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We Are the Infected

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"Why did they come here, Ryan Ross?" .... watching a lot of True Blood plus listening to Fever on repeat equals this. PLEASE REVIEW! Idk if I'm going to keep it going...

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I never expected anything extraordinary. I never wanted to be a part of anything larger than myself or what I could understand. I never strived to be a hero, or a martyr. I never wanted to be a part of this. Yet here I was.

It was cold that night. I remember that distinctly. I buttoned up my jacket and crossed my arms, trying to let as little body heat escape as possible. It seemed ridiculous to have to wear a peacoat in Las Vegas during November. It barely dipped below 60 degrees here, yet it was a chilling 45 that night. I was making my way home from work, waiting tables at a local restaurant. My apartment was a shitty little studio that cost three times it’s worth, and was located in the part of town most people would try to avoid. It was too far from the strip for the wealthy, but just close enough that the shine of the lights still left an orange haze in the sky through all hours of the night.
I tightened my grip on myself, as a breeze blew through the street. My place was only a few blocks from work, so there was no use in driving. My feet scuffed against the sidewalk as I shuffled along. It was a quiet night, causing the sound of my shoes against the pavement to echo against the buildings along the street. I tried to ignore the feeling in my gut, telling me that something was wrong. It was just a normal friday night. Well, morning at that point. It was 2 am, my usual punch out time from work, and I would walk home just like I always did, and everything would be fine.
My eyes darted around the deserted street, as my heart picked up it’s pace. Why did I feel so tense? Forcing my feet to move a little faster, I zeroed in on my apartment complex only a block away. I felt like a fool for wanting to run, unsure of what I was running from. It was just quiet! That didn’t mean I was in danger.
I turned the corner into the alleyway that led to my door, and stopped in my tracks.
Three figures were standing in my way, all staring at me with eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. The one furthest to the left was a man, built large with muscle. His head was bald, but covered in tattoos that leaked down onto his face. His eyes were gleaming a bright orange. He was wearing a pair of ripped jeans, and a leather jacket. Next to him was a woman, I couldn’t see her skin only because I couldn’t look away from her eyes, a luminescent green that seemed to draw me near her. Her hair was platinum blonde, cut short and sticking out in all directions, contrasting with the flowing dress she was wearing. Last was a young boy, he looked as though he was only 9 or 10, hispanic, eyes overcome with a bright blue, as his top lip quivered.
I blinked a few times, unsure of whether to scream, or run away, or both. I backed away slowly, but before I could turn to run, the woman was standing next to me, her hand grabbing onto my arm. She looked over to the man with a smile that I could only explain as petrifying. I tried to pull away, but her grip tightened, pulling me back into the alley and towards her counterparts. My voice was stuck in my throat, not allowing me to let out the scream that was building there.
“Not too bad of a catch, love.” The woman purred, looking lovingly at the young boy. The boy seemed to glow at her affection, and looked at the man for approval. But the man didn’t look back at him, he kept his eyes fixed on me.
“Let’s try for someone not so lean next time.” She laughed, throwing me to the ground in front of them. My hands dug into the pavement as I tried to break my fall, causing something in my wrist to snap painfully. I let out a small whimper, as my entire body began to shake. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around what was happening. What were these people?
The man stepped forward, leaning down towards me. I didn’t look at him, I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling his cold breath on my face.
“There’s something wrong about him.” The man said with an accent I couldn’t place.
“What does that mean?” The boy snapped, an adolescent attitude in his tone.
“Hush, love. What do you mean, Roy?” The woman asked.
“He smells off.” Roy responded, touching my hair. I flinched away from him, causing him to put his hand down hard on the back of my neck.
“He smells fine.” The woman argued.
“No, he doesn’t. You can feel that, can’t you? Something’s not right about him.” Roy turned his hand, causing me to turn my head with it. I opened my eyes slightly, peering into the bright orange ones only inches from my face. My whole body had gone numb. My heart was pounding out of my chest.
“I found him! He’s mine!” The young boy called, before jumping on me, and sending me onto my back. I tried to fight against him, as he clawed at my arms, and chest. I felt the fabric of my shirt, along with the skin underneath it, rip as his thick nails slashed across my body.
“Klaudio!” The woman shouted, as the scream finally broke free from my throat. “Control! You’re letting him win!”
He grabbed hold of my wrists, and pinned them to the ground, before lowering his mouth to my neck. I could feel the tears running down my skin, as his breath hit my collarbone.
“Sutton!” Roy yelled, before a loud snarling noise and a snap came from his direction. Klaudio sat back up, turning to face Roy. He jumped off of me screaming, lurching forward towards whatever was attacking Roy. Sutton pushed Klaudio backwards, hissing at him to stay back. She threw herself onto the figure that had Roy in it’s clutches. I backed myself up, getting as far from the fight as possible. I could see Roy fall to the ground in a heap, as Sutton began screaming. Another snapping noise came from the shadows where they were fighting, and Sutton’s body fell right next to Roy’s. Klaudio’s eyes began to brim with tears that were scarlet red. His chest moved up and down violently, before he began running in the opposite direction at a speed I couldn’t comprehend.
Slowly I turned my head back to the figure down the alley way, waiting for it to attack me.
I watched as he emerged from the shadows. A young man, milky white skin, that seemed to glow against the black tee he had on. Blood dripped from his hands, as he slowly walked towards me. He wiped them against the dark denim of his jeans, his long catlike nails retracting into his fingers. I stared up at him with wide eyes, unable to understand his frightening beauty. His dark, almost black, hair hung onto his forehead, leading down to a pair of eyes that seemed to make everything else disappear. They were glowing, crimson irises, staring down at me.
He reached my feet, and bent his knees, forcing us to be face to face. I stared into his eyes, unable to find my voice. Slowly, the crimson red faded, melting into a brown so deep it was almost black. He opened his blood stained lips, revealing white teeth with long canines. But suddenly the fangs snapped upwards, disappearing, and leaving a perfectly straight line of teeth in their place.
He was very close to me, breathing cold breath onto my face. But I didn’t flinch away from him, like I did Roy.
“What’s your name?” He asked, his voice sounding like nothing I’d ever heard before. I opened my mouth, trying to croak out a noise but realizing my throat was the most dry it had ever been. I cleared my throat, finding my voice again.
“Ryan... Ryan Ross.” I whispered, never dropping his gaze. He squinted a little before moving in closer to me, and tilting his head to the right. My body froze, fearing that he was going to pounce on me just like that kid did. But instead, he took in a long inhale through his nose and then backed away.
“Why did they come here, Ryan Ross?” He asked me, looking into my eyes again. I shook my head slowly.
“I don’t know. I don’t know them...” I could barely form words. My heart hadn’t slowed it’s pace the entire time, and it would be an understatement to say that I was terrified.
“You’re...” He trailed off, inhaling again and tilting his head in confusion, “You’re coming with me.” He said, before wrapping his hands around my wrists and pulling me to my feet. I fought against him, trying to free my wrists and make a run for my apartment.
“No, I’m not! Just let me go! I don’t know anything about them!” I yelled. He tightened his grip and pulled me in closer to him, before moving one of his hands to my neck and putting his lips to my ear.
“Would you be quiet!” He whispered menacingly. My whole body shivered. But I wouldn’t go with him easily, no matter how beautiful or enticing he was. He was some creature, that just ripped two other creatures apart! I wouldn’t just walk off with him into god knows where.
“No!” I pushed away from him, trying to free myself again. He kept me close to him with only one hand, using his other one to reach into his pocket and pull something out.
“Let’s just make this easier!” He laughed, throwing some kind of powder into the air around my face. I started coughing automatically, inhaling the sparkling dust into my lungs. My limbs began to feel numb, my knees buckling as the creature held my weight. I wheezed and coughed, unable to get the stuff out of my throat. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and literally threw me onto his shoulder. I couldn’t control my body, as he began running. The last thing I remember was the cold wind against my face, as the alley way, and my apartment drifted into the horizon.

So yeah, idk how many of you are into the vampire thing, but I love them... so I figured why not. PLEASE let me know what you think! I've got a great storyline in mind, but if no one reads it, then I'll just keep it to myself.

xoxo Tay
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