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Author's (Rather Conceited) Note

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Of course she cannot see it now, but it would be cool to see a few people voicing their opinions in this.

(The story is continued, believe you me. I think she meant if she ever put these up herself if she would continue after this mid way point.)


Why hello there.

I told myself time and again that I wouldn't do this, wouldn't spoil my great record so far. I've been doing excellently so far, not vomiting (eugh gross Lornaigh WTF?) all over ye with my drab author's notes, boring you wonderful readers totally with them.

And then I go and fuck it up by doing this.*slow, sarcastic clap* Good un there, Lornaigh.

Believe it or not, this AN actually has a meaning.

Lornaigh's Subconcious: No freaking way.

Lornaigh: I know, weird, right?

But yes, there is an actual point to this thing. I would like to seek the opinions of you, the readers, of the story. I ain't asking for a thesis here, guys; just a few words on what you think of the story so far, whether it is to your taste, if it seems in any way semi-good.

(If you do want to write a thesis on how great an author I am, please feel free.)

Even if you're one of those lurking-in-the-shadows reader that hasn't ever reviewed or rated, I'd just like to know. Hell, even a 'ehhh it's okay I guess' would do, I'm really just curious as to how you people are finding this, and whether I should continue to write this. In any case I will I think, just because I have a rather good feeling whenever I take to my Microsoft Word and continue FOTGTD.

So yes. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



(If you're wondering; no, I would not like to recieve a lot of criticism. That sounds cocky and immature but I have a rather shitty ego and would prefer not to dent it a whole lot more by some anonymous thirteen year old telling me 'YOU CANT FUCKIN WRITE LYK OMGZ JUST STOP RITE NOW'-yeah, I dunno. Look, fuck it, write what you want. Call me a Scottish bisexual icecube if you want to, I'm hungry and Tesco closes in five minutes, dammit where are my keys?!

Sorry, Lornaigh had to leave to get her dinner and she asked me to finish this off for her, because in her own words 'holy fuck I'm going to die from starvation just finish this off for me will you, Alicia?'

So yeah. I'm one of Lornaigh's friends who is just hanging around her flat today and now I have the honour of concluding one of her infamous author's notes. While I'm here, I feel like I should just inform you that as a punishment for stealing her lunch Katherine, another of Lornaigh's friends, told our English teacher about her FicWad account. *evil grin*

See ya around, guys.

L.N.I. (& her strange friend Alicia)

Ten Minutes Later

*Lornaigh returns from shop to empty apartment, looks at computer and sees what Alicia has written, mouth slowly opens and eyes widen in horror, shopping bag falls to ground as she throws her head back to scream*


And people say I ramble, eh?
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