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Waking Up.

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Frank wants to help Gerard, but that's something easier said than done...

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A/N: Thank you for all th coments, they mean a lot to me. I was actually thinking I would just leave this as a one-shot, but seeing as theres people who want me to continue it, I will. anyway, here's your update (With paragraphs :D) Enjoy!

I am woken by the sound of someone screaming. I'm confused for a minute, who the hell is screaming? In my apartment? I live alone. Then I remember, Gerard, of course. I practically half-run half-fly to my room. When I get there I see Gerard is thrashing around on the bed like a wild animal, all tangled up in the sheets.

"Nooo! No, please stop! Please, I'll do anything, just please fucking stop!" he screams. He must be having some sort of night terror. I can't take it anymore. Rushing over, I shake him awake.

"Gerard, wake up! Wake up!" I say. His eyes snap open and he looks around wildly, then his eyes focus on me. Gerard throws himself at me, nearly knocking me off the bed. He buries his face in my chest and grabs my shirt, bunching the material together in his fist. I put my arms around his trembling body, "Hey, it's alright, it was just a dream Gerard." He stops shaking and looks up at me. "Just a dream." I repeat with a sad smile. He nods and settles back down into bed, still keeping a firm grip on my t-shirt. I guess this means he wants me to stay here for the rest of the night...

Yeah, I could live with that. I lay down next to him and we fall asleep.

When I wake up, I can see light shining in between the curtains. Gerard is still asleep, snoring softly beside me. I sigh; he looks so peaceful when he's asleep, so different from the troubled expression he normally wears. After pondering weather or not I should wake him, I
decide against it; he looks like he could do with a good nights sleep. He also looks like he could do with a good meal. So I decide, I will make him breakfast, vegetarian of course. I go into the kitchen and set about making breakfast, the veggie sausages are nearly done when I get
a call from Ray.

"Hey man." he greets me.

"Morning." I reply

"Well actually it's just gone twelve so really it's afternoon." he
says. I roll my eyes. Fuckin' Ray.

"Alright then good morning then, what's up?"

"Oh, I was just wondering how Gerard's doing, he okay?"

"Um, he's asleep at the moment."

"Right, right... Oh! I've Told Brian about the, uh, situation, he
recons we should tell the police."

"I don't think we should, Gerard’s really not up to that at the moment."

"But we can't just let those monsters get away with it!" he splutters, I can picture Ray now in my head, hair bouncing, eyes bulging in determination.

"I know, you're right.. I just don't want him to have to talk to a load of police officers and shit, and then, what if the press gets involved, that would be awful. We'll find out how he is when he wakes up then we'll see, okay?" I'm beginning to feel very protective of Gerard, even though I haven't known him more than 24 hours. Weird.

"Listen I gotta go, I'll call you later, yeah?"

"Yeah, talk to you later." he says, sounding like he's very far away,
in his head that is, in deep thought about something, then he hangs
The veggie sausages are ready now; I put them on a plate with some toast, baked beans and cooked tomatoes and take them to my room. I walk in to find Gerard awake and sitting up in bed, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

"Hey" I start off,

"Hi, Frank." he replies softly.

"I, uh, made you breakfast.." I say awkwardly as I place the plate on his lap. He looks shocked.

"F-for me?" he says, looking amazed.

"Yeah, for you." I say like it's the most obvious thing in the world, whilst grinning.

"Thank you.." He says, and then he smiles that perfect smile of his, before setting about eating his breakfast like he hasn't eaten in a year. When he's finished, He speaks, "That was delicious!" he smiles, and in that moment I feel really proud... Dude, what the fuck? It was
only a breakfast. Or maybe I feel proud because I made this poor boy smile, quite a rare event it seems.

"So how are you feeling today?" I ask him gently.

"Okay, I guess."

"Good, and how's your leg?"

"What?" he asks, eyes wide.

"Your leg, I noticed you have a bad cut on it and it was making you limp, how is it?"

"Oh, that, yeah it still hurts, I suppose, but it's not that bad now I'm sitting down."
"Mind if I take a look at it?"

"Oh, um, not at all." I push back the bed covers and lift up the end of his pyjama bottoms to inspect the wound. It’s no longer bleeding but there seems to some sort of puss seeping out of it, and there's swelling all around it. I pull his pyjamas back down over the wound.

"Gerard.. I'm no medical expert but I think this might be infected. You need to go to the doctor." He stares at me, a look of horror on his face.

"N-no, no no," he shakes his head quickly. "I don't want to go to the doctors, I wanna stay here with you!"

"Well, I really think you should, but I’m not going to force you to." I sigh, the cut really does look bad, and also, I don't want to say this to him because I don't want to freak him out or upset him, but he's probably been injected with all sorts of nasty things we don't know about. "Okay, we won't go to the doctors," I say, Gerard looks relived. "But if the cut on your leg gets worse then I'm gonna have to take you there. He nods glumly.

There's another issue that I haven't touched on yet too. That is that Gerard obviously hasn't washed in a while... And by that I mean he fucking stinks. Not that it's his fault; I doubt they let him have a shower in the lab.

"Uh, Gerard" I begin, "Do you, uhh, want me to run a bath for you?" I say, trying to pick the right words.

"What? Why?" He replies innocently.
"Well, um, do you remember the last time you had a shower?"

"Oh... Oh right, yeah a bath would be good please." He says, finally getting what I was on about. His cheeks begin to turn pink. He seems a little embarrassed. I smile kindly at him, and then go to run his bath.
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