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I Will Follow You Into The Dark

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Fear is the heart of love.

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Examining plain white ceilings all day isn't all that much fun, but it still was what I had been doing all day every day for the past few days. I had tried to move, to get up to eat or get a glass of water, but I just couldn't. The first week without you involved a lot of drinking. There were moments when I was so desperate for affection I tried anything and everything to get just a sliver of love. The second week was spent barricading myself from everyone who pretended to love me. I put boards over my door, closing all of my curtains. I broke all of my phones, pulling any and every cord for communication I could.
At first I spent all of my time drinking away the pain, but eventually I even gave up on that. From there it all went downhill. I spent most of my time laying on the ground, moving to the couch, to the tub, and ended up on the bed. I had been there the past three days, unable to do anything. It was almost like my body gave up on me as much as yours had on you. I was slowly starving to death, and I still couldn't get the energy to move one of my fingers.
Slowly, I tried to turn my head, my neck stiff from being in the same position for hours on end. I manged to turn my attention to the counter by the bed, looking at the pill bottles that were present there. They all belonged to you, five in the morning, three with lunch, seven in the evening. Blue, yellow, red, white, red and blue, white and red, so many colors. So very many colors. Blinking slowly, I lifted my tired arm, reaching out for them.
It wasn't worth it. Taking all of this oxygen when someone else should have a chance at it. I wanted to follow you, to be standing there in the blackest of rooms with you. I wanted to be able to hold your hand, to be there so you weren't alone waiting for the hint of a spark.
I fell off of the bed, hitting my head on the nightstand before hitting the floor. My vision went black, a warm sticky liquid pooling under my head. In the dark I could see your face, soft and caring. Like you were waiting for me. You reached your hand out for me to take, and I could feel the warmth of it clasp around my own. There were no blinding lights, or tunnels to gates of white. The only thing that mattered was that we were together once more.
If heaven and hell decide, that they both our satisfied. Illuminate the No's on their vacancy signs. I was finally there to be by your side even after your soul had embarked. We were alone as we walked in the dark, the only thing we had to prove that the other was there being the feel of the others hand. We had seen everything to see, and the time for sleep is now. Though, it's nothing to cry about. Not when we have each other to hold.


This one's really short, but I don't really care. At least it's finished. Just put all of your complaints for me in the reviews.

PartyPoison:I did mean that. I typically update when it's really late at night, and because of that I'm tired and have a hard time going through to make sure it reads okay. Sometimes little errors like that slip by me, which is why I should go and start reading my stories.

RydenBeliever:I know! I always put him though so much.

alligatorpie:Hehe, yeah. I kinda did.

reinventlove152:Whoops. Well, in my defense, I already had half of this chapter finished before I posted the other one, so there's that.
I'll make it up to you by making more stories, how about that?

-xoxo Pansy.
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