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Hey Joe

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Ashamed of Rose's meltdown, Davis decides to investigate why.

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Hey Joe:

I just saw Rosie's meltdown in the hallway. Not pretty. She's not been well in the head lately. I used to think it's Lola's wedding, but that's not the case anymore, is it?

Bah! I've got my own problems at the moment. Kayla and I are almost talking, but it's more like two strangers talking than two good friends. I shut my eyes for a quick second. That sounded so selfish right now. Rosie's in bigger need right now. Ooo, this is difficult! Let's see, Rosie or Kayla first? Rosie or Kayla? Rosie or Kayla? Rosie... Or Kayla...

I took a moment to weight my options. Looks like a tough one.

I breathed out at last. I'm sorry Kayla, but Rosie needs me now. You'll have to wait a little bit longer. I haven't forgotten. I straightened my back up. Right, time to get to work.

I checked down the hall before setting the plan into action. She's still sitting on the floor crying like a baby. I shook my head to myself. Sad, either for her. It's one thing to watch a little kid cry. They aren't at the age where they can care about making a fool of themselves, but when adult cries like that? Sad, just sad. But, at least I get the chance of finding the cause of Rosie's problem at the source. I quickly, crept away down the hall to her room.

Now, I don't normally do all of this. (With good reason, of course.) But, this is an emergency, so into Rosie's room I go. Sorry, Rose. I dashed into her room and looked around. How clean this room is always surprises me when I see it. I mean, she's always tidy with her room, but still...

Her computer's still running though on screensaver mode. She must have been working on something before all of... that happened. Good enough place to start. I walked over to the computer and moved the mouse. The log on in screen popped up before my eyes. Now what is the password? I clicked the "hint" button. My face dropped at the words.

"Don't even think about Davis?" I asked. I sat back, pouting. Okay, that was a bust. I don't have time to hack the password; she could come back and break down on me. I took a second to think about plan B. I looked over near her door. There is a purple and white chair to the left with her bag sitting on it. I smiled to myself. Perfect!

I slid off of her black and red computer chair and over to the other chair. I grabbed the bag and unzipped it. After digging around inside, my eyes widened in silent shock. In my hand I held a small white bottle of pills. I frowned at my discovery.

Oh Rosie..., I thought.

This is not good.

Where You Gonna Go?
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