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Never Coming Home.

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Frank's gone, it's his funeral. Words about a dead man. Frerard one-shot.

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"I can't believe he's gone" I didn't know how else to start. I hadn't prepared anything which had shocked Mikey, but I just wanted to speak from the heart and make sure everyone knew that Frank, the man I loved was the most amazing man in the world. "I loved, I mean love Frank very much, he was a great man. He treated everyone with great respect. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

I remember the first day that we met. Three years and six months ago. Mikey had forced me to meet his friends to get me out of my parents basement and away from my work. As he guided me to the living room of his apartment my eyes instantly fell on him, he was smiling that beautiful smile of his. 'Guys!' Mikey dhouted to get their attention I instantly took my eyes off of him and looked to the floor so he didn't think I was some freak staring at him. After I was introduced to everyone they went back to their conversation. I had my thoughts on the big art project I had to finish by the end of the week. 'Gee?' I looked up to see who had spoken and they were all staring at me. 'Huh?' was all I could say. Frank giggled at me, actually giggled like a girl. 'We were talking about past relationships, who was your worst girlfriend?' Mikey burst into laughter as everyone stared at him in confusion and I just looked at the floor.

'You do realise he's into guys right?'

'MIKEY!' I shouted at him.

He just laughed and said 'Don't worry bro so is Frank' When these words left his mouth I couldn't believe it.

So thats how we met the best day of my life we became good friends and got together six months later, three years ago today. A year later he proposed. It was such a beautiful night when he proposed, we were walking by the river near our apartment and we stopped to look at the full moon I then turned to look at Frank who was down on one knee, I couldn't speak. He looked at me through his eyelashes and said 'Gee, I love you so much you're the only man I ever want to be with. I will never, could never hurt you. Will you marry me?' I still couldn't speak so I just nodded my head, I couldn't be happier and I knew he couldn't either. I can never forget this day. Then three more months we got married.

It was a year ago he told me he was joining the army. I could tell he felt guilty about leaving me by the way he told me. I was really upset that he decided to, but I understand what it ment to him now. I regret the day he told me because I got so angry at him I shouted. Then I broke down in tears beging him not to leave me, but his decision was made and he wasn't changing it.

We wrote to each other as often as possible, his letters were always affectionate. He always told me he could never wait to see me again. Then I got the letter through, when I read it I fell to my knees I didn't want to believe it. He is gone. I cried a lot that night and didn't eat for a week but then I realised that it wasn't doing any good and he wouldn't want me to be like this. I realised he wouldn't want anyone to. I know he would want us to get on with our lives and just because his is over doesn't mean ours should be aswell. I kept wishing that this is all a horrible nightmare, or he will walk through the front door at any point. But now I know he is never coming home"

With my speech over, tears rolling down mine and many others faces, we walked the coffin out to watch Frank, the man I love, be buried.
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