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Craig Mabbitt and Ronnie Radke meet in a prison.

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Chapter 1
The police car parked in front of the prison. A tall, grey-bricked building was guarded by many guards with raged dogs growling at him. He had left a warm and sunny state and was now greeted by thick, grey clouds and thunder. It seemed that the only bright thing there were the white doors of the car. Everything seemed dead, including the vegetation around them. The wind blew in the sand from the far off desert of Nevada. It was strange to take someone so far from civilization.
They had past a few signs concerning Area 51. Some saying that they had an open fire to anyone trespassing. The driver had seemed to ignore them and kept driving further away from life, into the desert.

He entered the cool building, followed by a couple of guards. They reached security and a well-built man in uniform pushed him into a small room with electronic devices. He demanded for him to take all his clothes off to check for weapons or drugs. The man smirked when he had to take off his boxers. He had his hair combed through for anything dangerous. Nothing was found.
The man handed him his, checked through, clothes and told him to follow him after he got dressed. His wallet felt strangely lighter, he found the 50 dollar bills had gone; along with his change and credit card, he was left with the small pictures of his best friends.
He decided not to say anything about it, though.

“Alright then, this is your cell.” The man let him in without another word and locked the door behind him. The cell was made of brick and two small beds sat at the end of the room, separated by a small sink with a mirror. He paced around for a little while before lying down on the, not so comfy looking, bed and fell asleep.
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