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Demolition Lovers Forever

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“Love is love. Accept it. Homophobia is gay!”

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Gerard`s pov
“I love you Frankie, I will forever.” I whisper in his ear, and gently press a kiss against the scorpion tattoo that was on his neck. I could feel him smile just as much as I could see it, he always looked so cute and carefree when he smiled.
“And ever?” he asks in a slightly teasing voice, already sure of my answer.
I return his smile and nod. “Forever and ever.” His already huge smile grows wider, and he snuggles closer to me, resting his head on my chest, and sighing contentedly he closes his eyes.
“I love you too Gee, forever and ever. I promise.” I didn`t know that that was the last night I would ever spend with him; I was blissfully unaware that within twenty four short hours, the love of my life would be dead.

It was midmorning on a dismal, overcast day. Rain threatened to fall from the sky; it was chilly out, but not freezing cold. Sitting, curled up on an old, slightly worn sofa, wrapped up in old tartan blankets, was a teenager and her mother. A small table lamp gave off just enough light in the rather dark room, in one corner stood an old fashioned coffee table, stained with rings and cluttered with an old newspaper along with old magazines and other unimportant things. at the end of the medium sized room, a television stood, it was turned onto some news programme, the middle aged reporter was rambling away about politics or something equally boring,. Neither one of the two women seemed all that interested. The scene changed, to show a blurred image of a young man, probably in his mid twenties, with black and red hair, a huge grin on his handsome face, as he looked up at the person taking the photograph.
“The trial into the murder of local animal rights enthusiast and aspiring guitarist, Frank Iero continues today.” A classically pretty, blue eyed dark haired woman tells the audience. The teen glances up at her mother, her green eyes wide with shock.
“I knew that guy, he was in his last year or so at school when I first started, he always seemed pretty nice.” Her mother shrugs, barley acknowledging her daughter.
“Our crime correspondent, Keith Richardson, is outside the court, Keith, tell us more about today’s events inside the court.” The image on the scream changes yet again, this time to show a balding, bespectacled man standing outside a very busy building, people were everywhere, some even stopped to wave into the camera. The teen narrowed her eyes in disgust, had they no heart? Or were they just completely unaware that a young man had been murdered and they were trying to bring his killer to justice?
“This is a very sad case indeed, Rebecca. Frank Iero, twenty four, was brutally murdered and his body was dumped about three miles from his home he shared with his long term boyfriend. The motive, of this pre-planned attack, was a very sickening one; the young man’s life was brutally taken from him, simply because he was a homosexual.”
“disgusting.” The teenager shakes her head angrily, her fists clenching. she would never understand how people could be so cruel and evil.
“The killer, a twenty seven year old male and close family friend, has today been convicted of murdering Frank Iero, but says he did not act alone. The police back this up, by saying that they are continuing the search for another person. But they will give us no more information on that. The court has now been dismissed for the day and a few short moments ago, the victim’s best friend and partner had this to say.”
A young man, with sunken and bloodshot hazel coloured eyes, dark, tangled hair and a pained expression was shown walking out of the building, closely followed by a weeping woman, and another man, who was wearing his glasses as close to falling off as possible. He reached out to take the first man`s hand, but was pushed away.
The teenage girl who was watching with disgust and sorrow on her face in her living room, glared at the screen, as reporters surrounded the grieving friends and family of the victim, like vultures. She knew that they did not care at all for the dead man, or his family, they only saw tomorrows headline in their horrible minds.
He first man stepped forwards, his hands shaking uncontrollably as he began to speak.
Gerard`s pov.
“I have very little to say to you all, no words can ever explain the huge amount of pain and agony or the enormous sense of loss I feel. Frank Iero was my best friend. He was always there for me, and I loved him with all of my heart.” I pause and desperately try and blink back the fresh wave of tears threatening fall from my sore, tired and bloodshot eyes. Mikey was stood behind me and squeezes my shoulder, trying his best to comfort me. “And now he is gone, cruelly taken away from myself, his loving family and his friends. He was an amazing person, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing, I would be here forever. He was so kind and selfless, he was extremely talented and brave, like I said earlier he always stood by me. He saved my life.” By this time I can no longer hold back the tears. No noise comes with them though, no pained sobs or screams, no verbal sound could ever express how much this was hurting me, how much it was destroying me. “One man has been charged with his brutal killing, but we know that he did not act alone. I wish for this evil person to hand themselves in, and if you know who it is, please inform the police. An innocent life has been cruelly taken away; I do not want anyone else to have to go through what my Frankie did, or for any more families to hurt this way.” I take a deep breath to try and clam myself. It doesn’t help, so I continue, wishing it was all over, wishing that it had never happened. “This was a most terrible act of hatred. I hope that I can see Frank`s killers brought to justice, I want to look into their hate filled, disgusted eyes and I want to ask them something. I want to ask them why? Not why they did it, I already know why they chose to harm him; they just didn’t like the fact that he was not normal, in their eyes at least. I want to know why and how they could not accept him, why so many other still chose to not accept others like me and Frank across the world. I will end this by asking this to all of those silly people out there, why do you not accept love, what will it take for you all to see that love is love? What is so wrong about it? The answer, my friends, is nothing. Nothing is ever wrong with loving someone.” A single tear slips down my cheek. I do nothing to wipe it away. “Love is love. Accept it. Homophobia is gay!” I yell the last part, remembering how my dear Frank would always shout that whenever we got disgusted looks off of close-minded people.
I turn and walk away; Mikey wraps his arm around my waist as we walk in silence back to the car.
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