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Chapter five

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“Are you an angel?”

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Hey, I`m really, really sorry about the long wait. Just to let you know, I`m going to start introducing the others in the next few chapters, but if you don`t show up at first, don`t worry, I am going to include you, alright? Hope you like the chapter

Frank`s pov
The hospital hallways were quiet and brightly lit; my eyes were stinging from the overpowering smell of disinfectant and antiseptic liquid. I passed closed door after closed door, each had a large black number on the centre of it, indicating which room it was for visitors. Gerard was in room one hundred and seventy one, I knew instantly without having to ask, as I was his guardian angel, I knew a lot of things about him no one else, not even his younger brother Mikey knew. I hear the click click of footsteps behind me, a pretty middle aged woman with puffy eyes and a fake, trying to appear happy, smile on her face had just exited a door I had just past. She was biting her lower lip nervously; creased lines on her forehead showed that despite her overly cheerful smile, she was deeply worried about something, likely to be a someone, seeing as we were in a hospital.
Deciding to give in to my inquisitive nature, I waited until she had walked past me and gently nudged the door open slightly, so that I could just see what was going on on the other side. A teenage girl, was sitting upright on the hospital bed, bandages covered both her arms and a dark purple cast on her left leg. She looked positively bred out of her head, her eyes were half open, she was humming something that may have resembled an Escape The fate song. I smiled at her, forgetting that she couldn’t see me, and was about to close the door and go to find Gerard when something she spoke.
“Don`t go.” I froze, she couldn’t possibly be speaking to me, I was dead. Only certain people could see angels, and only Gerard should be able to see me, seeing as I was his guardian. But this girl was staring straight at me instead of right through me as I had grown used to since i had died. I looked over my shoulder to see if there was someone was behind me. There wasn’t. This girl clearly saw somebody; I just couldn’t see how it could possibly be me.
“Yeah, you, guy with the cool hair and lip piercing.” If my heart had still been beating, it would surely have stopped. She did see me.
“Don`t just stand there then, come in.” she sighs, rolling her eyes, a small smile beginning to form on her pretty face.
“I-me?” I ask in surprise, raising my right hand to point at my chest, still not understanding how this human was able to see me standing here.
“No, the other guy standing next to you, yes you!” she giggles, not an annoying high pitched giggle like most gossiping teenage girls do though, a pleasant ne.
I hesitantly walk over to her, my brain shouting at me to run away, but my feet ignoring it.
“Hi,” she smiles as she introduces herself. “I`m Lacie.”
“And I’m Frank, a total stranger.” I raise one eyebrow, “you do know that, right?” her smile widens, turning into a huge grin.
“You won’t hurt me, you’re…” she purses her lips and concentres trying to find the right words. “Different to everyone else, aren’t you?”
I nod, wondering how this kid could tell this, how I was visible to her.
“I thought as much, there is a weird kind of glow around you, it’s silver and really quite pretty.”
I stand there and awkwardly run a shaking hand through my hair, not sure what to do or say to this odd girl.
It was now that I noticed she was fairly pretty, she had black hair that wasn’t curly but not straight either, that fell to the middle of her back. She had fair skin but looked like she would prob ably blush fairly easily. She had a fairly deep cut across one eyebrow that looked as though it had only just stopped bleeding. She had perfect cupids bow lips and had beautiful, big blue eyes.
“Stop staring at me.” I was right about the while blushing thing.
“ can you see me?” she shrugs, then winces slightly, the small movement causing her pain.
“Because your just there, but you shouldn’t be should you?” I shake my head, starting to feel really creeped out by how much she knew.
Her eyes narrow as she stares at me silently, despite just telling me to stoop staring at her.
“Are you an angel?”
“I don’t know, I never used to see weird people like you before the crash, but since I was brought here a few hours ago everywhere I look I`ve seen them, people like you. Angels.”
After my shock I noticed something. It couldn’t be, could it? This girl couldn’t have been the one that had hit Gerard, could she? “ What crash?”
“It was raining really badly and I was driving back from school and I kinda lost control of my bike and I hit some guy, but I fell off and did this.” She tries to move her arms but fails.
“They’ll heal.”
“I know, but that cut on my face will scar, I`m telling you it will.” She frowned and I have to bite back a laugh or a sarcastic comment the girl had a broken leg and arms and all she was worried about was a tiny scar by her eyebrow. Girls.
“You have to go don’t you?” “Yeah to see my friend, Gerard.” She smiles at me, and says goodbye. I return it, though I was fairly certain this wouldn’t be the last time I saw this girl, Lacie.

Gerard`s pov
For fucks sake! I had been here ages and despite the stupid doctor s saying that I was fine, I was still not allowed to leave yet. With each passing minute I was becoming even more frustrated, Mom had gone to get me some coffee and Mikey, Megan, Ray and Bob were constantly asking me if I felt alright, I loved them, but it was really beginning to become annoying.
“Guys, you know I appreciate this, but can I maybe have a few minutes alone?”
“Sure,” Mikey answers quickly, and after saying be, he and Megan go to find out what was taking Mom so long. Ray and Bob frown, but leave as well, muttering something about finding something to eat.
“I thought they would never eave!” the now familiar voice whispers in my ear, before sitting on the end of the hospital bed, trademark grin on his face.
“Frank?!” he laughs, but not unkindly.
“Yeah, thought I`d left ya, huh?”
I turn away, embarrassed. “Well, yeah,” I mumble and he laughs again.
“Nope, no fucking way sugar, I still got work to do, so whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.”
I sigh, pretending to be annoyed by this, but he can see right through me, I know. “I suppose I can cope with you for a little while longer.”
was it alright?
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