his eyes. "Do you think I'm an idiot?!"

A little. "No, of course not, baby."

"Yes you do!" said Frank, getting more and more agitated. "Just because I'm not as smart as you CIA agents doesn't mean I'm an idiot!"

"Wait, wait, what?!" Poor Gerard exclaimed, his brain not quite keeping up with Frank's ridiculousness. "CIA agents?!"

"Like I said, your accent isn't fooling anyone."


"You've been using that dumb accent so I wouldn't figure out that you're a CIA agent!"

Gerard mentally facepalmed. But instead of letting his exasperation show, he put on his best crestfallen face. Internally smirking, he took a few deep breaths and let his chin begin to quiver. He'd learned to cry on demand a few years ago and it came in very handy when in a relationship with Frank.

"You think my accent's dumb?" he whimpered, his eyes filling up.

Worked like a charm.

"Shit!" Frank muttered. "Gee, I'm sorry."

You're not getting off that easy, fucker.

Gerard took another deep breath, then let out the best sob he could muster.

"You.. you s-said you loved m-my accent!" he wailed, very convincingly he might add.

Frank bit his lip before walking over and wrapping his arms around Gerard comfortingly. "Shh, Gee, I'm sorry," he said softly. "I was just trying to annoy you, I didn't mean it. Your accent's not dumb, and I do love it, it's adorable. I didn't mean to upset you and I'm really sorry."

Gerard couldn't help himself any longer. He burst out laughing.

Frank let go of him, confusion etched on his features. "What- but- you- you- what?" he stuttered, eyes wide.

"Fooled you!" said Gerard triumphantly.

Realization slowly dawned on Frank's face. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. "God damn it, Gerard!"

"That's what you get for trying to annoy me," Gerard smirked. "Now we're even."

Frank just scowled at him.

Gerard wiggled his eyebrows. "But if you want, we could have truce sex..."

Frank tried and failed to keep scowling. "God damn it, Gerard," he repeated, trying (and failing) not to get turned on.

It was only later, after the "truce sex" and as Frank listened to Gerard softly snoring next to him on their bed, that he realized... Gerard had never actually denied being a CIA agent...

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