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"I just want some fuckin' cake."

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I sat at the counter in the kitchen of the apartment I shared, drinking a cup of coffee while staring blankly at the fridge in front of me. I had decided to take the day off, not that I had anything else to do. I had woken up early that morning anyway, and had spent an hour staring blankly in front of me as I tried to think of what to do. The clock read seven, and as far as I knew, I was the only one awake in the small apartment. I sighed, my head falling to the hard surface of the counter.
"Shouldn't you be at work?" Spencer said as he walked into the room, sitting down across from me.
"How did you get in?" I asked as I peered up at him with one opened eye.
"Thought you would know. Having a hard time reading the air today?" Spencer asked with a small laugh. "There's a spare key to your apartment. Jon and I stole it, so good luck getting in if you don't have a key and no one is home." Spencer said as he smiled while shaking his head.
"You're an asshole Spence." Spencer sat down across from me, talking as he did so.
"I resent that." I sighed, shaking my head. If he was going to be around all day then I knew how long of a day it was going to be. He looked at the bowl of fruit sitting on the counter and picked up an apple, taking a bite of it before speaking again with his mouth full. "So why haven't you taken your medication today?" He chewed the apple and soon after swallowed and licked the juice off of his hand and the apple. I closed my eye, moving my head against the counter slightly.
"Don't wanna work today." I muttered against the table. I heard Spencer's teeth break through the soft flesh of the apple, and could picture him licking the juice off before chewing it and swallowing.
"I have a case for you." I groaned and he bite into the apple again. "My aunt has a red stain on her carpet. It keeps coming back." I hated how he talked with his mouth open. I heard him swallow, making a slurping sound as he sucked the juice off of the apple. He was a lot like Brendon on how he ate, messy and always talking with his mouth full, making ridiculous slurping sounds. "She tried cleaning it with different chemicals, replacing the carpet. Ya know, just about everything she could do." I looked up at him. He was turning the apple in his hand, examining the part he had hollowed out along with the green surface.
"I told her I had a friend that would help her, I was just hoping you would say yes." I let out another groan, looking over at the small silver capsule that sat next to the fruit bowl. I held the freezing piece of metal in my hand, hating how it was always cold. "Take that as a yes."
"It doesn't sound like I have much of a choice. So where does your aunt live?" I turned the capsule, getting the top half to come off. A small black liquid type bead feel into my hand, the orb slowly crawling up my arm. I closed it before more could come out. I heard Spencer take another large bite of his apple.
"Just about an hour away. Not that big of a deal. I'll drive you if you want." I quickly grabbed the little crawling orb and popped it into my mouth, feeling it scratch it's way down my throat and soon after into my system.
"An hour?" I raised an eyebrow, the heavy feeling that my day off was actually going to be a lot longer sinking in.
"Or two. Okay, so maybe it's about three. But I'll be there to help, and we can always drag Jon and Brendon with us." I gave a sigh of defeat, standing to refill my cup of coffee. I watched as Spencer dug his phone from his pocket, sending a quick text to who I'm assuming was Jon, before putting it back down on the counter. Another heavy sigh, and I sat back down in front of him. I picked up the small silver capsule, outstretching my hand towards him.
"Want one?" I let my face break out into a wicked grin and he frowned. I could tell by looking at his face that not only was he not amused, but he really wasn't in the mood for me to be messing around.
"The hell if I'm going to take the thing that ruined your life."
"It changed all of our lives, whether you think it did or not." I finished off my coffee before standing, walking towards the rooms in the back of the flat. "I'm going to go wake up the sleeping beast." Spencer just groaned a response and I shrugged, walking over to Brendon's door. I tapped it with the back of my hand, turning the nob so I could push the stiff wooden door open. I let a small grin cover my face as I took in the scene in front of me.
The younger boy was sprawled across his bed, looking like a regular teenager sleeper. The blanket showed off his bear back, his boxers sliding down slightly. It covered most of his legs, and he had it wrapped around his arms as he rested with his chest against the mattress. His hair was messy, the dark brown locks spiked up in every direction. His mouth was slightly open, an almost silent snore coming from his parted lips as drool pooled on his pillow. I almost felt guilty for having to wake him.
I wandered over to the bed, giving a small sigh. "Brendon, it's time to get up." He rustled, and soon after mumbled a response, his eyes still closed.
"Mmm...Ry." My face flushed with the sound of his voice, something close to a cross of want and need. I concluded that he wasn't fully awake and gave a small nod, deciding I was just hearing what I wanted to hear.
"Brendon, you have to get up." He rolled over, the blanket moving with him. It showed his waist, covering one knee while the other leg was left completely uncovered. A small blush warmed my face as I looked at the small tint in his pants. "Come on Brenny, wake up." A soft moan escaped his lips. I closed my eyes, giving a shaky breath before turning around and walking out of the room. I went back to where Spencer was still sitting, standing against the counter.
"You go wake him up." He nodded once, giving me a small smile before going to wake Brendon up. Yup, today would be a very long day.

We were all piled into Spencer's beat-up van, Brendon and Jon in the back as I sat with my legs propped up on the dash in shotgun. Spencer had refused to leave Jon, and also got very defensive when I suggested using a different transportation vehicle. Not liking the way he treats people when he get's mad I gave in and decided it better to just let him drive us there under whatever conditions he wanted.
It had been about an hour of listing to the other three ramble on about how exciting it was to get out and do some field work again. Like I never offered to have them join me when I was going to do the more exciting cases. They all always came up with excuses not to go, making me go do the hard work alone. When we finally made it to the small house we were kindly invited in, the owner showing us the red stain that was on the carpet.
And that's exactly how everyone else saw it. I was the only one who saw it for what it really was. There was a person bleeding on the carpet, screaming in pain as they clutched the hole in their chest. He was wreathing on the carpeted floor, looking as though he had gone through a heavy beating before being shot in the chest. His blond hair was tangled and covered in sweat, his eyes closed in pain.
"What do you see Ry?" Brendon asked with a smile. I looked over at the family that sat on the couch giving a small sigh.
"Do you mind leaving for an hour?" The mother of the family nodded, and the group left the room.
"Ry?" Spencer questioned. I sat down next to the bleeding male, giving a soft sigh. I pulled out a box of cigarette's, tapping one out before placing it between my lips. Brendon pulled out a lighter before I could, using the flame to light the end of the cancer stick.
"What's your name?" He kept screaming, the sound ear splitting. Brendon keeled next to me, staring at the spot.
"There's a person there, right?" I nodded, taking a drag of the cigarette.
"What happened to you?" Nothing. I gave another sigh, rubbing my hand roughly against my face.
"Doesn't want to leave, do they?" Jon said with a laugh. I shook my head.
"You've got that fuckin' right." I shook my head. "What do you guys think?"
"Is your bag in the car?" I looked over at Spencer, giving a small nod.
"Yeah, it always is."
Spencer walked out of the house, Jon following. "What do you think their going to get?" Brendon inquired.
"Don't know, but I think it's their turn to try and solve this."
Brendon laughed, "All right."
Spencer and Jon walked back in, both siting across from Brendon and I. Jon opened my messenger bag, pulling out a bunch of random items. He pulled out a vial and Spencer took it from him, looking at me. "Will this work?" I shrugged.
"Will it?" I questioned back.
"Damn it Ry, we're just trying to fucking help you." Jon muttered.
"I know." I took it from Spencer, taking the cap out before letting a few of the drops fall into the screaming man's mouth. It stopped, the man disappeared, and the red stain on the carpet was gone.
"Do you think it'll come back?" Brendon asked with a small smile.
"Nah, that should do it." I stood, stretching out my long limbs. "How about some food? I want cake." Brendon laughed, Jon looping his arm through my own.
"I'm just going to go talk to the family." I nodded and watched as Spencer found the family. We all walked outside, choosing to wait in the van.
"All right, would you rather eat a plate, or bum Susan Boyle?" Jon asked as he flipped through a magazine on the back bench. Brendon laughed.
"How the hell do you eat a plate?"
"You could always try Brenny, I'm sure it would work out." I looked over at him, legs propped up on the dash as I slouched in my seat. Brendon was the only one sitting up right, resting in the drivers seat.
"Would you rather see Spartan 1-6 or Dr.Doom without his helmet?" Jon asked with a sigh.
"I always thought that Spartan didn't have a face." I muttered as I looked back at Jon. He glanced up at me before turning the page of his magazine.
"He does."
"God, you guys are such nerds!" Brendon said as he threw his hands in the air, hitting them on the roof of the car. Jon and I laughed at him, Spencer opening the back door so he could climb in next to Jon.
"There's a dog barking outside of the van." Spencer said with a sigh.
"That's why the radio's on. It's there to drown out that dumb dog." I said with a yawn. "Off to the nearest bakery, I want cake." Brendon turned the car on, the dog sitting in the middle of the road. It wandered a few feet forward, turning to look at us before trotting forward again.
"I think it want's us to follow it." Spencer muttered.
"That seems like a good idea." Jon said sarcastically.
Brendon gave a laugh that sounded sadistic to me. "We follow the dog then!"
"Great." I mumbled, sinking farther down in my seat.
Brendon stalked the pup, finding that it lead us to an old abandoned mall. Tarps covered it, the windows bordered up with ply wood. The doors were chained shut, but there was a single window that had been blown out. Probably so a bunch of teenagers could go in to party.
"This totally looks safe." I muttered, as I kicked my legs off of the dash.
"Lighten up Ryan, we're going whether you come or not." Brendon turned the van off, unbuckling his seat belt. I unbuckled my seat belt, hearing the other three climb out of the car.
"I just want some fuckin' cake." I got out, following them to the broken window.


Thanks to everyone who reviewed last few chapters. I'm probably not going to update this one again anytime soon, but I can tell you that you should be excited for the next chapter. Anyway, hope you liked it.
-xoxo Pansy.
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