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Gerard gets the results of his test. Frank has an idea.

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Rebirth.

It was a hot afternoon when the letter arrived. Gerard had woken up to see Frank sitting on the couch in the main room, frowning. His hands holding an open envelope. Gerard saw the envelope, and the same sensation of dread that he had been feeling every time the mail came around consumed him once more.

He walked down the stairs and over to Frank silently. Frank did not notice he was in the room until Gerard was practically breathing down his neck. When he finally did, Frank nearly jumped out of his skin.

"You're awake. " Frank stated the obvious, turning to Gerard as he took a seat next to Frank.

"Yup." Gerard nodded, "What'cha got there?" He asked as if he didn't already know.

"Your results." Frank admitted.

Gerard waited for a moment before asking Frank a questioning, "...well?"

"I haven't read it. " Frank twiddled with the envelope in his hands. "I kind of wanted to, I won't lie. But.. it didn't feel right."

He handed it to Gerard, who took it to stare at it blankly. Frank looked at him expectantly. Gerard pryed his eyes away from the envelope to look over at Frank again.

"I --- I'm scared Frankie." he uttered, barely audible. "I...I almost don't wanna know..."

Frank put an arm around him, and held him closely. Gerard kept switching his gaze back and forth between the envelope and Frank, as though he was looking to Frank for the answers.

"Well, we could just ignore it completely." Frank suggested.

"After all that?" Gerard raised an eyebrow at him.

"It's an option. Of course, you can never have sex with anyone."

"Hmm, well while I don't want to be addicted anymore, I certainly can't put off sex forever." Gerard smirked.

"True that." Frank nodded. "I mean what the hell else would you and I do when there's nothing on TV?"

Gerard laughed and smacked Frank playfully. His eyes then fell on the envelope again, along with the grin on his face.

Frank brushed Gerard's locks behind his ear affectionately. "Hey..." he said, "Well I guess you don't have to know right now. One more day wouldn't hurt. How about I take you out to get some ice cream and Cheesecake factory? We can go anywhere else you like. And then when we get home tonight, we'll find out together. If you do have it, you'll have had one more day of blissful ignorance, and if you don't, then you'll just have had a great day. How 'bout that?"

Gerard turned to Frank and smiled. "...That sounds perfect, Frankie."

Frank grinned back at him. "Go get ready then."

Gerard nodded eagerly and placed the envelope back on the table. He gave Frank a sweet kiss on the cheek before rushing off back to his bedroom.

Once he heard the door shut, Frank picked up the envelope.

He read the results, and smiled.


Two weeks later at a show in New York City.

Crowds of people were screaming at the top of their lungs. Gerard jumped and pranced all around the stage, feeling like a man born again. For the second time, he stood in front of the world after having overcome yet another addiction. He saw Mikey, Ray, James and Frank beaming at him proudly.

This was My Chemical Romance's first night of returning to the public eye since the ordeal. Just like it had after the drugs and alcohol, it was just so truly amazing. Gerard was on top of the world, yet Frank Iero had one more trick up his sleeve. The story of this unforgettable time in all of their lives had yet to see its happiest moment.

After the end of The Only Hope For Me Is You, the lights dimmed. A drenched Gerard went near the drum set to use one of the face towels they had laid out for the band. Yet as he was wiping off the layers of sweat on his neck, he saw the lights turn bright again. Well, that wasn't right. They were supposed to have momentary breaks between the songs, where the lights were low and the band members could take a breather.

He turned around to see Frank going over to Gerard's microphone. Frank plucked it from its stand and turned to face the audience. Gerard stood back, curious as to what Frank was trying to do.

"Hey guys." He addressed the audience. He got a massive wave of screams and cheers in return. "So, not a lot of you know what's been going on with us in the past few months, so most of you won't understand what I'm about to do, but just bear with me here."

It was then that Frank turned around and beckoned Gerard over. Gerard walked over to Frank's side and stared at him, waiting.

"Gerard." Frank addressed him directly, "You are the most amazing person I know. No, you aren't perfect, but I think your imperfections make you all the more beautiful. In the past few months, we went through a lot of shit. But the bottom line of it all is: I never want to see someone as amazing, as brilliant, as talented as you fall into the wrong hands again."

It was here that Frank dropped down, and Gerard had almost thought for a moment that he had fallen. Upon closer inspection, however, Gerard saw that he was actually on one knee, pulling out something from his pocket.

He had almost forgotten there was an audience there, but if he had noticed them at all, he would have heard squeals and shrieks going around the crowd, as nearly every girl present knew what was about to happen.

Frank pulled out a small box, opening it to reveal a white gold ring inside. Gerard looked at him with an expression that read, "You can't be serious?". He really did think it was a prank until Frank finally recited the words:

"Gerard Arthur Way, will you honor me by being my bride?"

The crowd exploded so loudly, it was impossible not to be reminded of them then. Gerard's jaw was on the floor. He glanced slightly at Mikey, who nodded at him knowingly.

Speechless, and unable to utter any words, Gerard simply nodded.

Frank leapt up and pulled Gerard into a deep kiss, as the crowd exploded once more. Mikey came over to wrap a teary eyed Gerard in a tight embrace, as Ray tackled Frank into a hug. Before Gerard and Mikey separated, Mikey kissed him on the forehead and swept back his hair. He whispered "I told you. You'll be okay.", before releasing him back to Frank.

Gerard jumped as a few fireworks went off on each side of the stage. It was only that Gerard realized that the crew had helped set this up before hand. Ray went over to the microphone and asked for a few cheers for the newlyweds, just so they were not neglected until they were ready to commence the show again.

Meanwhile, Frank and Gerard snuck off to the corner of the stage. Frank wiped the tears that were still streaming from Gerard's eyes, and wrapped an arm around his waist. He mouthed an "I love you." and Gerard replied with an "I love you too.". They kissed for a bit more before Frank mentioned that they should get back. Gerard giggled and mentioned that they had the rest of the night to fool around anyway.

They walked back onto the stage and resumed playing, kicking into gear with "Planetary (Go!)". Gerard watched Frank hopping all around the stage happily. Frank met his eyes and blew him a kiss. It was only then that Gerard truly realized, what he had been looking for in others had been right under his nose all along.

All he had to do was look a few inches down.


A/N: Okay so, this isn't my usual ending. I was actually realllyyyy iffy about adding in the proposal. But I've done so many stories where they don't really end up together, I decided to have this one be the one where they do. That said, this will probably be the only one story by me with an ending like that.

I honestly will never understand what you guys saw in this story. I really felt it was one of my worst.

However, you did seem to like it for the most part. I appreciated all the lovely reviews. Now that this is done, I can add the final chapter to "Falling".

And after that... well I guess we'll see.

Lots of love,

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