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New love

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Black veil brides drabble

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They all sat around the massive TV set apart from Ashley. He had locked himself in his room since she found Jake and Jinxx fucking on the kitchen table. Ashley had warned the guys not to do that but in their rooms. They often fucked and he didn't mind 'till now. Now they had upset him a lot and he had mentioned something about leaving the band now.
Jake left the living room and went up to Ashley's room. He knocked on the door and he noticed the door wasn't locked anymore. Looking through the crack between the door and the wall he saw Ashley softly weeping on the bed, his back to him. Jake walked up to her and placed his warm hand on his shoulder. He reacted immediatelyy, grabbing his arm and flipping him over onto his back. He banged his head against the bed frame. When he saw it was Jake, he dropped to his knees to help him up. He rubbed the back of his head and looked at Ashley in amazement and worry.
“Where did you learn that?” He asked, still rubbing his throbbing head.
“Self- defence classes when I was little.” He simply answered, helping Jake up on the bed.
Ashley tripped on a pile of mangas and landed on top of Jake. Just as he landed on top of him, Jinxx opened the door. Tears built up in his eyes as he saw the two lying together.
“Jinxx, I can explain…” Ashley tried as he got off Jake’s chest, accidentally rubbing his cock on Jake’s. He gasped slightly and Jinxx ran out of the room, crying.

“Dude, what’s wrong?” CC asked as Jinxx stormed into the bedroom they had to share.
“I found Ashley and Jake fucking!”
“What? I can believe Ashley doing that but Jake? Come on he wouldn’t do that to you.” He tried to reason with him but it failed.
Jinxx sat down his bed, bringing his legs up to his chest and resting his head on them. He softly wept and CC sat down next to him. CC wrapped his arms around his waist and slowly started rocking him back and forth.
“Come on, you always say to cheer up when someone’s upset.” He softly said. “Dry your tears my little fallen angel.” Jinxx did as told and rested his head on his shoulder. He felt like the whole world hated him apart from CC.
“I love you CC.” He whispered.
“I love you too, baby.”
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